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Margot Robbie and Johnny Depp


  1. Rebel orange bird

    Where is that on the ride 2nd hasnt she destroyed harley isnt it enough!

    1. Anan

      He said, where is this type of character in connection to the theme park ride. The second thing is that the actress in question destroyed harley quinn. Academic enough for you?

      1. Cynthia

        Well said.

    2. Rebel orange bird

      Anan first i am a she but granted ty for explaining it! I thought i was speaking in english but some people here do not understand some of us have lives and type fast and do not live attached to spell check.

      1. Winstontheogre

        Yeah, sure. Lol that’s what it was. You’re actually very literate. And you’re such a busy person, you had the time to come back and respond to that. No time for periods though. You people are SOOO pathetic.

        1. SKrister

          ugh… what are you the English Verbage Police… please LOL

          1. Cynthia


    3. Disingenous Hollywood start seeks to further career under the guise of a social justice warrior, further dividing the world into little elitist communities.

      1. Mike


        1. Richard

          Nothing he said had any bigotry at all. A bigot is a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities that are different from his or her own. Wow.. That just described you, you intolerant hypocritical fool.

    4. Paul

      Immorality, welcome to the new Disney.

    5. Jjml3628

      I am not happy losing my favorite character actor of this franchise series. I would feel the same, losing a favorite actor this far into a favorite series regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

  2. D

    This is more than stupid I hope that ALL Johnny Depp fans boycott the movies he was dropped from and the movies and/or Amber Heard is in

    1. Fan

      You cannot replace Jack Sparrow! Johnny Depp will always be the main character of Pirates of the Caribbean you can try but that new crap won’t fly w/ Pirates of the Caribbean fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mark

        Won’t be watching that no more.

      2. Leticia C Nevarez

        If it wasn’t for Johnny Depp the hole franchise would be a flop. I for one will not pay to see this new movie without him. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, Johnny Depp included. He is not the only person with a tag. Some have done way worse then him. He deserves better then this. This franchise has made bank with him and as soon as they mess up, they are pushed aside. I will never watch this movie with him in it!…

        1. Troy

          Wow… Pirates who are gay? Lol… Thats so stupid. I dont care what anyone does in their private lives but having all this gay and gender neutral transvestite pedofile crap shoved down my throat all the time really offends me. It really offends a lot of people… So just shut the hell up about it. Do what u want but i dont need to know who or what u like having sex with. Or how u do Join a club or something. I dont go around telling people proudly that im heterosexual! Maybe we should though. We have just as much right to brag as they do.. Lol..what a world of morons!

          1. Michelle Hawkins

            Actually if you read your history most female pirates were in relationships with other females. Personally I don’t care for the romance in the stories either way .

      3. Why would you even try to replace the icon with her. She is a wonderful actress but not depps league at all!!! Dumb move you will lose and have already lost fans.

      4. Dick dandy

        Especially not with a girl that has cuddies.
        Circle circle dot dot now I got my cuddle shot.

        1. Winstontheogre

          Wow. THAT is what you call illiterate.

    2. Kim

      Are you kidding me???
      No jack sparrow no movie …
      I love johnny depp

      1. Dis

        LGBT+ ??? Apparently Disney is looking to alienate millions of hardcore fans and ruin the pirates series.

      2. Ven

        I’m a girl and I’m lgbt+ and this just doesnt sit right with me. I wish they would just let Pirates of the Carribean end instead of trying to force it into pandering. The last two movies flopped and now Jack Sparrow isnt in it. The original trilogy had some great female characters but Disney dropped them, now they pretend to care. Just feels like they’re trying too hard to be seen a certain way and I’m sorry, but I watch movies for entertainment not for giant companies to pretend to care.

