Comments for Orlando Hotels Auctioned Off as Pandemic Devastates Economy

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  1. Heather Trammell

    They need to allow those of us being evicted to move in! Those if us with income ect… Possibly work with local social services for those who don’t? Any money is better than no money!!

    I’d like to be interviewed on this topic and the topic of evictions right now especially in florida Orange county!!

    1. Al

      I like this idea, if they could offer reasonable monthly rates… our issue is the tax rate on hotels is high in Florida



  3. Rusko

    Lol… Oh the horror on the streets as soo many infected litter the way with their illness… Like I live here in central fl on kirkman… Been goin to parks all summer and fall. I traveled across 5he country twice and lived in Mexico for a month before coming to fl. That was april to mid June for traveling… Melt down period, comin from corona virus ground zero. ny. So why is no one concerned with the ever liking threat that is happening over everyone’s head? The masks you are all so worried about being over our nose or on is not for. Medical purposes.. this ‘deadly’ virus.. that’s allegedly stacking up bodies in trailers and hospitals are packed… Also has a recovery & survival rate of high 90s (97%). If it’s so serious why after waiting hrs for a line to have out temps taken and mask on everywhere.. making us breathe more.C02 the needed oxygen.. are we able to meandor thru stores and parks and everywhere just like normal. As long as the disassociating clothe of the populous is covering majority of our faces we pretty much go about normal life. There are jobs people! It’s just another way to make you believe that you can make.it with out being handed it. The gov is making everyone lose drive and become dependant of the government. They don’t have our best interests in mind. Trust that. Once they have total control over the sheeple..it’ll be too late. Where are the revolutions for life as we knew it, where are the ones who go against the grain for everyone and make waves to ride out of decay. I can’t breathe, damn right I can’t with this ******* mask on…. ! How funny is it that so many of us would get so bent outta shape if we saw a turban or hijab being worn now… Do you hear anything.?? Sharia law won people.. where the entertainment, movies, concerts, anything fun… Ooo yes the gathering of large masses if a major contributor to spreading the bacteria I mean virus.. except in walmart, or a water park where a wave pool of human soup is a main attraction, or the lack of discipline and lackadaisical efforts to keep people separated in lines from other areas is acceptable. Open your eyes and look around you. The world is becoming darker.. and not by race. It’s closing up and it’s dying. We aren’t that special but we can make. It a special place. This is one miracle speaking up and out to the rest of the miracles. You

  4. Tad

    With over 128,000 guest rooms (and that number doesn’t include condos, home rentals or timeshare resorts) in the greater metro Orlando area (Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties) even with closures and auctions it’s a pretty safe bet you can find a hotel that will meet your needs.

  5. Corey

    Heres to hoping the new owners of The Grand Resort at Celebration are a lot better than the current. Stayed there every trip a couple years back when it was still a Radisson, but after they changed, things went crazy downhill.

    1. Mitchell

      Different hotel.

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