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  1. Bruce

    Good riddance to Rian Johnson and his “Stars Wars Trilogy”. I found “Last Jedi” to be the worst Star Wars movie of the nine. My complaints with it extend far beyond his treatment of Luke’s character and Rey’s parents. Good god–the slowest space battle/space chase I’ve ever seen. Dropping bombs without any gravity in deep space. “Side-quests” to Space Vegas in the middle a life and death space chase. I could go on, but I won’t.

    1. Martin

      I hear ya hopefully he won’t touch another star wars related thing ever again 👍

      1. Lefty

        We have been watching a ‘space fantasy’ (not a true science fiction saga) for years and you want to bring up bombs in space with no gravity all of a sudden. Even after “jedi master” Luke bended the torpedoes like Beckham to blow up the first death star. Not defending Johnson, but you so called fans are just as lame.

        1. David

          I’m not even a star wars fan. I just watched the movie and thought it was terrible. The space bombs struck me as absurd, too. But what got me was Finn, after their completely failed and pointless journey to the casino planet, and running through the buildings on the kangaroo things, like a cartoon, looking at Rose and saying, “at least we made them hurt.” I literally cringed in my seat at that moment, the whole thing was so dumb.

          1. Khamsin

            Considering that the Last Jedi scored a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes by ACTUAL critics, it doesn’t surprise me that your gripes with the film are things no serious film critic would ever take seriously “Failed and pointless journey” The POINT of Canto Bight was to have the characters fail but succeed in trying so that the slave children have something to be influenced by as Finn learns that you cannot just abandon the first order, you must also join the rebels, just like how Luke’s attempts at trying whether he wins or loses is good enough to influence the next generation. You see, you not understanding that is not Johnson or Disney or Rotten Tomatoes’ fault, its YOUR fault. Also, if Canto Bight was so dumb, why are you purposefully lying about it and why did TLJ score a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes? Facts are not the same thing as feelings.

          2. Earl

            To the person below.. what a paid off cricket says about a movie does not make it fact that it is a supposedly good movie.. especially on Rotten Tomatoes. Try forming your own opinion if you are actually able to. TLJ was absolute garbage!

          3. Arano

            Sorry Khamsin but you seem to be under the impression that Film critics actually critique movies anymore. They are really there to critique how many diversity boxes the movie ticks. Or give an obligatory good score to any powerful studio’s.

            They are no longer there to actually look at bad story telling. For example the side trip to the casino that contributed absolutely nothing to the plot is just bad story telling. Or the toxic commander that alienates her subordinates and acts like a terrible commander is pushed by the story as the one in the right who puts the terrible male who questioned her in his place. Yet despite the stipulation of the story the resulting outcome she achieved was still their worst case scenario. This is bad story telling pure and simple. If critics turn a blind eye to this and you think they are worth reading, I wonder if you have some sort of cult like infatuation instead of any form or objectivity.

        2. Globe

          That’s your best example? The rules of the universe were established, every subsequent movie followed the rules until 8.

          The force is a thing that exists in the world so yes they can “bend” into the exhaust port.

          There is no gravity in space so the bombs would not “drop”. They would need a booster of some kind, to rich they’d become….*drumroll*… Missiles!
          They should’ve been using missiles! It was such an idiotic thing to show.
          Let’s not even mention the Holdo maneuver.
          Original SW movie: “The Death Star is here!” “it’s fine, just send a remote-controlled ship to collide with it at warp speef and it’ll explode. I’m gonna get a coffee”

          1. Michael Hazeltine

            Good god, you must live the most boring life. And that’s from someone who’s biggest adventure is finding what else I can mix with Nutella on a Friday night.

          2. Nathan Sims

            Without gravity how is everyone walking around the spaceships? Clearly they have artificial gravity so it does hold that bombs could indeed fall towards them.

            Also, this is entertainment and not supposed to be scrutinised to this extent.

            I understand a little of the criticism but after Force Awakens main problem was being a clone of New Hope, the argument that the next film was ‘not Star Ward’s is ridiculous. For me it was original and a great twist on an old series

          3. CoMiGa

            Do you understand that a woman fell like 1 minute before the bombs. Thus the bombs would also fall, and since they fell out of the ship they would keep falling. Why is this difficult?

          4. Rajz

            Errr for those who dont understand gravity…there is a small amount of Gravity everywhere, but everything falls at the same rate…thats why things float (relative to each other)….People stand on ships because of the acceleration of the ship itself, or some sort of control force (e.g. a centrifuge) otherwise they would float around too…so the balls fall at the same rate as the ships, so they would float…

            Rian Johnson just put some random thoughts to paper, lets not try to make sense of the actions of an idiot.

            The film doesn’t make any sense, “subversion” with zero writing ability will still lead to tyre fire, which is what TLJ…

            There is a reason why Disney are undoing this hot mess that Rian created with the excellent Mandalorian, but having to do it in a PR controlled way…blame trolls and the Russians….

            Actions speak a lot louder than words. Last Jedi was rubbish…and Disney agree.

        3. Dal

          I’m pretty sure physics exists in fantasy shows too.

        4. BurginJack

          Your a moron. I never saw it as Luke bending those torpedoes, rather through the force he just knew the right moment to launch them. Oh wait a minute, I feel a great disturbance in the force, it says yep your moron.

          1. Josh

            Nothing makes me laugh harder than seeing “YOUR a moron” commented at somebody on the internet…

          2. Boston

            Guess it takes one to know one. Your…LOL. Really sir?

        5. Spudavid Murry

          Most of you peeps give Star Wars fans a terrible name. I find The Last Jedi to be the best of the Final Trilogy. The last Skywalker is FAR worse,and simply exists to erase everything TLJ set up while simultaneously not paying off on anything J.J set up in the first film. It simply exists to stave off the wrath of you netf herding mouth breathers. Luke’s character was destroyed no more than Yoda over the years .The wost part of the whole movie was Space Vegas. Every thing else was pretty cool. One thing I keep seeing is everyone is pointing out the falling space bombs. it’s a danm movie. Either stuff it or also complain about there being sounds in space. Oh yeah and the figgin SPACE WIZZARDS TOO!

          1. fuckurian

            Rian single handedly ruined the entire trilogy as well as the entire star wars universe, people that complain about space bombs are of course exaggerating, there are many more blatant issues with the main one being the fing hyper space ramming, this act alone invalidates the original trilogy as well as the force awakens and makes the plot a very big bad joke but most cynically shows how disrespectful he was of jj abrams vision making a movie that wasn’t connected to the first and was impossible to build upon so abrams had an impossible task of trying to bridge the chasm Rian left over. I really hope that he won’t get a trilogy.

      2. Ray Ruiz

        Yeah thank God he’s not going to do another film for Star Wars. All that social justice b******* added to it killed it too besides all the plot holes and killing off characters in the worst way. Luke getting a coronary after using the force, Snoke the main protagonist dies early forcing them to bring palpatine back, admiral ackbar dying unheroically etc

        1. Anonymous

          The OT was about space Nazis but okay lol

      3. James Morris

        seems like alot of you need to do 2 things;

        Syop taking movies so literal and take a science class.

        There is no up or down in space folks. As long as an object is set in motion in space it will continue in motion u til it is stopped by some means.

    2. B

      8 was not good. But if you think it was the worst then you haven’t seen the prequels or have blocked them from your memory (lucky you!)

