Comments for Pedro Pascal’s Maskless Performance Proves Favreau & Filoni Got Casting Right

din djarin no mask pedro

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. Jay Wonder

    One of the main things of the show was that he was a person with a cause who never takes his mask off. The fact that he did this diminishes the show greatly.

    1. Kirk

      I couldn’t agree less. Character development is a core value that makes star wars great and it always has been.

    2. Rebel orange bird

      You know half the famous mandelorians are unmasked right.

      1. Mark

        So true rebel! Besides it really does not count in context it was so quick and you knew he was going to for the kid.

  2. Pedro Pascal what can I say?. He truly made Din Djarin his own… Nobody is going to take that character away from him. He looks older too.

  3. MandoAddict

    Pedro Pascal’s casting is spot on. He has made this character his own. Jon & Dave are much too smart to replace him, & ruin the magic they have created with Pedro. Fans LOVE Pedro in this role.

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