        1. Sarah

          #pandering. And what do we mean by LGBT+ ? When are you going to get over lumping everyone together like that? Do you mean she will be either lesbian or bisexual? Will it be historically accurate? Are you going to show how difficult it would have been to be gay or to cross dress or express GENUINE transgenderism in the 18th-19th century? Doubtful. This is Disney. The people who hid Anne Bonnie and Mary Reed behind a storage cupboard because it came to light that they may have been bisexual/gay and in a relationship with Calico Jack…. besides, there is not a Pirates fan around who will accept anyone but Johnny’s Captain Jack Sparrow (even after that last abysmal attempt to create a film… honestly had the writers of Dead Men even watched the other films? #inconsistencies) …

        2. Winstontheogre

          Yeah, sure you are. Are you the Q?

    3. Yazzi

      I will definitely not be going to the cinema for this. I am an avid pirates of the Caribbean fan, and they are going to ruin a perfectly good film with their lgbt rubbish. Go ahead and make something different. Why ruin a perfectly good character?

      1. Jason

        How to ruin a franchise in 3…2…1…

    4. LAW

      No way I will ever watch Pirates without Johnny Depp.

      1. ¥θ

        I like the fact that there would be more women characters as Pirates but Pirates of the Caribbean can never be Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp I will not be watching this movie as well Johnny Depp fan all the way 100% the man deserves better an FYI Harley Quinn was an an amazing character and she played her very well just saying but you cannot replace Johnny Depp!! Johnny Depp IS… Johnny Depp. They should not be allowed to take his label away from him Andre label him its total bull how he is being played in so many different ways it’s just not fair and not right

        1. Johnnydeppvictim#5

          Wait.. are you saying Johnny Depp… is Johnny Depp? That’s so deep.

          1. Winstontheogre

            This entire comment section is a pit of stupidity and despair. I’m not sure what you were expecting to find.

        2. Winstontheogre

          There were two known women pirates. Thats it. So, while you might like it, its pretty much nonsense.

          1. Alison

            You might want to actually read some more history. 🙂

    5. Patrick Mallon

      Agreed, this is pathetic, stupid and a trying to hard, worn out pandering attempt.
      What, did Jack Sparrow become Jane Sparrow in an incredibly brave cinematic performance blah blah blah. Did these idiots learn no lesson from the large catalog of woke flops? Go away disney. If you are trying to ruin everything you touch with this sjw crap, congratulations you are doing it.
      This will be a hard no.

    6. Robin H Robinson

      I will refuse to buy or see any further Disney films. Walt Disney would be spinning in his grave to see how his franchise has bastardized his vision of family friendly brand. One is a personal issue, his acting is superb and we get transported into the character.

      1. Gina Carano

        Yeah let’s care about what the massively racist creator of Disney might have thought lol. Show your true colors a little more why don’t you.

        1. Winstontheogre

          My true colors are this, stupid. Walt Disney was ten times the person you’ll ever be and he could dislike anybody he wanted to and theres nothing you can do about it. you could dig up his corpse and desecrate it, I guess How about that, you silly, stupid woman?

    7. Mnypoo

      There have been other men “ Chris Brown vs. Rihanna” who have beaten women and didn’t loose everything! The rules should be the same for everyone! As far as an LGBT+ for a replacement of Johnny Depp, I don’t see how Disney sees this as a better replacement. I loved Johnny Depp and whatever he did in his private life is his private life!

    8. Michael Drake

      I agree with you.

    9. Debbie

      Yep Boycott time. This is stupid and ridiculous.

    10. Dale

      My days of watching Pirates is over. No female pirate!! No LGBT either! No Johnny Depp, no movie worth watching.

    11. Bobby

      You bet your sweet ass we will. What frustrates me the most is fans of the franchise were actually left with Davey Jones was coming g back for Will. We are just going to ignore the fact that a storyline was left unfinished are we? Margot is going to ruin POTC the way she ruined Harley Quinn and I for one won’t be paying to watch that car wreck. I know many JD fans who won’t be watching it on principle. Remove a male victim of DV and put his abusers girl pal in a roll you take from him. Appalling

  3. Charie Eagle

    This is just STUPID!!
    Pirates of the Caribbean will not be the same without Johnny Depp. I, for one, will not be seeing it. Kicking Johnny Depp out is a tragedy and everyone who is turning their back on him is lower than pond scum!!

