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  1. Stanley stanson

    Whelp. Hate to be the guy, and I know that disney is not above lies, but the wiki page you linked shows her as dead. Pretty sure she got shot up on the bridge, and is no more.

    1. I was going to point out the same thing! Rewatching the final episode confirmed it. She was killed on the bridge.

      1. Spearson

        Welp. People forget how Gina got her claim to fame.

  2. Cole M Jenkins

    Fioni has said in the past that Tia Sircar should play Sabine in any live action appearance. It seems pretty unlikely that they’d cast a white woman in the role instead.

    1. Rendezvous

      Filoni never said that but I do agree. Tiya should play her.

  3. Mike

    She was killed in the bridge. Also, such a bad and not well thought out stretch of a concept…since, you know Sabine is related to Bo-Katan and didn’t tell her about the Darksaber…plus not letting both her and Ahsoka know about Moff Gideon’s location / plans / situation / knowledge of a force sensitive child….next thing is that Palpatine is still alive and Darth Vader made C-3PO.

  4. Chris

    Bo-Katan was last seen in rebels WITH Sabine when Sabine surrenders the dark saber to Bo-Katan so she was ruler of Mandalore. So yeah im guessing Bo-Katan didn’t just kill an undercover Sabine on Gideons ship. This doesn’t make sense.

  5. BubberZayier

    The person who died on the bridge was a man not the girl we keep seeing.

  6. BubberZayier

    I don’t know if my first comment send but I watched the last episode again and if you look at the person after he dropped to the ground it is clearly a man.

  7. Robert Clifford

    Sabine is the other mandaloriane female with No in the show. What are you doing.

  8. Mandy

    I… what? No. They have this actress play the same part for consistency. Because these guys care about those kinds of details. And because she was there and available to come back and do so. She was a member of Gideon’s crew, a small side character, and that’s all.

    Also. The fact that a character shows up on a wiki is not proof of anything and you should know better than that. Wikis are always fan/user run.

    We will get Sabine. But it certainly isn’t this person.

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