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mickey and minnie's runaway railway disneyland

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  1. Dustin Lawrence

    Gadget go coaster being themed to something else makes sense since the rescue rangers franchise is long forgotten.

    I’m a little surprised Roger Rabbit isn’t viewed as a classic. The whole concept of toon town is directly from the movie!

    I’ve always loved Roger rabbit and the ride, so maybe I’m biased. I’ve always loved toon town and remember when it was new back in mid 90s. Excited to see the rail way. Just rode it a week ago and my kids and I loved it. As a west coast guy, I welcome it to toon town.

  2. Jeffrey

    Leave Roger Rabbit out of this!! Mickey & Minnie already got their own unique attraction!!

    Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin was made and developed with Mickey’s Toontown in mind! Roger Rabbit is a fun and unique attraction which Magic Kingdom does not have! Mickey & Minnie are older than Roger Rabbit, but Car Toon Spin came out around the same time Indiana Jones Adventure came out! So if you said Roger Rabbit needs to be scrapped, then Indiana Jones Adventure needs to be scrapped too!! Leave Indy and Roger Rabbit alone!!!!

    1. Phamtom Cast Member

      Yeah, what this guy said.

  3. Angry Soviet

    Maybe just update the Roger Rabbit ride with the same technology as the Winnie the Pooh Ride at Tokyo Disneyland would be a better option? The manual control aspect of that ride is what’s old, Make it trackless and able to move in a 360 degree format would be awesome! After we went to TDL and rode Winnie all I could think about is how long the line would be here if our Winnie was that same type of ride!

  4. Amber

    I don’t see any big changes coming, especially with belt tightening due to economic hardship. I would think a nice sprucing up of Toon Town in time for the grand opening of Mickey’s RR. We rode the RR at Disney World and are excites it is coming to the west coast. So fun and it has decent capacity too. If I could change something about Toon Town it would be to add the ladybug boogie ride from Bugsland to Goofy’s garden area. It has a pretty small footprint. Goofy’s house could be an interactive queue. It wasn’t a super popular ride, but it was great for the little kids. They moved the Flyers, they could move this ride too; if it isn’t scrap.

  5. Matthew Brewster

    It’s bad enough that DHS lost its signature attn for this inferior ride. Let’s not see the reign if terror continue at DL! Also, since the ride is, essentially, a big box filled mostly with projectors and some cutouts, it should be open less than a year.

  6. Brandon Meacham

    I’m on board with the idea of incorporating new rides into ToonTown because its the area that desperately needs an update, Its just a large playground. If they’re going crazy with these plans, update that generic roller coaster, but Don’t dismantle Cartoon Spin for reasons other than its from “Inappropriate movie” Bring in the new generation of Mickey fans, but don’t tear down the past for the older generation.

  7. Sue

    Never liked Roger Rabbit. Thought it was an I appropriate ride for kids . They could update it to be more appealing though. There is hardly ever a line there anymore so that is an indication something needs to change. If they got rid of the Lady in Red in Pirates Ride ( which I was against ) then why is Jessica Rabbit still spilling her chest out in Roger Rabbit???

    1. Anonymous

      You’re an idiot! ?

  8. Disney Cast Member 2015

    Wow, this article is a joke. None of this is actual news, it’s all just a very biased fan speculation. And the fact that you even try to entertain the idea of Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin being taken out, or replaced is insulting, and ignorant.

    1. Anonymous

      Every single article on this site is a joke! ?

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