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primeval whirl

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  1. I liked the attraction, but my family did not. As a result, I only got to ride it once. Disney World can put in a giant swing ride like California Adventures Orange Stinger (they changed the name but it’s still a swing ride), or if they want something more thrilling they can put in something like Busch Gardens (williamsburg, VA) Mach Tower. It’s a seat-harness ride that brings you up to a high height and then drops you fast. Both ideas don’t take up much real estate.

    1. Nick

      It really wasn’t a great ride that look like an afterthought that they didn’t put much money into. I hope this is the last article we seen this topic.

  2. REE

    You would never have seen this 20 years ago. Disney was above the rest because this kind of thing was done at night so the mystery and magic of Disney could shine. This is what you expect to see at 6 Flags

  3. Larry

    6 Flags is exactly where these could be destined for. It wasn’t the greatest of rides, but far from being the worst. My guess is the entire dino are will eventually be turned into something new.

    1. Davis

      No dino is a very popular space the ride was old and unpopular as it made people sick. There is space there for a better dino attraction. From what i heard betty the yeti is on the way out.

  4. Ed

    What you talking bout willis? Getting rid of the yeti, the most popular ride there?

  5. Ed

    Loved space mountain when they had blacklights on. I hate that its totally dark now

  6. April England

    Primeval Whirl was pretty fun. But whole area needs reworking. They definately need to lose the horrible carnival game area. The tokens are way too pricey and most of the time there’s no one there., just dead wasted space. A great family friendly roller coaster would be the ticket, ala Slinky Dog Dash, but themed with dinosaurs…

  7. Thomas Nicolai-Vargas

    I really liked this ride and am sad to see it go. It was fun.

  8. Ken G

    It looks like dilapidated pickup trucks you see on the 5 freeway heading down to the Mexican boarder piled high with furniture and barely tied down!

    1. Lucy

      Why the Mexican border? Sounds a little racist to me

  9. Blaze

    I’m not gonna lie, Dino land looks like a whole area you would see in a carnival and I don’t think it fits with Disney at all besides the dinosaur ride.

  10. Chris

    Primeval whirl was one of my very first favorites and got me ready for the big coasters!!! I will miss it—-

  11. Missy

    I liked it, but it , but it got pretty rough with age. It was time to send it back into the prehistoric era.
    I would like to see a family coaster take it’s place. The height limit on Primeval Whirl was too high for many families to ride together, so really, it never was a family coaster.
    Wish they had taken it out at night. Too much of the Disney magic has been missing under the current and previous CEOs.

  12. JJH

    It was an “okay” ride, most likely it won’t be missed. The bigger issue is, that area of the park. Animal Kingdom, for what few rides they have are known for there immersion level. Carnival flat rides do not fit in with that. They could really use an overhaul of that area with a better theme. Indiana Jones is a popular IP that they could use. Currently South/Central America isn’t represented in the park, they can tweek the Indiana Jones Adventure (Since it uses the same layout and ride vehicles as Dinosaur) and give it an overlay of an Aztec or Incan temple and build a new storyline. Then have new animal exhibits based off the rainforests of Central and South America.

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