      1. Steve

        The prequels were bad movies but they at least expanded on the lore and universe. Some simple examples: it was fun to see a bad guy with a double-sided light saber fight a 1-on-2. Yoda’s lightsaber fights were great. It was fun to see a bunch of Jedi fighting in a full battle. Coruscant, a city that makes up an entire planet, was imaginative and interesting.

        I’ll take the double-sided lightsaber battle over Kylo Ren’s purely superficial lightsaber. And I’ll take Coruscant over Space Vegas, which was utterly void of imagination and creativity.

        1. Can

          That is like the 8593rd time I’ve seen someone defend the prequels using the same tired repeated line “They expanded the lore and universe”

          If you’re going to defend the prequels, at least don’t steal other people’s ideas word for word. Double sided lightsaber is cool? Cool now could Lucas give Darth Maul some ACTUAL personality and character? That fight was totally devoid of any psychology or real narrative, it was fighting for fighting sake, every fight in the sequels isn’t just slashing at eachother, there is a deep psychological element in every single fight which is what the OT did as well. The Prequels scored a 53, 65 and 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, TFA and TLJ scored a 93 and 91%, so you can definitely have your emotions, but you can’t have the facts. Professional film critics know more than random internet users

          1. Arano

            Yet you yourself justify the prequels being inferior by quoting rotten tomato ratings? I’m sorry but these are not the same types of critics that reviewed the prequels. Now they will only review how many diversity boxes they check.

            The last Jedi had a much worse plot than any of the prequels that at least told a story that involved components that built to a climax and were necessary to facilitate the conclusion.

            The last Jedi had none of this and involved terrible story telling. Plot elements that added nothing to the outcome (almost three quarters of the movie was pointless).

            Then it also sabotaged the entire trilogy, by replacing a genuinely logical, ruthless and terrifying villain to rival Darth Vader with a whinging, mommy didn’t love me self obsessed weak looser who the main protagonist didn’t have to grow to defeat (because he was defeated on almost every encounter but still managed to kill the uber bad guy).

            I’m sorry but anyone who can say TLJ was somehow good and any Critic that can seriously rate it high must have some cognitive deficit. Abrams was given nothing to continue the trilogy and can’t be blamed for what he produced, because Johnson decided he wanted to make a stand alone movie that was just plain bad.

      2. Little Doggy

        I completely disagree. The prequels were far better than TLJ. Practically high cinema.

      3. Prequals Apologist

        The prequals, while being horrible at dialogue, are actually just as good in my eyes as the OT. At least thematically. There’s just as much emotion and heartache in the duel between Obi Wan and Anakin as there was in the final battle between father and son.
        While they aren’t perfect the prequals have aged like wine. Becoming popular on the back of memes and the stellar performance of key actors. The Sequels don’t have any of that. No iconic battles. No worthwhile memes, aside from Like sipping on alien milk. They just are unispired garbage.
        Hate the prequals if you want. But they come from someone who just wanted to tell a compelling story. Who really loves the setting he created. The Sequels where made just to keep the bucks rolling in for the mouse.

    3. Xgeoff


    4. Bill

      The last jedi was easily the best movie in the series, sick of these incels rioting over what was essentially the best stat wars movie ever made. Been a starwars fan fan for 40 years now, sick of this childish prattle.

      His trilogy would have been great, unfortunately incels keyboard goblins and russians got their way.

      1. Shocked

        Hahaha, f*ckn what? Trend word and American election got in the way did they Bill? Hahaha, f*ck off

        1. Anonymous

          Wow what a classy response.

        2. Ry

          Eh. TLJ was definitely better than 123679 and in many ways 4

          1. Arano

            Only if you enjoy watching a turd (or you have one for a brain) could you seriously think a movie that sabotages the prior movie, replaces the main villain with a weak self obsessed erratic weak protagonist and pollutes the story with random space Vegas plot that contributes nothing to the overall story / conclusion is superior to anything.

      2. D

        Wow, I’m not a star wars fan and I thought the movie was objectively terrible.

      3. Gfals

        you are a simple person.. if calling people names because their opinion is different than yours is what you usually do, you sir are pathetic.. also the fact that you think it’s the best Star wars movie ever made simply shows your opinion is not worthy of being taken seriously

        1. Anonymous

          The fact that you tell him he’s not allowed to have an opinion different than yours is why you can’t be taken seriously. Mama wants you off the computer

      4. Bree

        I both hope and believe that Rian’s trilogy is still happening. Last Jedi is one of the greatest cinematic experiences of my lifetime, but more than that, it has stayed with me in a way no other movie has. Three years later, I still think about it everyday. Lucasfilm would be fools if they didn’t take advantage of their contract with this brilliant filmmaker.

        1. Bam

          Ok, now I know this is a troll account XD

        2. Headhurts

          Bless you heart. I’m sure Lucas films will be so relieved to reread your studio saving strategy here in these comments so to avoid being fools. Wwe all thank God for you. You’ve saved the universe.

      5. Eric Dyess

        I’ve seen every single movie in the theaters, yes I’m that old, and I thought 8 was godawful and 9 a travesty. I dont know you Bill, but I do know you’re crazy if you thought 9 was the best Star ars film ever. Ridiculous.

      6. Eric

        You’re a gawd damm liar. You are no fan of 40 years and calling The Last Jedi the best of them all. You not only have a sh taste in movies, but you have to be a liar. No way are you a fan of 40 years. And you tossing around the word “incel” to boot. You are a troll. A troll that defends hot garbage. No one is a bigger uncle than Rian Johnson.

      7. Christopher Beddoe

        🤣 yeah right.
        What made the last jedi the best Star Wars movie ever made?
        Was it the blue critter milk.
        Or rose talking about how fulfilling it was to release those animals after just abandoning a bunch of slave children. 🤣
        Or the lamest chase scene ever where the resistance could easily have been boxed in and destroyed but they decided a ridiculous movie long chase scene was needed.
        I honestly didn’t like anything about it. That plot didn’t hold any water. Full of holes.

        1. Falco

          Well TLJ scored a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, Empire scored a 94%, so its 4 points away from being the best and typically RT scores have a wiggle room for subjective debate of quality within a reasonable 20 point margin.

          Also how is Blue milk indicative of bad quality? Rose did not release the animals, the slave boy did and they used them to get back to the ship, because they were on a mission and couldn’t free any of the slaves. Also if they boxed in the rebels, the Rebels would simply jump hyperspace and the Supremacy loses their ships that cannot hyperspace hence they can only track them with the supremacy.

          You didn’t like anything about it because you pathologically lie about it, thankfully professional film critics aren’t liars and gave it a 90% positive review.

        2. ven

          Well TLJ scored a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, Empire scored 94, and RT scores have a subjective wiggle room of about a reasonable 10-20 points.

          What does blue milk have to do with Quality? Rose didn’t free the animals, the slave child did and did so because they needed the animals to return to the ship, they didn’t have time to save the slaves and because the Resistance ship could hyperspace jump, having ships surround it wouldn’t have worked because those ships cant hyperspace track, only the Supremacy. Also most of what you said are things no film critic takes seriously.

          You didn’t like it because you lie about it, but You being an ignorant pathological liar isn’t TLJ’s fault, its YOUR fault and thankfully

      8. totti fan


      9. JD

        Doesn’t sound like you’ve even seen any of those films. TLJ is the worst SW film ever, even worse than The Phantom Menace!!

    5. cacogen

      His was certainly the best of those three films. Third was a real turd. Rian should have done all 3.