    1. Missartsi

      You cannot replace Johnny Depp. It’s bull what you (Disney) are trying to do.
      If you (DISNEY) are so mindset for LGBT then create a whole new plot, a whole new movie and create something speciel there instead of replacing a ones in a life actor and ruin a story which should have ended a long time ago.

  4. Kelly

    Is that seasickness? No, just everyone puking for the next year straight. At this point you couldn’t pay me enough to watch this woke diaper pile of a movie.

    1. Zane

      Hell yea!

      1. Julius

        Stupidist thing I’ve read all week, Johnny Depp is the only reason these movies worked in the first place. Now due to false allegations of domestic violence which of course he lost he is the “attacker” also the male battling a female playing victim. Johnny Depp has been an actor for so many years he bests almost anybody today there is no way that you can remove such a beloved actor from EVERYTHING without repercussions. I aspire to be a director and seeing where the movie industry is going I don’t know anymore, but one thing for certain I’m getting Johnny Depp in a movie franchise that people can love again.

      2. Mary Jane

        No Johnny no movie?????????

    2. Lyn

      Disney has to be the biggest bunch of morons walking! What you are doing is despicable and SICK! I will never have anything to do with Disney again. You sold out this company a long time ago and I hop you all but. In hell

  5. Gary

    Sorry, No jack, no interest.
    Birds of Prey killed my interest in any future Harley quinn movies, and I don’t even need to see this POTC offering to now i’ll hate it, Jack Sparrow IS POTC, without him its just a cutthroat island remake, and that flopped spectacularly.

    1. Jon

      Literally the worst thing I’ve ever heard. When it bombs it will be the fans fault again.

      1. Chris

        Dumm, dümmer, Disney! Wer, bitte will einen Fluch der Karibik ohne Jack sparrow sehen? Nee, Leute, damit setzt ihr euch selbst ins Aus! Kein Johnny Depp, kein guter Film! Ihr werdet es merken…

    2. Sherri Sellers

      I wont be watching. If it isn’t johnny than it isn’t worth it. Disney has made a mistake

    3. Ven

      Yeah, even though Suicide Squad kinda bombed, i enjoyed it. I enjoyed Harley and the rest of the characters. I wanted to see more of those characters and the group. Didnt care for birds of prey at all. I would have prefered to see Harley struggle between her allegience and love for Joker vs. Her loyalty to the suicide squad amongst a larger overall plot.

  6. m

    Before people blame this on LGBT+ : This reeks of tokenism. We don’t want this either. It’s weird and it’s unnecessary.

    Johnny Depp was fine and it’s too early for companies to make these rash decisions.

    1. Dark X

      I definitely put part of the blame to The Alphabet Mafia, Feminism, and PC Cult for forcing this toxic cesspool down our throats for decades and decades. I do hope it fail because Disney always been a disgusting, disturbing company that’s goes to Warner Brothers too.

      1. Robin H Robinson

        This is not the direction Walt Disney wanted.
        He was about true family films. Now they are trying to make cartoon characters gay..Pleeeze get me a chuck bucket.

        1. J. B. Jovi

          Ahh you mean the guy who regularly referred to black people as the N word and made a point to create demeaning caricatures of them as well. Sounds like the type of guy you and many other commenters here would support.

    2. Dark X

      I definitely put part of the blame to The Alphabet Mafia with Feminism and PC Cult for forcing their toxic logic in movies, music, and TV down everyone’s especially children throats. That movie is going to fail with the company losing a lot more money.

    3. Azu re

      Yeah they are screwing you guys over you don’t get great movies with gay protagonists but a gay protagonist who talks about how gay they are for an hour and half in a 2 hour movie.

      1. Cher

        Disgusting! I am so sick of all this LGBT (particularly always sexualizing women with women) garbage all over the movies and tv shows these days. Now they are corrupting Disney with it! Trash, trash, trash! Without Johnny Depp, there is no Jack Sparrow. Period.

