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  1. Rhonda

    Tim Burton you are a true friend and if anyone can help Johnny Depp get back his good name it will be you. Thank you so much for remembering it’s our Johnny Depp and we need him in films.

    1. Martine

      Yeah, I would go for that.

  2. Rhonda Shelly

    Johnny Depp will be wonderful in the Addams family he did great in dark shadows! Thanks Tim Burton you’re the greatest For putting Johnny in all your films

  3. Connie Lambert

    Johnny would be perfect for the Gomez part & would make a handsome Gomez. Would love to see the show with him in it. Johnny Depp lovers such as myself have not given up on him because of his wife & their past marital problems. What went on in their house should have stayed in their house!

  4. Pat McLean

    Yes. His career should not suffer due to his domestic issues especially when there was issues on both sides.

  5. Debbie Callahan

    Wonderful choice

  6. Dena

    I think that Johnny Depp should be able to play Jack Sparrow and any other film. He is a legend in the film industry and has gotten some pretty unfair judgement. If anyone could play Gomez Addams, it would definitely be Depp. Thank you Tim Burton for your help. I am team Johnny and always will be one of his biggest fans!

  7. Mr. Depp will come back stronger then ever and a big thanks for Tim Burton, I thank him for his loyalty to Johnny

  8. Mr. Depp will come back stronger then ever and a big thanks for Tim Burton, I thank him for his loyalty to Johnny

  9. Tim Burton has been MIA ever since this whole farce of a turd’s started. I’ve never seen anything in writing that supported his ‘great friend’ Johnny Depp. I’ve wondered, when letters were pouring in, even from his ex wife, Helena Bonham Carter, about what a wonderful, giving, generous, on, & on, not a peep from Tim Burton. Johnny had letter, after letter, even depositions. But, no Tim Burton. Johnny Depp even went so far as to say, not that long ago, that he had trusted people, that he thought had his back, but unfortunately, that wasn’t true. And, that had hurt his heart very deeply. To me, it screamed, Tim Burton! Johnny deserves this award more than anyone I can think of! Thank You for choosing him as the 2021 Recipient!!

  10. Marta Womack

    Yes, I do think hiring Mr. Depp as Gomez is a brilliant idea! I’d definitely see it! I can’t imagine a Burton film without him being a part of it! It’s always amazing! Johnny has a LOT of support from his friends and his fans. He’s mega talented and such a nice man. He’s my most favorite actor of all time. Feel like I’ve watched him grow up through his work! He deserves to be hired and we deserve to enjoy his movies!

  11. Lana

    Johnny would be amazing and if he isn’t in this I will cancel Netflix

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