      1. MelaniasWAP

        This. He should’ve done all of them. The way Abrams set up TFA was so rote. Setting up Snoke as another emperor and Kylo Ren as yet another Vader was just tired and redundant. We’ve had that story already. There’s only so many ways that story can end. Why redo the OT with just different characters? In fact, if anything, Disney structured the whole thing wrong to me. Fin should have been the main protagonist for this trilogy, with Rey as the new pilot and Poe staying largely as he was. That would have been something new: A storm trooper turning his back on the evil he had once committed due to the call of the force and realizing that he can use it, manipulate it, etc. Imagine him realizing this, leaving the empire/ first order, finding the resistance, seeking Luke, getting Anakin’s saber, all that. That was the story worth telling. Kylo killing his would be master, becoming the ultimate evil even though he’s the son of the last generations heroes. The elements for greatness were there, but sorely mismanaged. I credit Johnson with trying to keep the franchise from running itself into redundancy, but some of these “fans” are pathetic and have the imagination of my dogs left nut. Also, for anyone complaining about the use of dropped bombs in space– the empire did the same when they were searching for the falcon when it his on that asteroid with the giant creature inside of it. They strafed the damn thing with the same kind of bombs. Not missiles!

        1. Kel

          Agreed 100%. I think if Rian had done all three, the trilogy would have been much better. People like to blame him for Luke’s arc. But it was TFA that set it up as Luke literally hiding away from the universe to grapple with what Han said he felt responsible for. And in any case, I thought Luke was much more interesting and human in TLJ than in any of his other appearances.

          It wasn’t without its flaws. The way the secondary story lines were incorporated did give the film an awkward pacing. But unlike the other two films, at least it was attempting to say something (heroes can come from nowhere). Johnson tried to make some fresh and bold changes, instead of reproducing rote storylines that we’ve already seen in SW. TFA was fun, but it was essentially a rehash of ANH. People complained that TFA was unoriginal, then complained TLJ was too subversive…

          TROS was truly awful. The random Sith antiques suddenly being important was more poorly thought out than Rowling throwing in the Deathly Hallows at the end. Palpatine being back “somehow”… Snoke was always a bad character, but instead of using Adam Driver who would be much more compelling as the main villain, they just got lazy and brought back the baddie of the original films. They introduced two new characters in the final act and did absolutely nothing with them, while completely sidelining a major character. The number of conveniences and “psych” moments of no consequence. Chewie died, then he didn’t. C-3PO had his memory wiped… never mind. They turned Poe into Han, and didn’t use the obvious move of having Finn infiltrate the FO and lead a mutiny. Instead of bringing back Palpatine, why not have Hux work with some of the Knights of Ren to supplant Kylo Ren? That would have been infinitely more interesting.

          And yes, it’s a bit silly to debate physics in a universe where the Force and lightsabers exist, and starships are flying at warp speed.

    6. Arlon

      Objects, regardless of size, have mass and a gravitational pull. Inside atmosphere, no object is large enough to overcome the planet’s. By “dropping” bombs from a smaller craft above a larger one, the gravitational pull of the larger craft will do the job. The only aspect of that sequence that was fundamentally flawed was how the female who pressed the bomb release wasn’t already dead from the lack of oxygen or differential pressure.

    7. Ryan

      Ok, let’s teach you about physics when it comes to the bombs. Inside the ship, it has gravity. When Rose’s sister activates the drop sequence they fall down a track gaining speed out into space. They now have momentum going down. Newton’s 1st law of motion is an object at rest will remain at rest until a force acts on it and an object in motion will remain so til a force acts on it. If there is nothing in space to act on the bombs which are currently in motion they will continue to until they come into contact with something…like the dreadnought. You can complain about things in every Star Wars movie but that one actually tracks scientifically.

      1. Kool

        What stupid comment. Even if the ship did have “gravity floors” or whatever, it’s neutralized once the doors that are right under them are open.
        BUT let’s say that the gravity WAS still fully in place, the bombs would stop accelerating as soon as they’re out of the ship, so they’d be moving at like 10 meters per second towards a ship that’s like several kilometers under them. Plenty of time for the ship to move, or blast then out of the sky.
        So how’s that for physics and common sense.

        1. Tossboy

          Just out of curiosity, how exactly, is the momentum of the bombs neutralized when the bay doors are opened? Space has zero wind resistance, in fact it offers zero resistance at all.. so opening the doors would do nothing to the momentum of the bombs.. in fact, unless the bombs are sitting in a chamber that has equal pressure to the exterior space, opening the bay doors should actually SUCK the bombs, and anything else not screwed down, out into the vacuum of space.. and straight down onto whatever happens to be passing underneath… like that massive first order dreadnought..

          1. Kool

            I never said the momentum was neutralized, I said the *acceleration* would be neutralized, so they wouldn’t be able to accelerate anymore after leaving the ship.
            I don’t recall the scene exactly, but I don’t recall any depressuring? Tico’s sister seemed fine despite the lack of oxygen? I dunno.

        2. Brian Scott Warren

          There is plenty of gravity in space that close to a planet. We’re used to seeing gravity neutralized because we’re used to seeing spacecraft *in orbit*. We don’t know for sure if these spacecraft are in orbit or not, but since they zip around the galaxy, I’m going to assume they are choosing their own trajectories irrespective of the planet’s gravity well. But the behavior of the bombs exiting the B-Wings would necessarily (since they’re explosive and because need to be aimed in a predictable) be controlled by a finer mechanism than the willy-nilly movement of loose objects sitting around inside an accelerating spacecraft, so I think any consideration of the extremely weak force of gravity is negligible. Certainly the gravitational force of a 7.7km long dreadnought would be essentially zero, and I think you’re going to want your bombs to be guided better than WWI technology, i.e. dumbly accelerating within the planet’s gravitational field.

          1. Rajz

            Finally, someone who understands Physics!

            The visualisation of those bombs really annoyed me, because it wasnt for the purpose of narrative or storytelling it was just, poor, lazy writing…

        3. Rysn

          They didn’t do that in empire Strikes Back

          Checkmate, fool

      2. SW Dad

        I’m don’t really care whether people liked The Last Jedi or not, but the sheer amount of toxic fandom that sprang from it is gross. People are still whining about TLJ when the Rise of Skywalker is exactly what happens when you give toxic fans what they want. And Rise of Skywalker was absolutely awful.

        1. Joe

          ROS did not give in to toxic fans desires. There was no saving this story when the second act arc was set up for failure. All 3 of the Disney movies sucked. The prequels sucked too, but it at least had a story you could follow from point A to point B. Nothing beats OG Star Wars though, and that’s just the way it is

        2. Hoo

          Eh “toxic” fans also did not want TROS? It was Jar Jar Abrams idea to do stupid retcon?

    8. obidawsn

      Dropping bombs was such the worst idea. That idea, alone, just made the worst Star Wars movie. I have no idea why they would create those tie bombers to drop bombs in ESB. Just ruined that movie for me.

    9. They’ve explained how they “drop” bombs since empire. It’s not new or uncommon.

      Truly that’s how you can break down the last three movies as well. Not new, not uncommon.
      The last 3 are just a shiny copy of the three that came before it

    10. Goose

      Last Jedi ruined Star Wars for me. I was so disappointed in the direction of the franchise that I didn’t even bother to see Rise of Skywalker in the theaters. Disney should thank the heavens for Mandalorian. That show made me a fan all over again.

