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  1. Chris Pratt is a professing Christian with a strong faith in God. The Bible is clear about this matter. If Disney expects Chris Pratt to play a bisexual, it may be a true test to his faith.

    1. EPT469

      That wasn’t planned by Marvel to suddenly bring this up now was it? Slap in the face to Pratt.

    2. Murry Bushnell

      He is an actor….. Being something he isn’t, is part of the job. Also his character in film has talked about having sex with a number of strange space aliens. What even is sexuality at that point? I guarantee Chris Pratt doesn’t care about this

      1. Erika Gallagher

        No they did that on purpose. Is there a way of getting rid of him. Which then so many fans will never Watch Guardians of the Galaxy again. But there are also many celebrities who will refuse certain parts because of their own beliefs whether it be against guns or whether be against something they will not take apart because of that but they did this purposefully and everyone knows it6

    3. Colleen R Pease

      What does Chris Pratt think about his character being bisexual and having a male love interest?

    4. JOE

      WHY MUST A

    5. Peter

      Well said!

  2. Yuri Nater

    Truth time! Chris Pratt stands at the crossroad of his faith: should he or he shouldn’t? If he truly stands by his faith, if ‘Ditsy’ doesn’t relent than Pratt must walk from the film…being it’s his third turn at Star Lord he has a good measure of leverage to kill this fudge slinger idea!

    1. Jessica

      I’m pretty sure his character frequently murders. (Or do you consider that a lesser sin)… 🙄

        1. Ill be done watching it if that happens

    2. EPT469

      That wasn’t planned by Marvel to suddenly bring this up now was it?

  3. Smh

    This is definitely NOT forced or anything…

  4. EPT469

    That wasn’t planned by Marvel to suddenly bring this up now was it? Slap in the face to Pratt.

  5. Joe Nasc

    Ngl that sketch of the potential love interest looks like it could be played by Adam Sandler if he lost a few. How cool would that be

  6. Bill

    That’s disgusting!!! I’m sick and tired of every movie having to have a gay or lesbian or other lgbtq crap in it to appeal to these people!!! Marriage and sex/love should be between a man and a woman not man and man or woman and woman or any combination of these!!! This is just really perverted!!!

    1. Saundra

      I agree with that 100%

    2. Des

      Me too. Do they have to ruin everything by changing it. They are making up a character just for ticket sales. Im done.

    3. Manny

      Do you hear this first in your head or do you just write this as you go? Seriously? LGBT crap? It would be interesting to see if you wrote these things and your boss and coworkers could read them.

    4. Peter

      Well put!

  7. Saundra

    I really do not think he should have one the movies have been fine the way it is I would not watch it if they would of done it

  8. Why are franchises dying...

    I find the trend to force wok concepts annoying. Deadpool poly ok. Its in the established characters. Making A traditionally hetrosexual character bi just to stick it to the actor instead of a purpose or planned vision Is bad for fan base.

  9. Kristi

    Please stop putting this stuff in our kids head people we are confusing them i dont want to see 2 guys or 2 girls kissing in something im watching with my kids

  10. RoyT Logan

    Is it alright for straight people to kiss in something you watch with your kids?

    Don’t get me wrong I believe they did this on purpose to get at Pratt and I don’t agree with it.
    However if you’re against same sex people kissing in a movie/tv show that you and your kids watch but okay with straight people doing it then you’re a hypocrite.

    1. Elizabeth

      It’s a sin!

  11. Tad

    So how does knowing Quills proclivity to become intimate with both males and females of any given race, humanoid or otherwise, enhances the storyline??

  12. Kathy

    So very, very sad. Why does Disney continue to attack the very family values/morals the company was built upon? At a time when you are struggling financially, driving families away seems to be poor management. Remember who supported your company for decades, and who would like to continue to do so in the future. You are making this very difficult for parents to move forward with you.

    1. Peter

      EXACTLY what we want to know….Walt has GOT to be spinning in his grave about now!

  13. Elijah DeJesus

    Please please please don’t do this man just leave it the way it is pleaseeee

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