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  1. Paul

    This was pre-pandemic, but for many years my company had a contract with Disney and I spent a lot of time at WDW. Traveling on business, I would break away for a day every now and again to visit the parks as a single guest. I can completely relate to your experiences!

    The bus transportation drivers would frequently engage with me, even when the bus was packed. Several times, the servers at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe would sit down and talk with me because, apparently, they were afraid I had no friends and offer suggestions from “mom”! I even got redirected to some nice seating on attractions that wouldn’t have been the “next” choice. A couple of times with a wink. And at the Crystal Palace, one time all the characters swarmed all over me and their handler took a picture for me.

    I think every time I visited as a single guest I had at least one experience where the cast members did something extra just because I was alone. It really did make my visits even more special.

  2. SG

    This is one of the many reasons we LOVE Disney. No other amusement park goes out of their way to make guests feel so appreciated and special!

  3. Connie La Tempa

    I have been given extra attention at character meals when I travel solo. I don’t have to wait for them to come to my table when I am solo. I do enjoy traveling solo because it is easy to get a table, plus the solo ride lines. I do feel guilty leaving my niece & nephew home, but they are grown now, so they are ok with it.

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