      1. Kevin

        except the Mandalorian only exists because of the world The Last Jedi and Rogue One opened up – one where everyone was affected by the war and the Empire differently and the Jedi were not the main characters.

        1. Darth

          This is inaccurate. The entire Star Wars EU is full of non-Jedi characters – we didn’t need TLJ to obtain this concept.

    11. Kevin

      History will thankfully see it much difference as it did with Empire. The plot actually had individual character growth arcs and expanded the universe to show the complexities of morality and politics and just how small the rebels are. It made it feel like a real world with actual consequences and cultures (outside of costumes and funny language) . Nothing defied any true fans’ understanding of the force or “broke” star wars physics – if you actually bother to look into it – and we finally saw a movie that cared about the audience. There was no lengthy exposition for no reason, and it treated us to imagine a universe where anyone could be forced sensitive and have a place in this story. Such a beautiful message that should speak to any adult or child that always wanted to dream of being in this world. It brings back the original view of Luke on Tattooine looking up and seeing the flashes in the sky and dreaming of bigger things. It seems like bringing realism into the Star Wars realm has helped the franchise open up to all of the TV spinoffs without compromising what makes it Star Wars at heart. There is room for bubblegum Saturday cartoon versions of Star Wars like Rise of Skywalker as well, but it might have made a better comic series than actual movie given the discontinuity of characters from one scene to the next, inconsequential deaths, sudden and multiple set changes to chase the McGuffin, and focus on showcase rather than character or plot. Comic books get away with it because of the serial nature of them – green lanterns giant green ring fist or hulk holding up a mountain only works in that medium. Power creep is also not an issue with comics so having a thousand flying star destroyers or a laser beam that can split (?) and travel to destroy several planets in a star system is so much easier to swallow. In the end, the more fans of star wars that get to tell their stories, the more we get to enjoy their interpretation of the world that we all love. Just look at Alan Dean Foster’s book about Luke and force crystals… I wasted so much time being upset about it years ago but even it has a place in the big scheme of things.

      1. Tifosi35216

        Damn, I love nerd sites. These dorks arguing about fantasy is awesome

        1. KevinBryan

          lol. at least I’m arguing about the merits of the movie based on the story and cinematic experience… instead of space physics… you would think some of these people had been there.

          1. Kel

            I truly find it amusing people are nitpicking at the physics of… Star Wars. And don’t get me wrong. I’m an engineer and become unavoidably exasperated when I see gas tanks exploding because someone shot one with a bullet.

            But there are so many things that aren’t physically possible or practical (hello, lightsabers?), it seems more than a little ridiculous to debate the laws of physics in a fantasy world that clearly isn’t meant to be realistic.

      2. Jon

        Attempt at honest discussion here. Outside of the Star Wars context, I think Last Jedi is still an awful movie. Curious to see hear counter arguments. Reasons Last Jedi is objectively bad:

        1) Inconsistent tone. Is it right to sacrifice yourself for the greater good or not? In the opening, we see Rose’s sister dramatically and heroically sacrifice herself as part of a mission led by Poe. When he gets back to the ship, Leila criticizes Poe for making the sacrifice. Later, Admiral Holdo heroically sacrifices herself to save the rebels. Soon after, Finn tries to sacrifice himself to save the rebels, but is stopped by Rose who sacrifices herself to teach Finn that sacrificing yourself is wrong… Then Luke shows up and sacrifices himself to save everyone…

        2) Poor character development. This is a following to the inconsistent tone. What are the characters developing towards when the movie itself is so confused about what’s right vs. wrong? Specifically, Rose develops in a poor direction. We start with Rose by finding out that her sister sacrificed herself, and Rose develops to the point where she sacrifices herself to stop Finn from sacrificing himself… So has Rose learned that sacrifice is good or bad? She also develops into forcefully kissing Finn despite the fact that Finn doesn’t want it… did that moment not make you cringe? Why am I happy to see Rose develop into a confused small-time sexual assaulter?

        3) Casino planet. This planet was virtually the same as Earth, and this entire section of the movie was unnecessary. If you are going to make a film in the Sci-Fi genre, you should apply some imagination when creating an alien world. This whole section of the movie was just boring to watch. The setting, the characters, the plot (parking ticket) were copies of common things I’ve seen many times before.

        The movie ends with the 15-20 remaining members of the rebellion on board the Millennium Falcon. They are smiling, hugging, shaking hands, and enthusiastically talking to each other. Personally, this tone horribly contrasts with my understanding of what happened during the movie. The movie should have ended similar to Empire Strikes Back. The heroes just lost a fight to the bad guys, and now their backs are against the wall as they look off into the depths of space, wondering how they could possibly overcome the odds against them, but determined to try.

        1. Mace Dindu

          1) Poe didn’t make a worthy sacrifice, he did it to be a hot shot. That’s literally the characterization: Does something for glory and for “winning”, later learns to instead lead for long-term success. As the leader, he caused casualties that put more long-term harm on the mission: which is to survive. Everything else you mentioned is about characters sacrificing yourself, when the chips are down, so that others may continue on LONG-TERM. The message of the film is about doing what you can to ensure that the resistance continues on, long after you act. It’s so consistent. It’s good thematic writing. It’s kinda telling that you don’t grasp what an important theme *honest* sacrifice is and you think it’s all the same.

          2) This is not “objective”, it’s just your opinion. This movie is unambiguously laying out character development for Luke, Rey and Kylo and UNAMBIGUOUSLY intertwining those character developments together. Rey goes from questioning her identity to finding power in being normal. Kylo goes from questioning the dark side to relishing in his throne. Luke goes from questioning the Jedi ways to finding a fresh way to preserve the resistance. You not liking those developments has no bearing on the fact that the writing made them super robust. Those are character arcs. And they don’t exist many other places in the Star Wars universe. Especially the stuff since TLJ came out.

          3) Tells hollywood professionals they should “apply some imagination” when creating a literal world for audience members to escape into, existing inside of a 40-year mythology that’s created from imagination and creative application. What? More points that are opinion masquerading as knowledge. Just say you don’t know how to create things.

          Again, you start out talking about objective intentions that the movie had, but you just drift into the things you didn’t like. “boring” “cringe” This is you not understanding screenwriting, it’s just having an opinion that you didn’t like the film. You can’t masquerade this dislike as any kind of objective understanding of what the film’s intentions are.

    12. Tisme

      Last Jedi was the last straw; Rain totally bombed and ruined Star Wars main story arc. Arrgh!

    13. James Morris

      Now 8f they could keep Kathleen Kennedy off the movies maybe they wouldn’t things would improve drastically.

    14. My dad’s name is Bruce, and he might not have said or spoken it quite like this!) The only ones that we’ve seen together have been the prequels and the force awakens, and there is true greatness and always something positive that I can always be said when storytelling and the spirit of the message always shines through!)

    15. Thorn daCosta

      Too right. An unmitigated disaster of a Johnson waving for attention cos he had no clue.

    16. Thorn daCosta

      Too right. An unmitigated disaster of a Johnson waving for attention cos he had no clue. Think I’d say this twice, confused computer.

    17. davdi

      The slowest space battle in the history of mankind… now that’s funny.

    18. Grumples

      Perhaps they were lunches from the bomber and then magnetized near the target…

    19. Ryan

      It didn’t though. George would have killed off Luke and he would have had him a curmudgeon cut off too.

      Rian’s film is the only one with a semblance to Lucas’ ideas anyway.

