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  1. Jamie Storvik

    I keep reading 35 percent capacity. They have upped to 75 percent. It’s still crowded

  2. Tamara Dowd

    Universal is packed because, Holidays, school vacations throughout states (the same ever year), other parks have reservation system in place, people just love Universal. Social distancing is just not on their minds till someone gets sick. It is what it is.

  3. Don

    The one day we did make it in, the 29th, it was much more than 35%. We were shoulder to shoulder everywhere and line waits were over 2hrs. This park is lieing. They have bunched all the guests that come normally over 6 to 8 hrs span, into a one hour window and they can’t handle the tsunami wave when it comes. They would have been better to have not done anything. They act like people that take vacation days and drive hours to get there can just reschedule on a whim. I’ve never been scammed out of so much money for so little by a theme park as I was this week. And we got NO notification of this until we got there. Buyers beware. This place will take your money, sell you the tix and then deny service and your loss is of no concern to them.

    1. Michelr

      Contact their customer service and explain your situation. I have seen them issue free day passes and even some fast passes.

  4. Andrew

    Yeah, I was there on the 23 and 24. I am a annual pass holder for several years now, and what I witness was way more than 35%. More like 80%. I posted pictures on the universal Facebook page, but they were taken down within 30 minutes. It’s like a big conspiracy.

  5. Matt

    Oversold tickets, we got there early and got in, but it was packed, I feel for the people who spent hard earned money on tickets only to get turned away, GREED is number one to them

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