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  1. David H Schroeder

    Well said.

    On the other side of the coin, I love the ways they’ve added experiences that you can have by just “happening upon them.” Like characters appearing in lawns at EPCOT, or on overlooks like the Country Bears in the Magic Kingdom.

    I FULLY hope for the return of all the things you are missing. I miss them, too.

    But I also hope that some of the added “serendipity” remains.

    Thanks for your work.

  2. Bob Mccarthy

    We visited in November because we wanted to see how the parks had adapted to the need for cast member and visitors safety. We had booked in September but canceled because of safety concerns. We were pleasantly surprised by what was open and pleasantly surprised by the reduced wait times at many of our favorite attractions.
    A word of warning however, this is not the WDW you knew and loved. Things are closed or limited in capacity especially dining options.
    But, for those of you who love WDW, it’s just a different hopefully short lived version of what we hope to get back.
    Compared to pre-pandemic times the $$$ value for tickets and lodging is probably out of wack compared to the past but it’s still WDW. We enjoyed seeing the parks in a different light but were still entertained and sometimes excited by seeing things from a different perspective.
    If you can I’d say go, experience a different WDW, stay safe, wash your hands often and enjoy the experience.


    The only thing that was to write home about was the lights on the castle at night with the Christmas theme. So very disappointed about it all.
    I was so excited to take my granddaughter there and she wasn’t even thrilled.

  4. Maria

    I miss taking pictures with the characters at Walt Disney world

  5. Jenn

    Agree with all those points. I have friends that went just to enjoy shorter lines. They didn’t mind missing pictures with characters. Or the myriads of restaurant closings. Waiting for transportation can be hit or miss. Always good to know your alternatives there. Ultimately we canceled our vacation in October because truly, for all the costs involved, I don’t want a watered down version. And for first-timers, if you know what you want and they don’t have it right now, wait. It is too expensive to be disappointed.

  6. Clinton Red Tornado

    My family just got back this weekend. I understand and appreciate the effort Disney World went with to get open. I am very happy they are providing jobs for Disney employees. We appreciated the very reasonable low pricing to stay at Coronado Springs. The lines for rides was also very reasonable. We got to enjoy so many rides & sometimes twice.
    However, I agree “the magic” was gone compared to our family trip in 2018. The workers seemed more like “patrols” of keeping masks on, calling ppl down. I also didn’t like we could not drink, whenever/wherever we needed. It’s too hot even in January to walk 5-6 miles & 8 hour days in hot concrete & only be able to drink/eat stationary places. The other thing that was a COMPLETE disappointment is the pictures. With all the 6 feet apart & paying for the park pictures, which were OVER priced. I didn’t understand how come you could not pull your mask down to take a picture with Disney Professional & pull right back up after picture. We were SO spaced out for pictures. I didn’t really like EVERY one of our pictures with our faces covered. Way extreme & they did NOT discount that!!! Also covered up with face masks the whole time created ppl with asthma like myself, extremely hard to breath. The lines didn’t not have fans on so it was extremely difficult to breath in mask up to eyes & no air circulation. Most fans off in every line in 70+ degree weather! Too hot! Looking back we had a great time & made special memories but the “magic” is definitely not there at this time. I really would not recommend going. It is so expensive & to have to follow SO many restrictions yet sacrificing your hard earned/saved money didn’t seem worth it at this time. A vacation is supposed t be a “getaway” not boot camp Disney. I do still love Disney! Just not traveling to park during pandemic!

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