    20. Ryan


      Empire Strikes Back literally had gravity bombs in space so you can gtfo 😂

    21. David Lan

      It was my least favorite as well. It was like they wanted to show that everything fans loved about the previous movies was wrong and they could do better but failed. It was so bad most of my family wasn’t even going to see the last Skywalker in theaters.

    22. Gerg

      From the new trilogy, the last jedi was the best, I have enjoyed every minute of it, and watched several times!

      1. Joe

        After TLJ, Disney has been scrambling to fix Rian’s mess. Doesn’t that tell you anything?

        1. Anon

          The Last Jedi was Rian Johnson attempting to fix JJ Abrams’ mess. He didn’t lay out any plan for the secrets he built up in the first movie. Rian Johnson did what he thought made sense.

          There would have been no mess to clean up if JJ Abrams actually had a plan. Though, personally, I liked The Last Jedi.

    23. Baird

      Actually there is gravity in space. We are in the gravitational field of our sun. The moon is in the earth’s. Our solar system is in the milky ways. The gravity doesn’t have an actual border. It just loses his force the more range it has on an object.

    24. Francesco Dondi

      So they scrapped it because it didn’t fit with what is working, not because they realized on their own that it was objectively terrible. They still have no clue how to do their job unless they’re taken by the nose where they need to go.

    25. Raddus

      Ok yeah the movie was a rough one and not very good. But just a side note: there is no sound in space, or the ability to fly light speed, or for that matter stop going light speed in a matter of seconds (it would take an enormous amount of gravity to decelerate from that fast of speed), light sabers don’t exist, flying from planet to planet would age everyone very differently (cough*Interstellar), the Force isn’t real, ships don’t produce gravity, blasters, various aliens from different planets speaking the same language, talking slugs, pod racing, the list is endless.

      People! It’s a galaxy far far away with obviously different “space” science and physics. None of the Star Wars movies follow real science! It’s all for fun, just like any sci-fi. Transformers. Planet of the apes. Star Trek. Dune. Avatar, aka space Pocahontas. It’s a movie and you either like it or you don’t. Just an FYI.

  2. Jeronimo

    Let us praise this, brothers and sisters!

    1. Caesar

      The biggest problem I had with TLJ besides the bad treatment of Luke were the constant sitcom style jokes scattered throughout the film. They were bad and were dropped in the wrong places. TLJ is the only SW movie that I can not watch all the way through. I certainly hope that Rian never comes near SW ever again.

  3. Shane

    Damn that sucks, The Last Jedi was arguably one of the best Star Wars films.

    1. Joe

      After TLJ, Disney has been scrambling to fix Rian’s mess. Doesn’t that tell you anything?

  4. Ernesto Catalan

    All of the sudden, the prequels become the holy grail of the Star Wars saga??? Gimme a break! The last Jedi is still head and shoulders above ANY of the prequels. Period!

    1. Ray Ruiz

      Don’t know what movie you we’re looking at and all the plot holes it had . Forcing JJ Abrams to try to clean up all the mess he left in the rise of Skywalker. There’s no way the last Jedi was better than the prequels and yes it was worse than episode 1

      1. Brophy

        JJ Abrams shouldn’t had had to clean up anything!!

        Rian Johnson was suppposed to make the third and final film too!

        But Kathleen Kennedy got scared because she’s a coward, and Toxic American male Star wars “fans” threw their toys out of the pram and sent death threats because their childhood movie franchise dared to take risks and socially and culturally move forwards with intelligent writing.

        TLJ is clearly a divisive movie, but because of how utterly Toxic the american fans are, a creator wasn’t able to finish his work.

        I mourn for the loss of Rian Johnsons Episode IX, I was genuinely excited for Broom Boy and how his story would unfold, for the first time in a very long time i was excited for the next star wars film, and two years we waited and got that Dreck of a movie ROS.

        Disney got scared, Kathleen Kennedy made a decision out of fear and they’re heading down the same route now as DC –

        Only TV series can save them both now.

        1. obidawsn

          Actually Colin Treverrow was going to make Episode IX due to his success with Jurassic World, but after his next movie bombed critically, he was let go. We have no idea how his movie would have been. Some of the first leaks sounded terrible, but some of the stuff that came out of the concept art leaked sounded interesting. It probably would have been a mixed bag. I really enjoyed Johnson’s ideas and wish he had the chance to flesh out his ideas. That was the problem with the sequels was that there wasn’t consistency. I believe either him or Abrams would have made a good trilogy. But because they kept switching who was making the films, there wasn’t consistency. TFA was good, in it’s own rights. But studio meddling left it having to be too close to the originals. They sort of went the opposite direction in VIII (although it really is a ESB clone). RoS would have been great had Abrams had the middle movie to flesh out his ideas first. But since he had to force his ideas into one movie and throw out TLJ (which not only made for a mess, but negated any of the good that TLJ did.

        2. Randy

          “Intelligent writing”? The plot was dreadful. Throwing a curveball into the story for the sake of throwing a curveball into the story isn’t intelligent, it’s lazy.

        3. Mike

          I don’t understand the excitement for Broom Boy and his story… he’s a totally random person in the Star Wars universe… has nothing to do with the Star Wars saga. What are you excited about?

          It’s cool with me if you like Rian Johnson and want to see him make random movies set in the Star Wars universe. But why would a movie about Broom Boy be satisfying as the 9th film in a saga about other characters?

          What am I missing? If you are writing a 9-part saga, don’t make the first 7 parts focus on a group of related characters and then kill them off in the 8th part and make the finale about brand new characters…

        4. Caesar

          You call those cheesy, sitcom style jokes intelligent writing?

  5. Aaron

    If this is true- and it probably is- it’s a flat out shame that Rian Johnson, will not get the opportunity to tell his own original story set within the Star Wars universe. The internet folks can cry and moan all they want about TLJ, but it is all a much more accomplished and unique film than the two Abrams flicks. Rise of Skywalker is not only the worst Star Wars film, it may actually be one of the worst Hollywood movies of all time. But in this day and age, I guess crying from neckbeards is more than enough to get a series of films cancelled.

  6. Darth Analysis

    The themes of The Last Jedi’s plot may have been interesting (“Kill the past” and “Failure is the best teacher”), however it’s execution was muddled by poor pacing, inappropriately timed humor, massive plot-trajectory tangents and (for being a Star Wars movie) a strange disregard for what came before it.

    The disregard extended not only to established elements of the earlier trilogies, but to the very movie that preceded it. Major plot elements of The Force Awakens were either suddenly contradicted or fell to the wayside without any explanation. This happened as a direct result of not coordinating the entire trilogy arc.

    The humor was also out of place. Although some “gags” were admittedly funny, the style of the gags seemed a better fit for current superhero movies.

    The logic of the pacing, though, is the killer. Lots of unrelated action (the casino) is happening far away from the central plots. The secondary plot (the chase) is saddled with contrivances just so it happens at a speed so that the main plot (Rey & Luke) can catch up. When the main plot is ready to catch up, the lead character (Rey) literally hops a spaceship that simply deposits her at the central plot so things can happen. The unrelated action virtually does the same thing so, it too, can appear at the main plot when called upon. All of this back and forth flies in the face of the above contrivances, which are already barely holding the plot together. It starts to look like sloppy writing.

    Gravity bombs aren’t the problem with this movie. Luke being depressed wasn’t the problem. Rose’s casting wasn’t the problem. Rey’s origin wasn’t the problem. People point to those as problems because they are trying to make sense of poor story telling that had a lot of senselessness.

