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pinocchios daring journey


  1. Both the Snow White and Pinocchio attractions are probability not going to get gutted and re theme into Beauty and the Beast attraction and that is not going to happen because they are not only popular rides in Disneyland but they are very expensive to be re themed into something else. So they are going to be around for a long long time. Like Snow White’s Enchanted Wish Pinocchio is going to get projections and upgrades. Just to keep them fresh. Leave the classic/popular attractions alone.

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  2. mark

    this sounds like fun but relies to much on the shrinking element much like Ratatouille. And not nearly enough space. New technology upgrades are welcome.

    1. EricJ

      Yeah, no prize for guessing where Armchair Fan got the idea for “Jiminy’s Daring Journey”…
      Well, at least it wasn’t a roller coaster this time. 😉

      And whew, for a second, thought he was going to go overboard on that “Kids (puppets) in cages!” bit of fan-outrage looking for an encore after the Splash Mountain blowup.

  3. LouiB

    The article mentions opening day attractions, but this was added when Fantasyland was redone, so not an opening day attraction. These are all fun “C” ticket type ride and if they want to do touch up and minor changes like they are doing on Snow White that is always enjoyable.

  4. CrosswalkX

    Yes I agree Disneyland company needs to update Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride. They should update it so it no longer features Pinocchio in a cage which is unlikely. They should probably remove the creepy clowns since many people I know have coulrophobia. I personally think the creepy clowns are weird. They should at least remove the cages from the 2 donkey boys since it’s too upsetting for animal rights groups and they should probably stop showing cigar smoking ad sign since they’re trying to be anti-smoking company.

    Anyways, I’m hoping Pinocchio’s Daring Journey ride will be next for an update because apparently most Disneyland fans don’t want to see Pinocchio replaced. But I want the Pinocchio ride to remove the cages from Pinocchio and 2 donkey boys in the reimagined ride and make it more happy and family friendly.

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