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Mandalorian Jetpack


  1. S.

    I thought tbe same thing.. why not fly to go get grogu instead of trying to climb.. wtf?

  2. Kelvington

    I thought it got destroyed in the fight with the Stormtroopers. And he did take it off before when he was coming back from the desert on Tatooine. When they strung a line up and his speeder crashed, the one alien tried to steal his jet pack and Mando remotely controlled it. and killed him.

    So it has to be destroyed or else he would have simply called for it, and it would have taken him to save Baby Yoda. IMO

  3. Charlie

    I thought the exact same thing along with my gf . We were like etf , everything seemed forced to make it easier for baby yoda(prefer it) to be kidnapped

  4. Rantrater

    Some lousy script writing. Mando isn’t the type who would forget these things in the heat of the battle. Unless he is still finding some honor to not use it during Boba Fett encounter still.

    1. Kirk

      I don’t know. I’m damn good at my job and I sometimes forget to pull decaf shots when it’s crazy. Murphy’s Law is brutal.

    2. G

      Exactly, guess Jon Favreau and the studio were on a budget

  5. Skyhigh

    His name is Grogu and if the jetpack was destroyed they would have made it a point to show us

  6. luis

    Nah he takes the jetpack off all the time. He doesn’t even have it when he meets Ashoka, and only wears it when he might need it so it’s not strange that he doesn’t wear it when he goes back to talk with Cara.
    But yes I thought it was dumb that he just left it behind when the storm troopers arrived, however, for the purposes of moving the larger story along Grogu needed to get taken and Mando couldn’t be there to stop it hence no jetpack when he most needed it.

    1. Hiram Fett

      Well he definitely does not have it on walking to slave one and getting ready to leave

  7. Yep. I was saying the same thing. It was there. Not destroyed. He should have grabbed it immediately as the ships landed. He was right next to it.

    Another dumb scene was the lady sniper(sorry forgot her name) who was sniping stormtroopers who literally passed over the one setting up the HUGE cannon! She could have sniped him easy!

  8. Leo Buzalsky

    Speaking of sloppy storytelling (but not of the jetpack), not only how, but why did Boba Fett follow Din Djarin to Tython when he probably could have just acquired his armor right away on Tatooine?
    I figure the answer is so that we could have this teamup for the last few episodes of the season, but it’s bothering me because it’s forced.

  9. Benjamin J Saunders

    But nobody can remember when he put the pack back on, and in the heat of the moment maybe he just forgot he can call it back (and apparently so did the writers)

  10. Sam C

    THANK YOU! I literally started to wonder if I was the only one who was curious about this. Yes it was needed for the story that he not have it written grogu is in trouble but should have been better explained why he never went to get it at any time at all….

  11. JT

    The jetpack was Boba Fett’s all along. Mando found it on a jawa sand crawler and started using it. It is obvious that Boba recognized it and then grabbed it when he got his armor back.

    1. Mike Humphries

      I was literally yelling out loud ‘oh no… what about the jet pack Mando!?!?’… with my 8yr old looking on in shocked dismay (at Sharing, not me LOL). The “Nice shot. I was aiming for the other one” exchange was classic! Great episode!

    2. Mac

      No Mando had the jetpack made in season one from other mandalorian armor. In the second season’s first episode when fighting the giant dragon there was two jetpacks; one for Mando and the other boba fett’s.

  12. Walter Alcaraz

    So, asking about the jetpack, but we’re talking about a Mandalorian who keeps leaving his ship open all the time wherever he goes. That’s akin to driving somewhere, parking, and leaving your car unlocked with the window rolled down as you enter the establishment.

    Like this episode, while he and Grogu were gone, the Razor Crest’s side door was wide open and the ramp even down. That made it easy for Boba to enter and grab his armor once he was done with the first set of stormtroopers.

    In 1×02 “The Child” last season, he did it, and a bunch of Jawas stripped his ship. That served as the main plotline for him to get the egg from the mudhorn to get his parts back.

    He’s done it at least 6 times in 14 episodes. So, it wouldn’t be too hard to think that in the heat of the moment he would ‘forget’ about his jet pack.

  13. Saige

    He looks at grogu like his kid. I think the writers had him reacting like a parent so distraught and focused on grogu he couldn’t process or think of anything else.

  14. Dunleavy

    Directed by Robert Rodriguez, this episode was sloppy. We see four troopers come out of the landing ship (and it looks like that’s all that fit), then the mountain is swarming with dozens of them.

  15. Joel

    Same here. One thing though, in your writing you say;

    “Since Djarin received the jetpack, he has never taken it off…”

    Yet, two paragraphs down you acknowledge he took it off when he handed his jetpack over to one of the ambushers.

    I appreciate the piece, and for providing the space to [attempt to] answer the question – so I’m not being overly critical here, but I don’t feel that you should criticise ‘sloppy story telling’… with sloppy story telling.

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