    Oh yeah, and broom boy, whatever THAT was about.

    1. Jb

      I 100% agree it was storytelling. People forget how hard it is to make a good story. I’d George Lucas made his original Star Wars without his wife’s help he would’ve had Luke and Han save Leia without Obi-Wan’s death, which would’ve ruined the whole story if audiences couldn’t believe after that the might of the Empire was truly strong against the heroes.

      And yet there would be people still defending it because of its bells and whistles even though they would’ve never known how much of a better story it could’ve been.

  7. Andrew Leeke

    I don’t mind the stupid bombs, or Luke’s attitude, and those complaining about social justice elements need to just accept they might not be nice people.

    But what I do hate about last Jedi is its plot that ignores all that came before it. It’s like he set out to make a film almost impossible to follow up, knowing full well that someone would have to. He literally tries to end a story that had only just begun. That’s why Rise got such a mixed reception, because it has the baggage of Last Jedi.

    Although the trip to space Monaco really annoys me. Utterly useless to the plot, and it doesn’t suit the film at all. Even the concept of freely coming and going from a convoy when your plot is about being unable to escape should have been enough to raise some narrative red flags. It just undermines itself at every turn.

    It only makes sense as a film if you’ve never seen a star wars movie before.

    1. Darth Analysis

      This is the best comment on the page.

    2. Anon

      You’re pretty much right on all fronts. Though I’m not sure all of this is Johnson’s fault, since JJ Abrams didn’t lay out ANY gameplan for the second and third movies. Johnson had nothing to work with.

  8. Caesar

    The biggest problem I had with TLJ besides the bad treatment of Luke were the constant sitcom style jokes scattered throughout the film. They were bad and were dropped in the wrong places. TLJ is the only SW movie that I can not watch all the way through. I certainly hope that Rian never comes near SW ever again.

  9. Cj

    The Mandalorian is everything I wanted as a STAR WARS prequel / sequel (along with Rogue One and SOLO)….. and the sooner I forget VII VIII IX ever existed? the better!

    We will never have the end of the Skywalker Saga fans deserved (especially with Carrie Fisher gone!) …. but fans (like me) can move on with better STAR WARS Content (and hopefully this will change what’s in Star Wars Land!)

  10. tAb

    I think Rian’s got what it takes to make a good Star Wars thing… as long as he stays in his lane. Just directs, doesn’t write. Johnson, like other directors of his generation lately, has gotten too smug. His first 2 movies Brick and Brothers Bloom were great. but by the time he made Looper he had just lost touch with whatever it was he could make interesting. but…2 of his Breaking Bad episodes were awesome and inventive. The trick was: he didn’t write them.

    Giving Rian Johnson a Mandalorian episode to direct but not write, that would be a great stepping stone to put him in an appropriate light. Remember, the main trilogy with Kathleen Kennedy overseeing it is the one that’s trying to feel like the MCU and have bathos humor. Bathos is that “anticlimax” sort of humor that leads to Luke Skywalker tossing the lightsaber over his shoulder, tickling Rey’s face as a prank, making Hux squeal midsentence when being thrown by Snoke, or having all 3 of the “new heroes” look up at the Storm Troopers and go “they FLY now? ….they fly now”.

    I would have blamed Rian Johnson for this, except there are examples of that in the other 2 movies as well. whereas the comedy in Mandalorian is a lot more subtle yet enjoyable. It doesn’t bring the movie to a stand still, or try to prove that it’s “defying expectations” and winking at the camera about cliches.
    so a Rian Johnson episode, under Favreau’s reign as showrunner, would be a good way to use what talents he DOES still have, if any. because I saw Knives Out, and I used to be a huge Rian Johnson fan, and it was trash. People only cared about it because it was a Star Wars director.

  11. Buk lau

    Good. Never ever take on some random amateur director to do a movie on a franchise like star wars! He can’t even get his own name right..

  12. “Divisive” is such a pinhead word, as if art is about pleasing everybody in the room. TLJ was way more original than TFA and way better than ROS. Recognizing he’d just be copying ESB – the way TFA copied ANH and ROS copied ROTJ – Johnson looked for ways he could surprise us. Some of those surprises were genuinely interesting. Others went further than the audience wanted to go.

    If TLJ was positioned to be ESB in disguise, Johnson had to have the Empire storm a rebel case. In ESB, it was at the beginning, in white snow. In TLJ, it was at the end, in white sand.

    ESB explored the love story between Han and Leia, but with Han now dead, TLJ explored the attraction between Rey and Kylo-Ren. Good girls liking bad boys is nothing new but when your bad-boy attraction is a mass murderer, you’re in Ted Bundy Land.

    In ESB, Luke confronts Vader. The counterpart to that would be Rey confronting either Kylo-Ren or Snoke. Since she already confronted Kylo-Ren in TFA, she’s confronting Snoke, the way Luke confronted Palpatine in ROTJ. It’s not a party till Kylo-Ren flips and kills Snoke for her and they both kill every red guy in the room, only to split up because he’s got movies to shoot in LA and she’s got a show on Broadway. As for Luke, he confronts Kylo-Ren but virtually, which leaves a person going, “Ha! – what a minute, Whuh?”

    The biggest reveal of ESB was Vader telling Luke, “I am your father.” For TLJ to have done that, Kylo-Ren would have had to reveal the two were siblings (reminiscent of that Luke/Leia incestuous kiss in ESB) or for Rey to be somehow related to Snoke (yuck) or Luke (as many hoped, which would not be a shock so much as a problem, what with Luke becoming a deadbeat dad). Johnson went for, “Your parents were nobody,” which shoots past shocking and takes us to crushing.

    As it is, Star Wars couldn’t sit with that one, so it updated the big reveal in ROS, when Rey became the granddaughter of Palpatine, a character who would have had grandkids, if he’d had any kids, way back in the Prequels. Even Johnson didn’t go that far. That Jeffery Epstein Land. I guess the dude really was evil.

    The bomb dropping really is moronic, given the physics known to any third-grader, but so is the roar of rockets in a vacuum. Bowling ball bombs on a rack do seem a little stupid, even in an era of smart bombs and missiles, but since Star Wars has always been a series of old icons updated obviously (like Han Solo wearing a cowboy vest), the point of that scene was that people died. Poe’s successful take-down of an intergalactic cruiser might have been a victory in his eyes, but as soon-to-be-frozen-madonna Leia, it’s a war of attrition the rebels can’t win.

    And that leads us to Johnson’s decision to go broke for yoke. My, my, did TLJ give us any guys who didn’t suck? Is there any subtlety to Star Wars? Yes, Star Wars ran 6 male-dominated flicks by us, without so much as a blink, but did we have to do all our catch-up in one film? Poe is a worthless, impulsive male who commits mutiny, mansplains and gets zapped (and sent to his room) because he doesn’t know the bigger plan, which is shared by the women, who are running the HMS Estrogen.

    ESB was, in fact, one long chase sequence, with Lucas questioning the cock-surety of Solo – whose ship is choking and who ends up in custody as a Popsicle. TLJ is another long chase sequence, with Kathleen Kennedy deciding that, yeah, testosterone sucks and the answer is to have the boys kept under control by a Wall of Woke Women. As the saying goes, if you want to send a message, try Western Union. The only man, in this film, who’s worth anything is Luke, who decides – as Holdo does – that the best defense is an unexpected sacrifice. He does it by PS5ing himself to death. She does it by turning the ship into a missile which is, itself, a counter-rape to go with the image of two hours of chase as a metaphor for sexual assault on an Indian bus. Kinky but surprising.