  7. Mary

    I will NEVER watch Pirates of the Caribbean again. Boycott the movie!!!!!!

    1. Dwight

      This is sick, sad. If I were an actor with any self respect, I would have turned this movie down. Margot is coming off more like an opportunistic hag. This movie may pay you, but, it’s going to eat you alive.

  8. This is nothing against the Rainbow community in anyway. That said, this is a sad end to one of the Greatest movie franchises ever! Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow.

  9. Beth

    I forsee a massive flop ! Johnny’s character made the Pirates series without him there’s no point ! I won’t waste my time or money watching this or Fantastic Beasts and most definitely will avoid anything with the gold digger Heard in it !

  10. Erica Kneezel

    Disney is going to lose a lot of people. No parent is going to want to let their kids see this movie. If Amber is in it. This movie I feel will be it’s last. Jack Sparrow was and always will be Pirates of the Caribbean.

  11. Jayden

    Oh, bitter bitter, huh? Not a lot of the comments seem to be pleased. Personally, I think she’s a brilliant actor and a lot of the hate is just stemming from the fact that her roles appear to a different audience than what’s become standard, because there really isn’t much to complain about when she’s making all the characters she plays more human and interesting. And while I’m tentative about a reboot since they never really seem to turn out well, I’m interested to see what she’ll end up doing.

    1. Tu madre

      Shhh…the adults are talking. Notice you’re the ONLY one who thinks this. Even members of the LGBT get this is some empty gesture

    2. Michael DeVaultEdmondson

      Yes Margot Robbie is a good actor. Margot is Harley. Not Captain Sparrow. Amber Heard ruined his life. I will only watch the originals. I never will watch the reboots. Disney is ruining it. Depp is Sparrow forever and always. Margot Robbie should stick to Harley.

    3. Randy

      Man, excuse me. I just don’t care bout the gay stuff. Honestly i don’t really have an opinion on any one group. It’s more to do with Margot coming in and deciding that jack sparrow needs to be changed at all. Jack as a character is already defined and beloved for what he is. I for one Would love to see a character like “her jack” but as a New character not some drastic alteration of a set in stone character.

    4. I’m glad to see someone taking a mature and respectful perspective. Heterosexual and cisgender media has been forced upon us since media began. LGBTQ films cannot ‘turn you gay’ because otherwise there would be no gay people as we would have all been ‘turned straight’it doesn’t work like that. Sexuality and gender are not something you choose on a whim, it is just how you feel and should be allowed to feel. It doesn’t hurt anybody.

  12. Eric

    As a member of lgbtq+ that’s really pisses me off what they’ve done to this man is not right and this lady would not make a good Sparrow

    1. Annon

      I’m out.

      1. Das mach ich nicht mehr mit! Wie können die es wagen, Frauen so hochzuspielen–auch noch in diesem Film!? Das ist unmöglich und total respektlos!!! Immer müssen die überall diese Frauen an den Start bringen!
        OHNE MICH!!!

        1. T

          You will never be able 2 replace Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp has always been the the reason people have watched all the sequels!! Johnny Depp is an amazing actor with out Johnny Depp the Black Pearl will sink!!!!!!

  13. Cj

    Why ruin a good movie? Not interested.

  14. AB


    Was not planning on watching any Pirates without Johnny…but nail in the coffin for sure.

  15. OHNE MICH!!! Das ist doch einfach nur dämlich und total absurd!!!
    Jetzt werden also Frauen hochgejubelt, obwohl Amber Heard eine Täterin ist !? Das muss ich mir nicht geben…

  16. Loen Irons

    They is only one Jack Sparrow and thats Johnny Depp! No one else can cut it!

  17. Tonya

    Too far, Disney! You’ve gone too far this time… SMFH

  18. Sorry, ist was doppelt.

  19. Philip

    Just no. Leave the movie alone. The ride for the black pearl is over.

