TikTok Videos Celebrate Christmas ‘Harry Potter’ Style!

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A Wizarding Christmas

It’s time to deck the halls, and time to decide if you will decorate your home with boughs of holly or with something else. This year, you might choose to decorate your Christmas tree a little bit differently, maybe spice your home with a theme you love — something that will bring joy and happiness to your family and friends, as well as being fun and super awesome for strangers on the internet!

The pairing of the most magical time of year with a magical lovable theme is probably what one TikTok user had in mind when she turned her living room Christmas decorations into a Harry Potter Christmas wonderland!

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Jeanne, owner of the TikTok account @jeannx812, posted a TikTok video showing her Harry Potter inspired Christmas tree and it is amazing!

The tree is full of Harry Potter items, like Hedwig plushes, gold ornaments, Hogwarts house banners, Gryffindor scarfs, Christmas lights, a banner that says “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” and, to top it all off, the Hogwarts house sorting hat on top of the tree.


Christmas at Hogwarts ⚡️⚡️⚡️#harrypotter #harrypotterchristmas #christmas #hogwarts #gryffindor #hufflepuff #ravenclaw #slytherin

♬ original sound – ? j e a n n e

It is a Christmas wizarding paradise! There is even a wand that is casting a spell to light up the Christmas tree!

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However, that is not the best part of it all. Jeanne used her TikTok to teach her followers, or anyone that watches her videos, how to recreate her magical decoration. There is a series of five TikTok videos showing you how she assembled her entire decoration and even where she bought some of it.


Part 5 ⚡️Flying letters ✉️ #hogwarts #hogwartsschool #hogwartsletter #floatingletters #harrypotter #harrypotterchristmas

♬ original sound – ? j e a n n e

She teaches everyone how to hang the filling Hogwarts acceptance letters, how to make the banner on the tree, where to get the floating candles to place above your dining room table, where to buy your own Platform 9 3/4 wall, and how to watch your own golden snitch!

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Part 3 ⚡️ Floating candles ???#harrypotter #harrypotterchristmas #floatingcandles

♬ original sound – ? j e a n n e

Jeanne and her family will definitely have a very magical Christmas! If you would like to take a look at all of her Harry Potter Christmas decoration videos, check out her TikTok account here.

TikTok account @jeannx812
Credit: TikTok account @jeannx812

What did you think of Jeanne’s Harry Potter themed Christmas decorations? Would you like to replicate this in your home this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below. 

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