Comments for ‘The Mandalorian’: Did R2-D2 Save Grogu from Order 66?

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  1. Bluesun

    Order 66 was for jedi. The is no explaining

  2. Azamoon

    Before Darth Vader killed her, the librarian, Jacosta Nu had a data crystal containing all of the children’s names who survived order 66, as well as, their locations. Darth Vader took the file and loaded it on to his belt. When he saw what it was, he destroyed and never told anyone. Not even the emperor. I’m pretty sure Grogu’s name would be in that file. My guess is either she saved him or R2D2 did or at least assisted her.

    1. Alex Lue

      Very interesting! Thank you for that!

  3. Brian

    This article is yet another example of how non Star Wars fans are destroying an amazing story. I cannot believe this actually even needs addressing, furthermore Jon Favreau is dead to me and many other actual fans. Thanks so much Jon for the garbage of the Mandalorian. You were our only hope. You should actually watch 1-6 and Rogue One again then ask yourselves, quietly, in your head, the same question again.
    And please stop posting thoughts out of “Lucasfilm” as if that carries any kind of weight anymore. Kathleen Kennedy is a big reason you’re in this position in the first place.

  4. Mara

    I love this theory! R2D2 always saves the day. I can totally see him scooping up Grogu and carrying him to safety.

    1. Alex Lue

      It would be totally awesome to see that!

  5. Pete

    I’m more interested in hearing about how Grogu came to be in the first place. I say he’s the “love child” between Yoda and Yaddle. After realizing what they did when Yaddle got pregnant, they just had the baby in secret, then claimed to find a new force sensitive child.

  6. Joe

    it’s a huge stretch to try and have artoo secretly saving grogu and then getting back into anakin’s ship and flying with him to mustafar. i will buy that grogu and artoo recognize each other though. artoo was around the temple for the entire 3 years of the clone wars.

  7. Alex Lue

    Yep, it’s a pretty far fetched fan theory. We’re just echoing it and seeing what others have to say. I can see where you’re coming from.

  8. Gmoney

    I think this is a solid theory…if you think about the time it would have taken to overrun the Jedi and kill them all… i’d say at least 2-3 hours. In this time frame R2 could have had enough time to sneak into the temple quietly and find Grogu and anyone else help escape….and then double back

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