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  1. Lisa

    If Brightline is a viable replacement for Magical Express, why is Disney ending it before the new service is available? Seems to be a step away from the Disney standard of guest service.

  2. My husband was concerned with the hauling around of our luggage back and forth to Disney Springs. Magical Express was a disappointment on our last trip in December. We had to pick up our luggage and then get in line for the bus. Our plane landed at 1:15 and we were boarding our bus a t 3:00. They have out signs stating a 45 minute wait time for the bus. Bad experience.

    1. Christine Kurash

      I think the bag deliver experience depends on which airline you fly. Some offer delivery to your hotel, some require you to pick it up at MCO and bring to the bus. Disney uses a separate bag delivery company from the bus service.

  3. Sr

    Brightline has reserved seats for commuter trains in S FL. Not sure if that will continue but odds are it will for long haul service and any shuttle service from MCO to Disney. The only issue with timed trains is if your flight is late. Brightline tends to raise rates on popular times and last minute bookings too. Currently tickets include $5 Lyft credit so that helps. Again this is how they operated in S FL prior to the pandemic.

    You will be in love with Brightline service, trains, and the brand in general. It is nothing like you could ever imagine in the USA. With a dedicated rail line with few, if any, grade crossings delays will be ziltch. Bye bye bus and welcome Brightline. When your spending $150 for a park ticket, whats another $20 buck.

  4. Bob

    Rideshare made DME obsolete and will continue to be the preferred mode of transportation from MCO, even if the Brightline extension to Disney Springs is built.

  5. Kurt Lohmann

    The concern is if you take the train from the Orlando airport to WDW how often will it run? Will people have to spend most of their arrival day and departure day waiting on a train that might or might not be able to get on? Why. Magical express is great! even if a family had to pay a little to ride it to their hotels. Like they do to go from WW to Cape Canaveral to the Disney cruise line. People don’t want to wait hours on what if’s and will probably be forced to rent a car to just set in the hotel parking lot and or the parks parking lot. pay for that too. Seems like they took a simple consumer support idea like Magical express and complicated it. Disney needs to keep it simple.

  6. Em

    If the train drops you off at Disney Springs will you have to get your luggage and board another bus to your resort? Will they be using the Magical Express buses with luggage storage? Seems like it will be taking much longer to get to your resort.
    They are taking the some of the “Magic” away. I think going home will be very frustrating with the luggage going on a bus then a train then you retrieve it and go to check-in at the airport.
    I don’t like this at all. Vacations at Disney were always something I looked forward to but not anymore.

    1. Connie Krout

      I agree totally. Once you reached MCO your worries were over. As you get older it becomes harder, maybe WDW would rather not have senior visit.

  7. Christine

    I’m fairly certain that Magical Express is run by Mears, but the bag delivery is run by Bags, Inc. There is the possibility that Disney could still offer bags delivered directly to your hotel room.

    I know we had a horrifying experience on Magical Express early one morning on the way to MCO where our bus driver kept falling asleep. We were sitting in the front row and noticed it, so my husband started talking to the driver to help keep him awake. We did report it when we arrived.

    I assume the buses that Disney uses on property are their fleet and drivers, where the Magical Express buses are Mears fleet and Mears employees.

    I think every company right now has to look at their business models and figure out how to provide options to customers while still generating profits. I suspect a lot of families are renting cars instead of taking buses due to covid. Maybe the Mears model no longer makes sense?

    We used Brightline last year and found it to be a clean and efficient train (I use public transportation on a regular basis at home). I would be willing to pay a nominal fee to take a Brightline train to Disney Springs, and then transfer to an internal Disney bus to my resort – especially if my bags could still be delivered directly to the room. Oftentimes on arrival day we go to Disney Springs anyways – this would save us some time!

  8. Bob

    Brightline is just another diversion. Families going the WDW are not interested in going to Disney Springs. Their vacation travel focus is getting to their resort or hotel. It will take five to ten years to complete the Brightline rail service to Disney Springs and vacationers will just not use it. There is much more to this story that the public does not know and it is all about the money and politics in Florida.

    With all that is going on with Disney and WDW, vacationers planning to go to WDW need seriously consider why they even want to go to WDW. WDW is no longer a Magical Place.

  9. Concerned Taxpayer of FL

    Only if Disney subsidizes it. Brightline shut down their train service March 2020 because they can’t social distance and they’ve yet to restart. Just try to book a ticket and you’ll see. Brightline train service is financially unstable and taxpayers shouldn’t be burdened with this risky scheme. Let Disney and Brightline parent company for the bill instead.

  10. Jan

    I am so grateful that my family and I live in central Florida now. I canNOT imagine what would have happened withOUT Magical Express when we used to live in NJ. First – I have got to laugh! You’ll get to see the “scenery” of FL on your ride on the Brightline. (guess ME didn’t offer that) Sorry to tell you, folks – you’re going to see the scenic, long line of traffic along the I4 corridor. I4 is a commuting nightmare. Now on to the important question – why would Disney suddenly end their longtime connection with Meers Transport? In the 70’s and 80’s, you were encouraged by Disney to utilize Meers transport vans, taxis to get you to the offsite rental car services or to WDW. Then Disney entered into the Magical Express ride service through Meers. Magical Express became a great ride service to reach your planned resort for free (not necessarily free, since we pay multiple fees in our Disney vacation plans). It was always reassuring to know transport and luggage delivery were easily arranged through ME. Some have had luggage issues, but most have the great luxury of finding their luggage in their resort room upon arrival. What happens to your luggage while riding the train? Do you give it to baggage handlers, do you drop it off at Disney Springs to be forwarded to your resort…. or do you have to wait to get your luggage at the baggage carousel, and then roll it along with you onto the train? Will you be gridlocked with other Disney guests waiting on a train? Once you reach Disney Springs, do you climb on a Disney bus, along with guests who have been shopping there, heading to your resort – while holding onto your multiple pieces of luggage? This all sounds like one giant inconvenience to Disney vacationers. Disney reaps the benefits by turning back a large fleet of buses, drivers, mechanics, and cast members who sort the luggage to their designated resort. It all sounds like a big pain in the a…. well, you know. Will this new transportation and the $25 daily resort parking fee encourage guests to only ride the train and Disney’s internal bus system? Do they think this will discontinue the use of rental cars? I don’t see, yet, how this new transportation will assist my family and friends, who come down for their Disney vacation. Yeah, we’re all not good with change, but change that doesn’t present full disclosure of its’ process only confounds us more. We, all that love WDW, need to know the actual specifics on this option. I’m not seeing the benefits at this point. If my family was still traveling down from Jersey, I think I would hate this option. ME worked well for us. (btw – I do NOT understand the $25 daily resort parking fee. What a way to make a quick buck! My husband and I are disabled, so we do not have to pay that fee. If we did, our trip would be greatly shortened because of the cost. WDW Magic seems to be more OPENLY about the $dollar$…. making a buck with little in return.

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