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  1. Aimee Dufresne

    I think they should let us see how Mia does as queen from when she first started as queen and have her and Nicholas get married and have kids it would be the perfect well part of the plot you still need another part that has drama like from the royal engagement it was Nicholas’s uncle who’s been trying to get his nephew to be king and a lot of other stuff but please have Mia and Nicholas get married. I’m a big princess diaries fan love it.

  2. Marlee

    While I do love the idea of seeing them getting married, it just doesn’t make sense for the third movie to pick up right where the second one left off. Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine are too old at this point to portray 20 somethings, so it makes more sense to show them as a married couple with a daughter who is going through her own trials as a princess.

  3. Pamela Dooley

    If the movie happens, it will have to start at least 15 years later. Anne Hathaway, as beautiful as she is does not look like a 21 year old. Maybe a flashback to their wedding and then pick it up now.

  4. Jessica Jolliffe

    It’s princess diaries and years later. It should be about mia’s daughter (hopefully with nikolas). It can show mia’s success as queen, how she has balanced that with being a mother, but also bring in a new generation.

  5. Melissa Flom

    I agree with the comments posted before me especially the comment about the film being that Mia and Nicholas did get married and have children and their wedding shown by one of their children asking about how they met and a flash back of ending of the 2nd film and their dating to their wedding or something along those lines. Regardless of how the film is I absolutely want there to be a 3rd. I love the first 2 and would love to see how Mia grew into the role of Queen.

  6. I Agree that Disney needs to tell the world if we are going to see a third Princess Diaries. I really hope that Disney does make it. I love the first 2 and would absolutely love to see how Princess/Queen Mia’s life turns out being queen. I also would like to see if she does end up with sir Nicholas (I hope they do) or not. But most of all I would love love love to see another Princess Diaries. So PLEASE Disney make this true and get moving on the production of princess Diaries 3!

  7. I think Disney Channel will confirm the Rumor and The Princess Diaries 3 will be filmed. However, I have both 1 and 2 on DVD and I love Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews the on screen Grandmother and Granddaughter duo. I hope that theres a 3rd movie in the franchise. Disney Channel please confirm the rumor I love The Princess Diaries.

  8. Jacqui

    I concur with all the posts above. I am a Princess Diaries’ fan. Just watched 1&2 today.

  9. Ziggy

    They are based on the books…so i’m hoping that they try to at least stick to the books a little bit with the plot of the series.

  10. Bernice Lenci

    The movie should pick up 15 years later with Queen Mia and Prince Nicholas married with a daughter; who is struggling with being a princess. Follow Queen Mia and how she

    has run the country. Also have Lily living in Genovia and engaged to the head of the guard. Queen Mia of course helping with all the wedding arrangements. And a cameo of Andrew and Lady Alisa married and with 2 children a son and daughter. The son who hangs with Mias daughter and causes teenage royal havoc.

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