When Will Disneyland Resort Dining Come Back?

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Disneyland Resort Dining

It’s been a few weeks since Buena Vista Street had its grand reopening at the Disneyland Resort. The recent reopening gave Guests the incredible opportunity to step inside Disney California Park for the first time in months — though the Disneyland Resort theme parks aren’t currently operating, Buena Vista Street is operating as an extension of Downtown Disney.

New California state regulations have been put into effect this week, and now Orange County and others in the Southern California region have been put on a stay-at-home order. The state order will affect these counties whose hospital ICU beds went below the requirement of at least 15% capacity. As of Friday, December 4th, Southern California reached a 13.1% capacity. Since this past weekend, the order has been put into place by Governor Gavin Newsom, causing the Disneyland Resort to decrease their operations at Downtown Disney and, by extension, Buena Vista Street.

will the disneyland resort reopen in 2021?
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Now, with new state health and safety protocol brought on by the ongoing pandemic, indoor and outdoor dining has been put on pause for the time being. Guests can now only get their quick-service meals to-go, and all food and drink must be consumed off of resort property. 

buena vista street had to cancel dining until end of year
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The order also affects the anticipated Disney Vacation Club reopening of the Grand Californian Villas at the resort. Also, this will further delay the full reopening of the other Disney hotels and ultimately the reopening of Disneyland Park and Disney California Park. So, what does this mean for the return of regular DTD or BVS operations?

Since the new stay-at-home order lasts at least 3 weeks long, it’s starting to look like Downtown Disney and Buena Vista Street won’t be reopening their dining offerings until the end of this year at the very earliest, or the beginning of 2021. This goes especially for outdoor or indoor and food and beverage consumption on the resort property. For now, Disney is depending on the stay-at-home order to be lifted, and after that, they can allow dining to return to the Downtown Disney District and Buena Vista Street inside DCA. However, in the meantime, the Downtown Disney District will be adding more retail opportunities for Guests.

downtown disney opens more retail as new state order closes dining
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It seems like even though Buena Vista Street gave Disney fans a spark of hope for further reopening opportunities for the holiday season. However, it seems Disneyland’s Orange County has taken a few steps back. Hopefully, we can hope for more steps forward and more of the resort reopening in early 2021. We will report back when Disney provides more information. 

When do you think the Disneyland Resort can resume dining operations? Do you think the ban on outdoor dining on property will last longer than three weeks? Let us know in the comments!

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