  20. Fan

    You cannot replace Jack Sparrow! Johnny Depp will always be the main character of Pirates of the Caribbean you can try but that new crap won’t fly w/ Pirates of the Caribbean fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Laureen

    If you take out Johnny Depp then you lose hundreds of thousands of viewers nobody wants to see a female Jack Sparrow how stupid. Why can’t you leave things alone.

  22. Dee

    There is no POFC without Jack Sparrow, and no Jack Sparrow without Johnny Depp. The studios should be reviewing his case personally, and not drop him based on what one biased judge has to say. If they boycott him, we will boycott them!
    While I’m all for adding more LGBTQ characters, please don’t let Margot Robbie and her attitude ruin this series.

  23. Shyann

    This will be a movie I will not be watching. Firstly replacing Johnny Depp is bullsh**. Secondly Jack Sparrow is a man and it’s very obvious that he’s straight ( remember tortuga and him getting slapped by different women and one of them saying “who’s she? ) and the countless flirting he does with different women like blackbeard’s daughter?? Sorry but if Depp isn’t in it then there’s no point in me watching it he’s the one that really made the franchise what it is. I’m saying this not to be rude or put down Margot she’s a wonderful actress but when I think of the Pirates of the Caribbean first thought that comes to mind is Johnny Depp the crazy hilarious Captain Jack Sparrow.

  24. Tim

    Its own characters*

  25. Osina

    If Johnny Depp isn’t Jack Sparrow it’s not PoTC.

    1. Paul Stirewalt

      I don’t care to see it.

  26. antred11

    Does everything have to be about modern morality and PC culture now?? How about a new version of HBO’s Rome, but without slavery, and everyone is a trans-gender, black person?

  27. EricJ

    Did we not happen to notice that “Pirates 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales” died a sad, gruesome, unloved, last-legs death at the box office, even with Depp/Sparrow?
    (Or, some might say, WITH Depp/Sparrow?)

    The fact that they’re not continuing the Davey Jones/Son of Will Turner tease from the end of that movie should speak volumes.
    At this point, it’s the “To officially de-historize our troubled actor” entry, like the time Paramount considered making one more Mission: Impossible without Tom Cruise.

  28. F john

    We dont need any more pandering to any group of people who cant stop complaining about everything. Its gotten to played out where all to tired of all the whining no one cares just grow up please just stop pandering to all these nutty groups. For me my family and friends when we see this type of pandering to certain groups just for being annoying and whiney from companies on tv or the movies we just dont watch or buy from said companies anymore. As for Disney and pretty much every entertainment company today stop all the progressive pandering or at least dont shove it down our throats or just dont put it in every damn movie or tv show. Then I’ll let my wife and kids watch your horrible movies well the horrible stuff you’ve put out over the last 10 to 15 years I mean the older Disney movies are still gold. So will alot of the red blooded freedom loving Americans.

  29. Fatoney

    Most stupid thing I’ve ever heard in my life this is going to be a flop

  30. Andrew Bunting

    You are really about to destroy everything you did with pirates of the caribbean. Replacing Mr. Depp is not only insane, it is Ridiculously stupid of you. If your gonna start changing actors then you need to just start a whole new movie. Don’t ruin the whole franchise with a newer movie of the old version. Johnny Depp is cherished and will always be cherished!! #Boycott

  31. Becky

    Nope! Not watching without JD. He is Captain Jack Sparrow! BOYCOTTING DISNEY AND WB! AH is a lying money hungry snake! Will not watch anything that woman is in!

  32. Hill family

    CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow = Johnny Depp

  33. Cammy Ellis Darling

    Nah. I’m a gay woman and I am so not ok with this. Jack Sparrow is the heart of this franchise. We all witnessed what just happened to him – it was not fair at all!! And no offense to Margo Robbie but this sounds completely lame. That isn’t why I go to a Disney Pirates movie. Entertain me and stop trying to incorporate politics or social messages where they really don’t need to be!! Jeez…

  34. Adam


  35. LOL Well, I guess I won’t be wasting my money on that!

    1. Dawn

      I am gay and I am so very sick of everything needing to be gay or have a gay spin these days. Seriously why does EVERYTHING have to be made gay or all inclusive all the time. Especially a movie aimed at kids. Also, it Is fine to make a spin off and put a woman at the helm, but the movie should be primarily named something else with the POTC part of the title secondary, at the end. Just my two cents.

