Mickey and Friends Share Favorite Hong Kong Disneyland Memories!

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Let the countdown to 2021 begin! At the end of every year, many like to reminisce on all the spectacular memories they’ve made throughout the year and this year is no different — even though it was more challenging than usual. Every Disney fan knows that the most magical memories happen inside the Disney Parks. They say time flies when you’re having fun and just like that, it’s been 15 years of magical moments at Hong Kong Disneyland.

HK Disneyland Opening
Credit: D23

We can’t forget that these Disney Parks memories all started with a mouse — Mickey Mouse! So, what better way to celebrate the past 15 years at Hong Kong Disneyland than to have Mickey and his closest friends take us through some of their favorite memories. Hong Kong Disneyland first opened on September 12, 2005 and ever since then it’s been nothing but the fun of Disney’s pixie dust magic mixed with the culture of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland created this video in the native language there, Cantonese, so here’s a translation to help you understand how they plan to celebrate all the happy times and laughter that has been made this last decade-and-a-half. “What are Hong Kong Disneyland’s most unforgettable memories? Taking nice pictures with everyone. A sky full of colorful confetti. Everybody loves it.” They’ve got that right, everybody does love a good time running around the Disney Parks especially this year exploring Hong Kong Disneyland’s new castle, Castle of Magical Dreams.

Castle of Magical Dreams
Credit: Disney

Mickey and Friends are always so entertaining to watch and interact with, and it seems like they find themselves just as entertaining as we do! Where were they so quick to run off to at the end of the video in their super adorable, fashionable, and spiffy outfits? Even though the park isn’t currently open to Guests, there’s still way too much fun to be had so they’re dressed and ready to continue the 15 years celebration activities!

Have you traveled to Hong Kong Disneyland? If you have, we’d love for you to share your favorite memories there in there in the comments below and share them with Hong Kong Disneyland too by using the hashtags #15MagicalDreams and #HKDisneyland!

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