Comments for Tony Baxter Wants ‘Figment’ Movie, Would Still Revamp ‘Journey into Imagination’

Tony Baxter


  1. Lydia

    Tony baxter is revamping figment he got the okay.

  2. Maria Ade

    Absolutely! I love figment and miss the old ride. He deserves to be in the spotlight instead of just the sort off officially unofficial mascot of EPCOT.

    1. Peter


  3. AM

    Yes!!! Bring back the original Figment spirit! That was my favorite ride. It is too short now and doesn’t have enough Figment. A movie would also be awesome.

  4. Jeff Hoerl

    The original ride was my favorite of all Disney everything from my first visit the year it opened until they changed it—I would love nothing more than to see Figment (in more than my Figment collection)!

  5. Laura Pearson

    It would be a dream come true! When they changed the ride the first time I was heartbroken. I complained to Guest Services. I go back when it changes again hoping the real spirit of imagination will return in all his fun purple glory. Figment is even my car’s license plate! A full-length movie would be ideal to introduce another generation to Figment and all he represents. PLEASE do it right.

  6. James

    I hope he can redo the ride. TBH, it needs to be based off the original.

  7. Kori

    YES. Yes yes yes. The original Journey into Imagination’s legacy is a significant part of Epcot and thus Disney history. BUT—if the ride is restored, it must be to the exact specifications of 1983. No CGI. No flashy modern effects. The simplicity and beauty of it is essential to maintain!

  8. HG

    This is the heart of what all of Disney is ….imagination! The original appealed to the child guests and the child in every adult guest !
    Was a must for our family until the original ride was destroyed Figment is loved by all who knew the original This absolutely needs to be done !!!!!!!

  9. Ron Schneider

    I wonder – The idea of recreating a ride from 1983… one that we’ve already seen in its original form… and insisting that it be copied and rebuilt EXACTLY as it was 37 years ago… Doesn’t that show an incredible LACK of Imagination? Doesn’t it make more sense to use the opportunity to do EXACTLY what they did with that amazing first incarnation? Creating something new and original that expresses the theme that “Imagination is something that belongs to all of us”? I’d want Tony and the Imagineers to follow their own brilliant creative instincts… instead of an old set of blueprints from 1983.

  10. NJDAVE71

    One little spark, of inspiration is at the heart, of all creation….. But without Billy Barty’s Voice and the Dreamfinder all we have is Imagination.

  11. Matthew Brewster

    Tony could certainly be hired by WDI as a Consultant, as has been done for others. While there, I’d love to see him persuade Mgmt. to FINALLY build the Western River Expedition. The best place for its first incarnation is PDL, since there is oodles of room along the riverbank and that the French are NUTS about the Wild West!!!

  12. Mike S

    I loved the wild and zany original as a kid. Whatever version i saw about 10 years ago was slow and boring. I’d like to see an updated version with more music, movement, and energy, and of course more Figment.

  13. Nick

    I know this is almost a year old but what they did to that right is unacceptable. When I went there in 1994 as a kid that ride changed how I looked at life. Actually all of Epcot did that… the rides were more than just entertainment. Spaceship earth, world of motion, horizons, innocent jobs, living with the land, the living seas. Now, most of it is horrible. They should of never touched imagination. Now it’s a sham of a a ride. It’s not fun, funny, inventive, creative, or original. You go through 3 senses and then they blow your imagination with upside rooms which looks like college interns designed. I hope Mr Baxter gets the approval and bring the ride to its former glory. Figment is pretty much a throw away to today’s generation. When he should be the thing that ties together Epcot’s entire theme: imagination.

    1. Nick

      Damn autocorrect. That was innoventions not innocent jobs. Lol.

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