  36. Random citizen

    As a part of the lgbtq community we do not claim this. At all!! Please dont blame this on us

  37. Ginger

    Why are they saying he’s destroyed his career? He’s fighting over something he did not do. No Johnny, no movie! HE IS Pirates of the Caribbean. Shame on Jerry Bruckhiemer! Boycott the movie!

  38. Gunnke

    Actual BS if they make it with previous characters and LBGT is for degens

  39. Pam

    I love Margot Robbie but i will never watch her replace Jack Sparrow. He’s the only captain my entire family and i will watch. I’ve got over a hundred first cousins who love him and we all go see only him. Never Robbie!! If you make her a homosexual too that’s just crossing a line. I don’t want to see that in a Disney movie for God’s sake!! We go to see Jack at the theater. We’ll be done if you do that!!

  40. Lisa

    Take away Johnny Depp and you have just another mediocre pirate movie. Nothing against the LGBT community at all, but he is what makes it all work. It’s a stupid knee jerk reaction to a BS court decision in a idiotic libel case. He has not been CONVICTED of anything.

  41. Jesse

    It is a sin and especially to try and push kids in that direction hollywood is full of satanist and there needs to be a movie about saddam and gamorra the story that will be told is it is ok to be a pervert

  42. TJ Bullard

    Why do they have to ruin a fantastic and fun movie series with this garbage? Leave our og movies alone!

  43. Thomas Saldana

    For me, this really depends on how they do it.
    If they want to have Margot’s character as a different character in the same story, or in the same universe, then that’s fine. Maybe there can be a scene in her movie where she meets jack sparrow (kinda like a crossover episode), or maybe there can be a few scenes talking about how she inherited the Black Pearl from him ( or something like that). A good analogy is the relationship between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. They are separate stories, but they both take place in the same world, and there are a few characters who are in both movies. Or maybe it could be like the relationship between the movies Saving Private Ryan and Stalingrad; different movies with a completely different set of characters, but they take place in the same wider background as part of a larger story.

    What I would really hate is if they just push Jack Sparrow out, shove Margot’s character in, and then try to pretend like nothing happened, kind of like how The Hulk (2008) had a different actor than the guy who played the Hulk in The Avengers (2012) but they just tried to whistle it away and hope the audience wouldn’t notice.

  44. Darth Helpful

    Neil Patrick Harris as Jack Sparrow.

    That guy can play anything AND the LGBT community will be happy.

    There you go; problem solved for everybody!

  45. Linda N Hanson

    The reason why the original series worked is because they had a clear picture of who their audience was. It was clear from all of the nods to the ride in the first film. That said, if they’re going to add an LGBTQIA element to the story it has to work organically, like it did with Dustin Hoffman and Bob Hoskins in Hook. They played Captain Hook and Mr. Smee as if they were an old married couple, and it worked so well onscreen. I could really see Hook and Smee as a couple. I’d be open to seeing inclusion as long as it’s done in a way that is believable.

  46. Patrick Mallon

    Wow, reaction is pretty universal here. I wonder if Disney will listen? Bwahahahaha yeah right. Why don’t they learn? Or is it just that the dumb twit at the helm thinks we need reprogramming?

  47. Gino covello jr

    Great idea Disney destroy another franchise congratulations

  48. Toni Vanwoudenberg

    Me too!! Sounds ridiculous… No Johnny then not much of a movie..I LOVE JOHNNY..

  49. If she truly wants her character to be a LGBT representation then they should hire a person who really is LGBT!!! Not her untalented self!!!!

  50. Tweety

    Well. Won’t be watching that!

  51. Stretch M Outt

    Then hire a true LGBT actress !!! Not her!!! God not her no talent having a**!!!!

