Comments for Pedro Pascal Talks ‘Hardest and Most Unique’ Experience Playing Din Djarin

pedro pascal din djarin

Credit: Lucasfilm/Entertainment Weekly


  1. Kelvington

    It’s odd he doesn’t go into detail about being asked to leave the set after a temper tantrum. And has been essentially fired from the series and will be only doing the voice in Series 3. But hey, getting to follow Sedaris around is cool.

    1. Rebel orange bird

      Bc that never happen tabloid reader and this was for EW btw i am suprised this site didnt post that being the fact they post more tabloid esque rumors than fact either ways… but pedro is a genuine person and very grateful for the job! It was poe whom got it for him… oscar has been his bestie his they were kids there nieghbors now theres nothing in the article about that is there its just a know fact! There also my neigbors i never met more humbled amazing people! Esp pedro!

      1. Rosie

        Celebrities are human and we all make mistakes! Life is not perfect! Just someone has to live it! But pedro does seem to enjoy life and is quite humbled and if i wasnt a married 70 yr old women…

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