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  1. No way I refused to let that happen!! #Savesplashmountain

  2. Save splash mountain

  3. Kate Fisher

    A restaurant is enough, and is what most PatF fans want anyway. Leave Splash Mountain alone!

  4. SplashFan

    Let me first preface my comment by saying that I am all for a brand new attraction and/or restaurant for Tiana. That being said, I am NOT for it coming at the expense of Splash Mountain. First of all, there is no “racism” in a ride that has ZERO depictions of humans. How can harmless, animatronic critters possibly be racist?? Second, I think it is utter BS that SOTS is criticized simply for depicting share croppers as continuing to work for their former masters…unfortunately that’s what happened during those times and that’s where the Black people worked after they were freed. It is BS to criticize a movie for depicting things as they were during that time, yet celebrate another movie (PATF) which does the EXACT same thing by depicting a black woman happily working for a WHITE family during the 1920’s during a time of segregation. How is it that PATF gets absolutely NO FLACK for this yet SOTS is made out to be evil?? This is total hypocrisy and a double standard to say the least. Thirdly, it is wrong to call PATF an “all-time favorite animated film” when the film wasn’t very successful when it came out 11 years ago, yet all of a sudden since the re-theme announcement it’s suddenly become so popular. Give Tiana the recognition she deserves by building her a brand NEW attraction and restaurant…but for gods sakes leave Splash Mountain alone!

    1. Robin hambidge

      i couldnt agree more

  5. I like Atlantis the Lost Empire more than Princess and the Frog! I don’t get why PatF is getting more represntation like this…the movie has a cult following but never a true Disney classic.

    Leave Splash Mountain alone and Tiana in the movie wants to make her own restaurant from scratch rather than taking someone’s!

  6. SplashMtnFan

    Tiana deserves a new attraction and restaurant. That being said, it does NOT need to come at the cost of Splash Mountain. First off, Splash Mountain has zero depictions of humans on the ride, only harmless animatronic animals. So how can it possibly be racist? Second of all, it is not fair that SOTS receives so much criticism when PATF literally does the same exact thing…depicting life for Blacks as it was during that time period. What is wrong with depicting things as they actually occurred? Share croppers DID in fact stay to work with their prior slave owners. That’s just how it was back then. Then you have PATF which is set during the 1920’s, during a time of segregation. The film depicts Tiana’s mother happily working as a seamstress for a white family. Again, that’s how the times were back then. So it is total hypocrisy and a double standard to criticize and ban SOTS for the same things that PATF depicts in the film. Thirdly, to say that PATF is an “all-time favorite animated film” is just complete exaggeration. The film was not nearly as successful when it was released 11 years ago in 2011, and it has only become this popular after the re-theme announcement. Meanwhile, Splash Mountain a ride which consistently has long wait times and is a very popular attraction is called “outdated”. This perception seems a bit off if you ask me. Give Tiana the brand new ride and restaurant she deserves..but for gods sake leave Splash Mountain alone!

  7. Gern Blanston


    1. DisneyGirl

      no ❤️

    2. Kate Fisher

      One of the most popular and beloved attractions of all time has to go?

      If you want an attraction that needs to go, let me point you to the Tomorrowland Speedway.

      1. Gern Blanston


    3. Robin hambidge

      go on give me a good reason why

      1. Gern Blanston


  8. David A

    Give Tiana her restaurant and a NEW attraction not a retheme of the most popular ride in Disney. Splash Mountain should stay as it is. There are tens of thousands of Disney fans who actually spend money in the parks and on Disney merchandise who will turn their backs on Disney if the retheme goes ahead. Over the years I have probably spent more on Disney than I paid for my house but that will end with a Splash Mountain retheme

  9. Sean Kennedy

    Sorry but Tiana and any ride doesn’t fit into the themed area. Will look out of place next to Big Thunder and Frontierland. If you want a restaurant, why not build it at Port Orleans French quarter. Perfect fit.

  10. Tiana themed anywhere in the parks would be Awesome! Splash mountain area needs revamping
    And is definitely stereotypes southern black people i think Tiana would be best in the french quarter with the restuarant under haunted house dedicated for her. Its a great fit. When she and her prince were looking for mama yodi

    1. SplashFan

      It’s not a stereotype…that’s how they talked during those times. It’s true to the time period and location. Learn some history.

      1. Gern Blanston


        Are you saying that slaves all enjoyed working for their masters? I don’t think that is correct.

        Maybe you should learn some history.

        1. SplashFan

          Where did I say that? I was saying they had no other means of work at the time. Why don’t you stop twisting words. Thanks.

