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Universal crowds

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  1. Claudia

    This article is very helpful. Traveling from CT to Disney in April and was going to visit Universal for a day but don’t want to buy tickets in advance only to find out they’re at capacity the day of visit and not getting up at the crack of dawn to stand in line to be guaranteed entry to a packed park

  2. Tamara Dowd

    I see no problem with reservations and assurance of entry. Would not want to travel hours and not be able to get in. Capacity knowledge is a must for social distancing, and Universal is lacking in that.

  3. SG

    Same goes for WDW. No fast passes!

  4. Stan

    I like the ability to decide whether to go to the park or not on any given day; however, Universal should have signs up BEFORE you get to the garage entrance telling people that the parks are at capacity. I’ve waited in line at the garage entrance where people engage the universal employee in endless conversations so it takes forever to get to the point where you can turn around and leave the park when you finally see a sign saying the park is at capacity.

    1. Kassi

      Signs are outside the garage on huge DOT signs in big orange letters, BEFORE turning into the garages.

  5. Alexander Pineda

    I’m staying in Endless Summer Dockside and I have the option to go to the parks at 7am before everyone else and go in at anytime regardless if it’s at capacity because I’m staying at Universal Hotel. So I haven’t had any problems and love the way Universal is running the parks. Works for them=Works for me. Sometimes we get up early and hit Wizarding World OR sleep in and got later when crowds thin out and use our express pass. And Universal lets every one of the park status on their website or app. But if u just want to drop in on the park WITHOUT staying at a Universal Hotel, or Season Pass or Express Pass DO NOT DO IT!!! U WILL WAIT IN LINE FOR HOURS TO GET IN AS PEOPLE LEAVE!! GOOD LUCK

  6. Don

    It’s true that it’s about money.. Here’s my 2 cents… Universal is much smaller than Disney. We go to Universal At best Twice a year, it’s very expensive. I am against a reservation system as I do not want to be denied access to either park. We stay on site. I do understand the concerns but both universal and Disney have been increasing capacity with the governors blessing. As long as 😷 is enforced, there will be less risk. If it concerns you, go at a different, less busy time.

    1. DJ

      Both Universal and Disney are huge corporations interested in making money. I don’t begrudge either for trying to make money.

  7. Jason

    I was actually at Universal Orlando today and yesterday. We were forced to get to the park by 7:00 am each day to ensure the package that prepaid for could be used. The crowds to get into the park were insane, with little to no social distancing. Similar within the park in certain places. The wait times for rides were also outrageous. 2-3 hours for the majority of rides that did not have virtual lines. Again, if you didn’t get a virtual line request when they first released them, you weren’t getting on that ride for the day. We also went to Disney the previous two days and what a different experience. Much smaller crowds, wait times 30-60 for everything. The reservation system is working!!

  8. DJ

    Universal Studios has had to deny entry due to capacity well before the pandemic, during peak times ike summer, spring break, and holidays. Nobody was calling for a reservation system then. These days of hitting capacity are seasonal. Next week, attendance will be back down and no one will care that there is no reservation system in place.

  9. Bob

    Huge Covid outbreak at Universal backstage. Please message them and ask them to close for a while.

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