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  1. Joshua

    Here’s a spin: They just ignore the sequels and treat all future media as if they don’t exist. It’s not complicated. How many times has Spiderman been rebooted? How many times have we seen amazing Jokers? One of them even has his own movie.

    So they ignore the Mary Sue and move on. The only people that would be mad about this are not financial supporters so it’s no money lost.

    What the difference between Indiana Jones and Star Wars? Star Wars had strong fans and made the brand worth a lot. Entertainment is about pandering to the audience. Do not subvert the expectation for entertainment the people want or you will go broke. Be a broke artist at home but if you are in the public, it’s about appeasing the audience.

    1. Jake

      I wish it were that simple. Star Wars seems to be one of the few franchises where people, even casual viewers, are obsessed with what is and is not canon. When they tossed out the books people were furious.

      Using your example of Spider-Man, consider that Marvel and Sony are planning to merge all their worlds together via a multiverse of sorts.

      Multiverse storytelling is the new catch-all. WB is already doing it with DC. I predict, if they do attempt a course correction, that the sequel series will be considered just another possibility in the Star Wars multiverse.

      Star Wars is getting messy. I’m getting a little tired of it. Mandalorian is great, but season 2 is their first step towards trying to “make things right”, so to speak. Bringing back old characters is not what original shows tend to do. It’s an odd one.

      The one thing we can know for sure is Disney has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Get ready for a deluge of Star Wars. The shows, they’re just the beginning. A new film series will be green lit. It will happen.

      1. Michael Smith

        Marvel is about to do it too. I mean concept has been introduced already via Endgame and Antman and Wasp. And of course we have the title of the next Dr Strange movie

  2. Crabbieppleton

    I think any film project should start by convening a committee of Devoted Fans and have them (1) develop a plot, (2) create the dialogue and (3) add enough small details that will titillate said fans but completely fly by any casual observer (like having Thrawn’s lieutenant’s assistant’s brother show up on the Battle of Crait!!!!) . Easter eggs are, after all, the difference between the true fan (for which the film is made) and normal people, who really shouldn’t be watching the movie at all, if truth be told.
    Think of how awesome TLJ would have been if ALL the fans had final cut authority. Come to think of it, think of how much better A New Hope would have been: that light saber battle would have been MUCH cooler (I’m sure Kathleen Kennedy was responsible for that debacle too).

    1. Daryl Taylor

      You are kidding right?

  3. Lewis

    so let me guess theyll just tear down galaxy’s edge as well where the most popular ride in any of the parks resides? people cant be this gullible to buy such BS.

    1. Andre D

      My thoughts exactly. Galaxy’s Edge is a great edition to the parks. Disney would be out of their mind to think about remodeling those lands.

      1. Zac

        Why? The major spend would be reworking the Rise of the Resistance. Everything else has nothing to do with anything specific in the sequel trilogy. The entire place was designed around a place that isn’t even in the movies and looks similar to Tatooine. How much sequel merchandise do you see versus OT and Mandalorian in stores? How many new series coming out are based around the ST? I think that is starting to show where demand is for the product.

    2. Lissa

      Galaxy’s Edge could easily be re-done to place it in the Mandalorian timeline. Smuggler’s Run could stay exactly the same, and would be better for it. The current timeline is somewhere between TLJ and TRoS, so it makes no sense that Chewie is out on smuggling runs with Hondo Ohnaka. Putting it a few years after RotJ, when Han and Leia are busy with little Ben, founding the New Republic, and leading the Senate and more, makes more sense. Rise of the Resistance would need more extensive re-working – but how about replacing Kylo Ren with Thrawn or Moff Gideon (depending on what his fate is from now)? It’s already an Outer Rim world, anything is possible. The LARP aspect could include many of the same players with whom guests can interact and/or ally themselves – New Republic/Resistance, Empire Remnant/First Order, and scoundrels plus bounty hunters! The possibilities are endless!

      Mr. D’maro! Call me! I have ideas!!!

  4. PVW

    It’s a shame that the actors were blamed by some. And obviously no one should be harassed or threatened over fantasy movies. I say these things as one of those that hopes the sequels are removed from future storylines (or are put into their own timeline that is separate from those of new movies and shows).

    1. Madoc

      None of the new actors hired for the last three Star Wars films deserves any blame whatsoever. None. It’s not their fault that Kathleen Kennedy handed them a script which essentially destroyed Star Wars. They were hired to play parts that were entirely new. New in the stories and new for them.

      Mark Hamill however, he deserves all the blame in the world. He admits to recognizing how entirely wrong the Sequels were. He admits to recognizing what a travesty they were and how destructive they were to everything Star Wars was about and an insult to who the character of Luke Skywalker was.

      And yet, he happily rolled over, gave it up, and cashed the check Kennedy handed him.

      Had he stood up for the fans – hell, had he stood up for himself and the character to which he owes ALL of his career’s success – then perhaps the subsequent disasters could’ve been averted.

      He didn’t. He chose not to.

      So, he deserves the blame. None of the other new actors do.

  5. Patrick

    Definitely ignore the sequels ever happened. And I wish Jar Jar Binks would have become a sith lord in the prequels, that would have corrected some things in the prequels and explained why this doofy character was ever introduced in the first place.

    1. Michael Smith

      Because to Lucas Star Wars is and always will be a kids movie. He made that clear in Jedi and further with Jar Jar.

    2. Ryan

      You’ll have more luck with your bad Prequel idea coming true

  6. David

    The events of Din Djarin happen many years before Luke and his school et al. Plenty of time for things to happen.


    I especially don’t want to see the Star Wars sequel trilogy scrapped from canon. I enjoyed the Star Wars sequel trilogy movies.

    1. Patricia

      I agree. I don’t mind the expansion of the stories/universe. But leave the original movies alone and intact.

      1. Ryan

        Nope lol. The sequels are still better than the prequels

    2. Kal

      I feel like using Ahsoka to cancel out the trilogy wouldn’t be earned. If anything, Ahsoka could establish the Vergence Scatter in live action, but it should be Rey that finds a way to use it to kill Snoke in the past or whatever.

      It would go a long way toward smoothing over the trilogy’s reception, and it would keep the events as canon but relegated to a “bad timeline” that Rey saved everyone from. Ben never turns evil, Luke never goes into hiding, Han isn’t murdered for no reason.

      For the most part, people liked the sequel characters, it was just the writing that was abysmal. If they could be brought back in a new timeline with an actual script and plan (with Filoni in charge, please), I think everybody would be happy.

  8. Alban COURTY

    I especially don’t want to see the Star Wars sequel trilogy scrapped from canon. I enjoyed the Star Wars sequel trilogy movies.

  9. Patricia

    I love Star Wars. The only ones I didn’t like were Episodes I, II, and III. I have only watched each a couple of times and generally find them irritating. However, I love the other 6. So I don’t want to see any of that erased. I think the idea of doing that is just nuts.

    As for The Mandalorian, I have watched a total of the first three episodes. I’m just not that impressed so the idea that everything will change to accommodate that story leaves me cold. And considering that I’m not the only one who has not become a super fan of Mandalorian, I think it would be a mistake by Lucas Films and Disney to pander to those who want the last Star Wars trilogy erased.

  10. Ryan

    Nope lol. The sequels are still better than the prequels

  11. Madoc

    Amazing to see the lengths the folks at Disney are going to in their attempts to recover from the self-inflicted disaster that the Sequels are.

    I’ve seen pretzels with fewer twists and convolutions and turning themselves inside out than these rationalizations “needed” to expunge the last three Star Wars films.

    But hey, if it works to get the franchise back to telling great stories then I’m all for it!

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