        2. Robin hambidge

          i think you need to go on splash mountain and point out the racist bits
          when you come back with nothing you can stop running your mouth about things u have no idea about

        3. Robin hambidge

          u are 100 percent a white clueless moron who has no idea

    2. Robin hambidge

      you are so clueless

  11. robyn

    it would seem natural to perk up the restaurants at Port Orleans, with PaTF enhancements. I love Port Orleans French Quarter [Riverside is too big] but it is TIRED! WDW should also consider converting/refitting it to DVC.

  12. Erick Arevalo

    I think Splash Mountain could transformed into Western River Expedition and have Tiana’s Place restaurant in Tom Sawyer’s Island, and build a a bridge from Big Thunder Mountain to the new Princess and the Frog ride.

  13. ChadL

    Let’s not fool ourselves for one second here. Tiana is getting her own attraction because she’s black, not because her movie was necessarily memorable or worthy of it. Splash Mountain is being changed because it’s being seen as racist (or the progeny of such) to a vocal few.

    The majority of Disney-goers of all cultures love Splash Mountain JUST AS IT IS and find no racism in it WHAT SO EVER. But they are fearful of standing up against the mobs of the zeitgeist as –
    a) the mobs will scream at them instead of discussing it, or
    b) the mobs will ostracize/cast-out/cancel them, or
    c) the mobs will get them fired by bosses (including those within the ranks of Disney) who are similarly rattled by the mobs’ bullhorns or
    d) they have much better things to do than reassert the obvious to the deluded or
    e) it’s easier to smile at the the mobs’ new clothes, or
    f) they are too busy getting food to feed them, or
    g) they are too busy saving up to take them to a place where parents and children can have fun together.

    Only people with hatred in their hearts find racism in Splash Mountain and Song of the South. Those same hearts will find just as many tropes and stereotypes to rally against and cancel in the ho-hum lore of The Princess and the Frog. And ya’ll mind this now: this here story of Tiana and her frog prince was also – as Uncle Remus’ tales were a century before – curated and brought to the fore by brothers by another mother, sure as you’re born. If virtue signaling is Disney’s goal, it’s a paper tigger to many.

    Why must inclusion/diversity always loot the big boxes of Hollywood’s – and now Disney’s – accomplishments instead of building up it’s own? Even if fans think her film IS worthy of an experience, Tiana deserves to have her own attraction BUILT for her. Not stolen, torn-down or toppled.

    To replace such tried-and-true, culturally sound, sung-EVERYWHERE, brand-new-day, feel-great anthems as “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” and “How Do You Do?” with the lackluster, over-factoried snorers from one of Randy Newman’s lesser efforts is a travesty.

    And it’s absolutely tragical – GOOD GOD – to tear apart at the seams the perhaps greatest marriage of story with experience that ever came out of Imagineering. Loosening one bolt of a – literal – hot-summer’s-day, swimming-hole, spritzing plunge into a briar patch (to the delighted horror of those watching outside) is not progressing in ANY sense of the word. It only serves – and will remind us every time we take it henceforth – that there is no growth in the dreams and adventures that Walt’s great, big, beautiful tomorrow trumpeted we enjoy. It’s instead a deep, dark plunge down towards an ugly past. Into regression with no progression around the river bend.

    It would be far, far more intelligent/savvy/imaginatively-engineery for Tiana to rethink the Mark Twain’s voyage on the River’s of America into a giant dark ride of a jazzy journey down to New Orleans. Or a window shopping adventure around the streets of New Orleans and Frontierland hunting or being chased by Dr. Facilier ala Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Or any other of a multitude of other truly progressive cultural enhancements pulsing in the creative minds out there within and without the walls of Grand Central. And while we’re wiping the sleep out of our eyes SURELY, she’s worth more than just the capital of a retheming, no?

    And you know, in creating his art, (and later, indeed, sharing it with us on the very decks of that Mark Twain many a time), Louis Armstrong and his contemporaries did not tear down. They didn’t loot. They created their own art that spoke for itself which rhythms and sounds as an aural monument TO THIS DAY in every corner of that area of the park. Far better to follow their suit; perhaps even with an umbrella held aloft and a prance in your step ’til you can’t open your mouth without a song jump right out of it.

    For awhile on Tom Sawyer’s island we had an eagle’s nest with brightly white eggs frying-panned over a burning settler’s cabin. Such sympathy manifested! Making changes in the parks based on toxically-feminine reasonings is not always the least cheesy of experiences.

    The WRONG things are being addressed in this awareness and this desire to change things for the better. The amateurs of justice are misusing their power and influence as the information age continues to unfurl itself. The imagineers (and the management they answer to) can do much, much better for ALL our lives than these token, insulting, soul-deadening solutions.

    Celebrate. Don’t debilitate.
    Entertain. Don’t lecture.
    Sustain. Don’t coddle.
    Enhance. Don’t redact.
    Be the parent, not the child.

    Innovate, innovate, innovate.

    And be supercalifragilisticexpealidocious for it.


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