    No wonder TLJ was so “divisive.” It reflects a creative, fueled by the boredom of imitation, turning Star Wars into a Rubik’s cube, but instead of solving the puzzle, his job was to hand Abrams a cube as motley as the ones I keep tossing back into the toy box.

    Little did he know Abrams would simply ROTJ this thing and call it a night. As “divisive” as TLJ may have been, it was also a relief that at least one of these Sequels would throw us a surprise or two. Next to TLJ, ROS was a snore.

    1. Mobot

      “Your parents were nobody,” which shoots past shocking and takes us to crushing.”
      Utterly disappointing and anti-climactic. Crushing to the heart, yes. But hey, it subverted my expectations XD

      “Poe is a worthless, impulsive male who commits mutiny”
      Because Holdo is a non-communicative, condescending, asshole who apparently has no plan and is letting their ships be slowly taken out.
      WHAT was the point of keeping the plan a secret? Ultimately it failed anyway because the FO followed them onto the planet anyway. And the whole Space Vegas side-quest was ultimately pointless too. So I see it as Poe being the patriot who gives Holdo a chance to execute a plan, but ultimately has to take command for lack of direction in a crisis.

  13. EricJ

    I put this in the same category as Sony taking THREE YEARS to admit in public that Dean Devlin was not going to turn his 90’s “Godzilla” into a trilogy as planned:

    The question isn’t “Why not?”, it’s “What took them so darn long to admit it?”

  14. Cane

    Its because star wars fandom sucks the big one. They refuse to give last jedi a chance. They are losers. They are the scum of the galaxy. They are drudges and nerf herders. I hope they find the stories they like in my little pony and netflix anime adaptations.

  15. Rick

    Without trolling him too much which anyone could there is a simple reason.

    Johnson never understood the mythos or ethos of Starwars! It was a franchise to challenge for him. When you look a Feloni and Favreau you see people who get it. Understand why people love Starwars. The little details that matter so much.
    Disney have realised this.

  16. Ronald

    Rian Johnson is a joke, after what he did to Star Wars I won’t ever watch another film he makes. Lack of imagination, he wrote a worst star wars series than what I came up with as a kid. Just glad they listened to the fans and scrapped him. Thankfully Waititi and Favreau had other ideas.

  17. Everyman

    Never imagined a Star Wars movie could be worse than Ep1, but boy did Rihanna Johnson prove me wrong. The best part was when the credits rolled.

    1. Anonymous

      Grow up, you can’t even make an intelligent comment or insult

      1. Arano

        Why bother making an intelligent comment when those like your self who think the movie was a good story wouldn’t grasp it anyway?

    2. Rian Johnson

      This comment is spot on

      1. Han Solo

        It’s true…all of it.

  18. Andrae Brown

    Im not a die hard fan of Star Wars but i have always liked them but i can say the cartoon star wars Clone Wars and Rebels and the tv show Mandalorian is much better then the last three Star Wars movies. I wish they would make them disappear.

  19. Lee Buttrill

    Yeah!!! The Last Jedi was just so awful. Hearing that they teamed him up with the failures that are the show runners for GoT seemed like a killing blow to the franchise. Good to hear they are listening to the fans

  20. Leoluca Randisi

    I loved TLJ it was the best star wars movies since Empire! This is unfortunate.

  21. John M Phipps

    Up until Last Jedi, George Lucas was the worst thing to happen to Star Wars. If there was a decision that could be made wrong, George could do it. It started with the reworked original trilogy, then it happened during the prequels, then he sells out. Then, Rian Johnson comes along and seemingly erases all the bad George did from our memories.

    1. Ryan

      8 is one of the best in the series, sorry if you didn’t get it. Also whoever here said gravity doesn’t exist in space, think about that for a moment.

  22. Jeremy

    So… You have problems with dropping bombs in no gravity, but in the last movie, the quicksand sucking them down and dropping them in a cavern under the sand (that the sand miraculously doesn’t fall into for some reason) is okay? That last movie had something every 5 minutes that made no logical sense in it. Ha!

  23. Marneus Augustus Calgar

    For me, the Last Jedi was just the worst of them all. First of all, small bombs destroying a Dreadnaught is just ridiculous. Then Luke, who devoted himself to the Jedi Code, just throws the lightsaber like that, then Snoke just dies like this for absolute no reason, then of course, the arrival of Mary Poppins in the form of Leia, who had few training in the Force… There are many things that makes this movie good,but overall, it was just bad

  24. Robert Lyle

    Goodbye Rian, don’t let the force hit your butt on the way out. And don’t you EVER think to try to return to the Star Wars universe. We will be ready for you if it ever crosses your thick head again. You HOPED half of us would hate your movie and you weren’t wrong about that. Enjoy what you have created.

    1. Jarod

      It’s tragic because The Last Jedi was not only the best Star Wars property since Empire but it shows that Disney is too banal to ever try to play with the lore like Rain Johnson.

  25. Brother

    Thank God he won’t be touching another one. Hopefully we can get some good film’s now. No one wants to watch a star wars film full of social justice cr*p, Disney doubled down on it thinking that’s what would sell only to have it backfire on them, and if you think Disney really care about social justice, why did they turn a blind eye to everything China’s done / doing when they were making Mulan.

  26. Rian Johnson is trash I wouldn’t go see a Star Wars Trilogy he Dre Ted if you paid me to. I don’t even care that he directed the biggest piece if trash movie ever, but when Star Wars fans tried to tell him why they were so ioset he basically told them to get iver it. So Rian (POS) Johnson get over getting your sorry ass canned from the Star Wars universe.

  27. Joe

    They are gonna need to do a lot more than scrap Rian’s trilogy in order to get the bad taste of TLJ out of our mouths.
    They need to also scrap #8 and #9 then have Favreau and Filoni remake them.

  28. Abigail Mallett

    Shame, was the best movie of the trilogy. Actually did something new and different instead of retreading and rehashing the OT which is all the dudebros seem to want. Actually gave the characters meaningful arcs. But no…pew pew pew I guess

  29. Ryan

    I think it’s still on because Rian was on the set of Mando. His last update he said he’s not been told it’s scrapped.

    Plus it’s the best of the Disney era so

  30. Tron

    Rian Johnson has no idea how to write a logical film Sci fi film.

    Episode 8 spends the 1st half of the movie contradicting episode 7 and then proceeds to spend the 2nd half of the movie contradicting the first half of episode 8. It’s like a 7th grader wrote the script.

    There’s a scene where the character Finn has no idea about the 1st Order tracking tech on the fleets main ship. Literally in the same scene Finn magically went from having no idea about said tech from being fully aware of not only how it works, but knowing exactly where this tech was located including a full to scale model of the entire ship. Like what kind of professional can write this poorly.

  31. I don’t think That The Last Jedi was a bad film. Rain Johnson wouldn’t have been my choice to direct and really they should have made sure JJ Adams directed episode 8 as well as 7 and 9. would the story have been different. possibly as JJ had plans for Luke in episode 8 that differ from how Rain plan went for Luke.

  32. Crystal

    Please, Please Rian Johnson go away. I respect your other films but please stay far, far away from Star Wars!

