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  1. Paul DeCant

    First I’m a DVC member since 1999. I have been to both Disney and Universal twice since October. Universal if staying on property is far better than Disney for one main reason universal still has early entry for onsite people. Disney has scraped that great benefit and the bus service also is better at universal

  2. Tamara

    Very disappointed that Disney is not letting fans make their own decision if they want to pay price of annual ticket for less amenities. Universal let me get tickets.

  3. J.R. Dababneh

    Universal is a far better experience

  4. Diane Miklancic

    We too came to Florida for Universal and Disney. First I was really surprised that Universal was actually the better of the two this time. They did temperature checks on EVERY guest EVERY day… they gave us a different colored band each day. The band allowed us easy access into the park because they knew it was done. They had their capacities down, hand sanitizer every where, including the beginning and end of rides. Overall I felt like Universal “took care of us” and others in a much more satisfactory fashion.

  5. Went to universal Thanksgiving week. It was great. Not very busy and felt very safe!! The employees did a great job keeping things clean and sanitized. We all want to go back. Great job universal employees!!!!

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