Comments for Fans Call for Bo-Katan Kryze to Kill Boba Fett in ‘The Mandalorian’ Saga

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  1. Boba Fett

    Why would you waste time writing this article claiming that people want something based on two tweets with no likes? Nobody wants to see Bo-Katan kill Boba, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read about this franchise in months.

    1. George

      I agree with you and it sounds like that one calling Fett second rate has some personal issues.

      1. Zach Pendley

        I have only seen this in 1 tweet, and it was ratioed because of how idiotic the statement was.

      2. Roger

        What a ridiculous article. I’ll never get that 10 minutes back

    2. Pat

      My guess is a writer with a deadline contacted their little nephews and suddenly an insipid article was born. Yeah thats what Disney is planning on doing suiciding a brand new series.

    3. Alicia

      On other social media sites, these tweets got a lot of up votes

  2. Pat

    I believe these might be relatives of the article writer? Like little nephews or sonething?

  3. MindForged

    …Or more likely the article writer wanted to draw a few extra eyes with a story based on nothing. This wouldn’t help Disney, and I don’t know why you think this article means anything 🤨

  4. ENOX

    Did they even watch the episode? Shand doesn’t leave with Fett, She’s in the whole episode. Hell she’s standing there in one of the tweet images at a point after Fett already jumped to hyperspace.

  5. The Emperor

    Kill off Boba Fett?! Sounds like another SJW on Twitter hoping Krapleen Kennedy and her Crap Wars Agenda Group will add this brainfart to their collective brainfarts because can’t let Star Wars fans and toxic manbabies have something they want.

    1. Gizzlord

      Exactly. They just hate that Boba is a man and love that bo katan is a woman. If they don’t get this they’ll campaign for boba to get a sex change and rename himself booby

      1. Danna

        Bo-Katan is the most evil, manipulative, spineless, sociopathic character in the whole Star Wars canon. Even Palpatine wasn´t so twisted to basically kill his own siblings with extra steps like Bo did to her sister, than claimed her right to the throne. Boba should kill her. And her sheep of a sidekick who acts like a 6 years old brat.

  6. Yuurei.

    Boba Fett has been for decades and remains one of the most popular characters in all of Star Wars. I would certainly hope they wouldn’t do something as stupid as this article suggests.

  7. Rockne s. Rios

    Anyone asking for the death of the original mandalorian suit wearing bounty hunter is not a true fan just a hater. I have waited since 1983 for more fett visual and so have millions over other original fans of the franchise the person suggesting it should be floated.

  8. Brian

    Just more leftist crybabies wanting to purify even the fictitious galaxies of things that scare them even while hiding in thier safe space.

    1. Scitt

      Why even write this article giving a single example of “fans” calling for Fetts death? I don’t think it’s a sjw or leftist thing, it’s just a ridiculous thing.

    2. Technoguy54

      Nailed it my friend *

  9. Brian

    It’s about time to block this snowflake blog from my news feed.

    1. T-Rez

      I see it has been said, and I will add mine.

      Ridiculousness. It’s a good thing the Mando writers have been way smarter than to have Bo-Katan waste her time going after a bounty hunter who only seems interested in claiming Jabba/Fat Bib Fortuna’s criminal enterprise.

      If Bo is going to try to kill anyone, it’s going to be Mando. He now has the only thing she wants right now, and she has to fight him to claim it…

      1. Danna

        She´s too much of a coward to go against anyone who can actually fight. She goes only against unarmed civillians and her pacifistic sister. What a stunning and brave rolemodel! 😀

    2. Dallas Cole

      Im sorry, DO WHAT! Bo Katan kill Boba Fett?! There is no way in hell she could kill Boba, if anything, im hoping Boba kills HER. #BobatheMandalore

  10. D. rvn

    To the writer: Stick to yoga and Jeopardy, or anything not Star Wars.

  11. John

    Oh no they F@&$*! don’t. Whoever wrote this article is the exact type of fan that helped ruin the sequel trilogy. We don’t want your opinions or thoughts thank you very much

  12. Elizabeth

    This writer clearly had a deadline and no facts!

  13. Ellen C.

    Did someone really just write an entire article about a random tweet with zero likes? What is this? 😂

    1. Anon

      Modern “journalism”

  14. Wander McMooch

    No, Star Wars fans want to see Bo-Katan kill Luke Skywalker!

  15. Jack Jon Valois

    Translation: “sJw’S cALL fOr bO-kAtaN tO kiLL bOBA fEtT aNd HiS tOxiC masCuliNiTY”

  16. GG not reading the tweet

    Lol the hilarious thing is that depending how you read the tweet it could mean, “I hope Din appears in the book of boba tryna not get sniped by Bo Katan or smth.” As you can tell I directly quoted the tweet. I’m pretty sure oc was trying to say he/she want to see Din in Book of Boba running from if not at least hiding from Bo Katan. Which could make sense considering how she was looking at the death watch foundling at the season finale.

  17. Anon1209

    It said that Bo katan has been training since she was a teen, Bobas been training since jango was alive, boba was like 8. He’d already killed a giant beast of a monster the size of mountain by the age of 10. People big crazy

  18. Finkle

    Trash article. Trash writer. Trash website.

  19. Taylor Conrad

    Good job idiot. I hope you lose your job for this weak, attention seeking writing. Go over to Buzzfeed they like liars like you.

  20. Mace Windu

    You’re now a laughing stock in the iFunny community, good job not doing any research

  21. Tyler

    What? One tweet just says some outlandish crap and the other isnt even about boba but just bo shooting at sjin. You made a whole article off one tweet and hardly any anyone in agreement. If we can just say whatever we want I might as well apply to work with you.

  22. Myr

    OMG! Rather the opposite – everyone wanted Boba to kill that arrogant, entitled space Karen and her annoying sidekick. 😀

  23. Blaise Jay

    Not only are u wrong, ur also incredibly stupid

  24. John Marston

    What would make you think this? Boba fett has been around for so long. Why do we want him dead again?

  25. Danna

    If anything, all fans I have ever seen commenting on this want Boba to kill that arrogant, annyoing, manipulator and traitor of her own sister, and her bratty sidekick.
    So stop spreading some fake-fans news!

  26. C

    I can’t recall anyone asking for this. I implore you to check your material before publishing an article with such a bold title.

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