Comments for Will the Walt Disney World Railroad Be Closed For Nearly 3 Years?

disney world railroad


  1. Vincent Caminiti

    As this corporate giant continues to amass it’s huge wealth and create things to be consumed, I cling to the hope that they don’t lose sight from where they came. Pay respect to those that ‘laid the track’ on which they now walk. Make the Railroad the centerpiece of WDW. It was Walt’s passion. Focus on what got you here..

  2. D.S.

    Miss it terribly! It is always the first thing our family does at both WDW and Disneyland. Just seems to set a happy vibe for the entire rest of vacation

  3. Dee

    I really hope its open by November 2021. We’ve missed this ride the last times we went.

  4. Jonah Snyder

    So, Personally, I think the Walt Disney World Railroad could open prior to TRON. Once the exterior of the attraction is completed, and the tunnel is as well, the Railroad should be able to reopen without any issue. The Railroad’s operations shouldn’t impede on the theming work going on inside the attraction, so I’m thinking a Fall 2021 Opening at the latest.

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