  33. Filming Star Wars was my idea. The Star War was a 1963 novella, now lost (Hollywood bought out the family of the dead author and sucked up all the copies?). I invented Dark Invader, Darth Vader, O.B. Juan Kennoby, The Force, The Jedi, The Training, Midi-chlorians. Lucas contributed what, light sabers? I’ve been “consulted” for the last 9 or so Star Wars films, but unpaid. Had I been paid, I might have done a better job, sure, but the job I did do is better than anything else in history. Maybe I should be compensated for my work and given the opportunity to see proposed wrong-headed changes before they dumb things up and ruin everything I’ve built them for free.
    You see, I had an ulterior motive. I wanted America and the world to find the Jedi compelling, and to know that there is good in the world. Plus, it’s been fun, of course. However, letting my story wander off under the hands of people I don’t know, that’s another story. I may have to sue, and collapse Disney altogether.

  34. Jay

    JJ Abrams is it terrible director, if you’re a fan of lens flare, then he’s absolutely the director for you! Finn was simply a visual character. A white Stormtrooper taking off his mask to reveal a black man underneath. And that was pretty much the entire Arc of his character in force awakens. It was just a cool visual that JJ wanted to use. Force awakens was a disaster, it was boring… bringing in a third installment of the easily defeated Death Star. The movie had no originality and that is what JJ Abrams does best. If you have any questions watch Mission Impossible 3.
    Johnson put risk into Last Jedi. He fleshed-out the characters, giving Finn a great moment finding his place as a rebel.
    The Last Jedi set up many things 4 episode 9. JJ decided to just bring Palpatine back in the most disappointing way ever. We had just gotten away from the Sith master and Apprentice dynamic. Episode 9 could have went into new territory we had not seen in the Starwars Universe yet. But instead, we got Return of the Jedi through JJ Abrams ace.
    The broom Boy by the way, showed that the force was awakened in the galaxy. Without Jedi, the Force still exist. It was a really nice moment of hope.
    Now try not to get yourself bent out of shape simply because my points are valid 2 quite a few people. You can pass if you didn’t get the film you wanted. if you want to work hard and become a successful director then maybe Disney will ask you to direct the next Star Wars film & it will be perfect.

  35. Darth Analysis

    After reviewing every comment on this board, here’s the issue:

    Those fans who defend TLJ usually champion its ideas. Meanwhile, a large segment who disliked it aren’t arguing the ideas were all bad, but the execution/story-telling.

    It would be interesting to hear a fan of this movie actually defend the execution. Let’s start with a simple one right at the beginning: Luke throws away his lightsaber.

    It’s a sudden surprise that plays with our expectations. In fact, it’s easy to say that Luke’s reaction is interesting and raises questions of why would our beloved hero do this? So many directions the story can go now. See, the “idea” of the scene can be defended.

    But, can somebody who DID like the movie defend the WAY Luke threw away his lightsaber?

    With drama swelling, and a huge build-up, he quickly tosses it over his shoulder like Yosemite Sam with a stick of hot dynamite. The move is unnatural and associated with comedy. So, is the scene meant to be dramatic or funny, or both? If funny, was the joke THAT funny that it was worth screeching the drama to a halt?

    If it was meant to be dramatic, aren’t there other ways he could’ve disposed of it and still maintained the idea? He could have flung it to the side in disgust. Dropped it in front of him with apathy. Heck, hand it back to her like, “Who are you and I don’t want this.”

    Our brains are, story-wise, unsure. The moment is a shocker. But are we supposed to be laughing in shock? Or shocked by pathos? Luke’s face is serious, but his physical actions are associated with the ridiculous.

    If you defend this movie, why was the choice Rian picked for this scene, the BEST choice?

    Questions like this can done throughout the movie. But let’s start with this one. It’s one of the first big “defy expectations” moments.

  36. Funny Poopies

    Maybe this divorce will be better for everybody. Just saying.

  37. Moff Gideon

    Good. Rian Johnson put the Star Wars franchise in a huge hole. They are trying to wriggle out of the mess he created, but it’s going to take a lot of time. It’s telling that they are looking back instead of forward.
    I think the best choice is to fire Kennedy and let Favreau reboot the sequels with the new cast of actors that are playing the old guard (Luke, Leia, and Han).

  38. Rob

    The recent finale of the Mandalorian proves that the only thing Rian Johnson should direct are finger puppet shows for special needs children.

    1. Rajz

      The finale in the show where Luke says “without training theres nothing”….is a clear dig at the Last Jedi as well.

      The overall tone of the show was polar opposite to the Last Jedi and its getting all of Disneys backing, so makes sense they are done with TLJ.

      Guess what, in the Mandalorian youve got strong female leaders, a story that doesnt even involve the Jedi really, question marks on the rebels (which TLJ didnt even do everything is just black and white)….and guess what, it didnt suck and was loved by these so called far-right trolls…

      Being progressive doesnt mean something has to be lame, you can have both.

      Good on Disney and thank you Favreau!

      1. Carter

        “Is a clear dig at the Last Jedi” Yes, if you believe in total nonsense and wish fulfillment, you can interpret anything to mean anything you want it to be. The fact that Rey was good with her skills and the force was practically established by episode 7. And the fact is is that the films would rather focus on Rey’s psychological state than her physical capabilities to save precious time. No serious film critic or maker would ever care about her perceived lack of training because that aspect has nothing to do with her character psychology so its a waste of time, maybe if they had like 20 hours, they could show that, but stuff like that is totally irrelevant and not important to the plot. No one ever asks why John Wick is so powerful because its not relevant, hence why John Wick and TLJ score very high among film critics and why random youtubers pretend to be film critics

        “TLJ didn’t even do, everything is just black and white” Um no? Luke is now more morally grey, Rey has learned to be a bit more kind, Ren is the only one that sticks to mostly all darkness and thats because he cannot commit.

  39. Rajz

    I would give Kathleen a lot of credit for hiring Favreau and Filoni. The fact that she’s been able to undo the error of giving Rian Johnson creative freedom is very impressive as I really thought it was the death of a franchise.

    To make a mistake and undo it so well, is the sign of great leadership. So kudos.

    But look at what they are doing on the back of the Mandalorian, its honestly awesome.

  40. Christopher Beddoe

    Rian Johnson was a disaster for Star Wars. I’m just not a fan of his movies in general but man…
    It’s like he set out out to just destroy the franchise.

  41. Little Doggy

    God I hope so. The Last Jedi was awful. What RJ did to Luke Skywalker is unforgivable. Little broom boy reminds my of little Annie. RJ doesn’t have an original thought in his head. His ideas are rip-offs of other works.

  42. Somali Space Pirate

    Rian Johnson is a failure who destroyed one of the most beloved movie franchises ever. He created a 300 million dollar dumpster fire that fractured a fan base, lost disney a billion dollars, and set up the third film for failure. No surprise disney isn’t asking this clown to come back. It’s time to let directors/writers (favreau/filoni) who are competent and actually like star wars to make the films/shows.

  43. Rob Gibson

    I’m shocked that the guy who made the worst entry in the entire series and single handedly destroyed the sequel trilogy and the legacy of Luke Skywalker doesn’t get to make 3 more Star Wars movies.

    Said no one ever.

  44. Urasucker

    Reading the comments has been the biggest comedy session of the day. The sequel trilogy is objectively bad. Disney has exhausted the goodwill of the fans. The profits from The farce awakens to the rise of palpitine are halved . They can’t give away the merch. Galaxies edge is a ghost town. Disney has one choice get rid of woke identity politics or turn Star Wars into an unprofitable franchise.

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