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Winnie the Pooh Build-a-Bear Collection


  1. Tanya

    Is there a price to buy all the bears in a group?

    1. Rachael

      When will they be available?

      1. Karen

        Is this only available in the US or is it available in Canada too

        1. Amanda

          Listen if they are going to do a COLLECTION then make it a real COLLECTION. Where is Rabbit, Owl, Kanga, Roo, and Gopher. If I really want to be technical Christopher Robin should be part of that too, even the little Heffalump. So build a bear don’t be calling this a COLLECTION!! Cuz it’s not.

  2. Jack

    “Full” lineup? Do people just forget that Rabbit exists?

    1. Maria

      Is the full bundle available and how much for it?

      1. Marie


        1. Linda

          Will they be available in Canada??

    2. B.J.

      And Owl, and Kanga and Roo.

      1. violet

        i would love to have them all how much for all of them

    3. Joy

      And Roo! Where is the little guy? He’s every bit as much a part of the Hundred Acre Woods as the rest of them! ?

    4. Carole Edgerton

      Interested in Tigger. How do i order and do u deliver to Australia

  3. Wendy

    What about Kanga and Roo?

    1. Toni

      Y’all aren’t going to get your answers here. Contact BAB directly

      1. Jessica Brewster

        A full collection should include everyone . Pooh , piglet, tiger , Eeyore , roo , kanga , rabbit , gopher , owl and christopher robin . My favorite is gopher but I can never find him on anything it sucks come on build a bear do everyone

  4. Jennifer

    I want Eeyore!

  5. ann m yehl


  6. Sandy

    I want them all!!

    1. Jeanne Barnes

      I want eeyore.

    2. Brieonna

      Yes!!! When are they available? I want to make sure I can get them!

  7. Karin

    I love them all! Eeyore is my favorite though. ?
    What are prices?

  8. Myra Robinson

    I want to know is there a price as a package of all plz

  9. Tina prayer

    When will the whole set be released and how do we go bout getting them as a set.

  10. Christine Sylvain

    Eeyore is already sold out online. ?? are thrr set h releasing in the stores??

    1. Bj Crookshank

      No Owl?
      NO Kanga?
      No Roo?
      No Rabbit?
      Not the whole collection with out “all” of them!

      1. Barbara K Bennett

        I agree. Those you mentioned need to be there for it to be whole cast. Also Christopher. Without him the stories wouldn’t make sense.

  11. Teresa

    I need Eeyore!!! When will he be available???

    1. Moranda

      Would love eeyore

    2. Shirley terra

      I like them all is there a price for them all and how do i go about getting them

    3. Evelyn

      I want the set. Where can I get them?

  12. Desiree

    What about Roo?!?!?!?

  13. Susan Brooks

    I would love to have eeyore. I love Pooh but eeyore is my favorite.

    1. Julie Johnson

      I love Eeorye ?

    2. That is so true put the whole Winnie he pooh gang in the ollect

  14. Sharon Schultz

    How do I order a TIGGER? He needs to be in my TIGGER room.

  15. Catherine

    Will definitely be getting the entire collection!
    I. Am. So. Excited!

  16. Marquisha

    Where is Christopher and Robin

  17. Sulema Rodriguez

    I want winne the pooh how do I go about getting him

  18. Claudine

    Yes if I can find them!

    1. Kristi

      Eeyore is my favorite! Will they have them at the parks?

  19. Sandra

    I like to have them all!

  20. Scott

    Is this article old or just not accurate? You go to the links provided and Pooh and Eeyore are “sold out” you cant wishlist them – save them – nothing. Cant really believe they are all sold out of them in a day ..

  21. Carrie

    Yes I would like to buy them all…?

  22. Stephanie

    These are too cute!! But where is Rabbit and Owl?

  23. Tammy

    There should be a group price.

  24. Chrys

    You know I will. I have to have Eeyore.

  25. KenG

    I still think it was a bonehead more to close the Build-A-Bear store at Downtown Disney at Disneyland. Folks loved it, they had exclusive Disney character products and it was always crowded.

  26. Kim

    I want Eeyore, when will they be available to buy?

  27. Gma Jerrie

    I would love them all, including Rabbit, Owl, Kanga and Roo! But would absolutely get Eeyore! I already have at least 10 or 12 Eeyore stuffys on the back of my bed. And in case you think I’m a kid, I’m not. I’m a great grandmother!!

  28. Can you order on line?

  29. Maureen Mercier

    I want them all!! When are they available?

  30. Elisabeth

    I What the whole collection how do i go about getting it

  31. Esha

    Can we get Looney Tunes Bears as well… definitely want a Tweety and Sylvester. Loving the Pooh collection too…

  32. Tammy Armstrong

    When will this wonderful collection be available??
    AND, approximately how much would the total cost of the entire collection be?? ?♥️????….. Thank you!!

  33. Mary

    The whole collection I wish there was rabbit as well

  34. Andrew

    Can we buy the whole collection in 1 shot or do we have to get them seperately?

  35. Sandra

    How many characters r there?? Can u buy all the set at a bundle price??

  36. Penny Breeding

    I want them all Please let me know where I can get them

  37. Paulette Hebert

    I will be buying all of them I have eight granddaughters and one grandson they are all under the age of 5 thank you so much for this collection!!

  38. Cindy

    I can’t wait for Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger too.

  39. Connie

    When can you buy them?

  40. Teri Creason

    I want all of them and hope you will have the rest of the Pooh characters. I see the individual prices under each one which I think are very reasonable. When will they be available to buy?

  41. Cathy

    I would like to get all 4 if possible

  42. Judy

    I have loved Pooh and the gang for as long as I can remember( and I am 70). I have past my love for Pooh on to my sons and their children. One of my bedrooms and baths is decorated in the Hundred Acre Woods and the friends. I will be getting them all, hopefully.

  43. Judi A Colgan

    they are not all there – not sure why it is being advertised as a full set.

    1. Very Cute! I love Eeyore. But can’t afford it right now. Hopefully in the future I can buy it.

  44. Dorothy

    Can you buy the whole Winnie the Pooh collection at a discounted price

  45. Laura Duncan

    Why on line only???

  46. Shanna

    So 2 years ago my young son died, and ever since I have felt connected to Eeyore. I absolutely love that build a bear had brought the winnie the pooh collection out!!!! I do not have a build bear close to me, so is there any way to order Eeyore and have him mailed to me?

  47. Dianne

    How much for the whole set?

  48. Brendin Coleman

    I would like them all please.

  49. Brendin Coleman

    I would like them all please

  50. Phyllis S.

    I want everyone of them! That’s just for me. Then I want every one of them for my granddaughter, my other granddaughter, and my grandson! Will it be possible for me to buy the whole set, more than one at the same time?? Thanks! And the stuffed animals in the pictures, I hope those of the ones that are actually being sold, so cute!

  51. Becky

    I absolutely HAVE TO get TIGGER for my grandson. He LOVES TIGGER.

  52. Vivian Reddick

    I think they are all so stinking cute and it’s awesome that they are all coming back

  53. Jose

    Can you add the hephalump? Kanga, roo, owl, and rabbit? Maybe even a Christopher Robbin?

  54. Joyce

    I want to purchase all of them how can we do this

  55. Dorothy Schaefer

    First where can I purchase them Is there a special price for all of them thank you

  56. Janet Britton

    Is there going to be a Roo? He’s my favorite!!

  57. Tarri Mundt


  58. Margo

    It’s missing the rabbit!!!!!

  59. Jessica Trujillo

    Would love to buy all of them if there is a special price

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