  52. Gregory Shields

    Johnny Depp is being railroaded in the name of political correctness and false accusations.

    Disney Corp consists of wealthy vultures willing to pander in any way necessary to keep the money rolling in. They believe they can foretell the willingness of the public to spend money based upon their focus groups and whatever other nonsense their insane executives are up to.

    Here’s your focus group, Disney pricks. The evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of Johnny Depp, and he is certainly the only reason I ever took any interest in these movies.

  53. Ava

    I sense a female James Bond coming out soon. This is just the beginning. They have some nerve turning the male lead into a female, and a LGBT one too. We’ll see who they blame when it flops.

  54. Vicky Cate

    HELLLLLL NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! That will ruin a great character and movie and turn it into a big flop!!!! Nobody wants to watch without Johnny Depp!!!!!

  55. Buk lau

    No depp no pirates. Womanizing it will just make it flop like Ghostbusters,dr who,oceans 8 and every other franchise they ruined just to please a few.

  56. RealChris

    Unbelievable at best, they even practically made the character gay to add insult to injury, WOW! Im done with the franchise until Depp is back in! Screw that! You mess with my boy, man, you gotta another thing coming

  57. Real Chris

    Unbelievable at best, they even practically made the character gay to add insult to injury, WOW! Im done with the franchise until Depp is back in! Screw that! You mess with my boy, man, you gotta another thing coming

  58. Christopher Smith

    Unbelievable at best, they even practically made the character gay to add insult to injury, WOW! Im done with the franchise until Depp is back in! Screw that! You mess with my boy, man, you gotta another thing coming

  59. Patricia Cesar

    I think it’s awful how they are treating Johnny Depp he is an incredible actor not that I have anything against the LGBT I HAPPEN TO LOVE JOHNNY DEPP HE IS CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW

  60. Athena

    Thats freaking crazy
    But wouldn’t watch with Johnny Depp being in film anyway

  61. Ruth

    Regardless of the spin, I’m done watching these movies. I don’t believe Johnny is a wife beater based on evidence, which included a recording. There is something wrong when a victim is crucified in the public kangaroo court and takes on damage to their profession while the one that falsely accused and lied gets a free ride with their career. Every movie that dropped Johnny because of his situation is not going to get my time nor my money.

  62. Ruthe

    It never fails that someone will do a spill that reflects a hatred for women and anything not white. While I agree Johnny is getting a bad shake, I find your hate glaring too bright & absurdly neon which detracts from your message of support for Johnny. But to each their own thoughts & feels.

  63. Brenda

    I will NOT be seeing any movie that Johnny Depp was dropped from nor will I ever waste money on a film that AH is in!!

  64. NO, NO, NO, NO & NO!!! BRING BACK JACK & MOST IMPORTANTLY, JOHNNY DEPP!!! THIS FRANCHISE IS NOTHING… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, WITHOUT HIM!!! My family & I will NOT see it or contribute a cent to another movie made, in this storyline, without him!! #stopthemadness #bringbackjohnnydepp

  65. honk

    big flop

  66. Mike

    Disney must love losing money. It’s the only explanation for this sh&t fest of an idea.

  67. Rick

    The Disney direction truly has changed for the worst!
    No Jack No Movie.
    Surely not a family friendly
    Movie idea. Put it back in the closet.
    It’s not and ever would be a Walt Disney idea for movie.
    You guys have gone to far.
    Count my fiends and family out.

    1. Tactical Hotdog

      Your poor fiends, I’m sure they will be devastated

  68. Smitty

    STUPID, just like EVERY other “we have to make a female version.” Can we PLEASE stop with the gender swap BS. There are plenty of strong female characters out there, you dont HAVE to regender all the movies.

  69. Larry Curtis

    I will abstain from further exposing myself to this open propaganda endorsed by Disney to try to paint the world as being anything other than normal and family oriented

  70. Tony

    RIP Pirates of the Caribbean. ☹️

  71. No way she can replace Johnny Depp. She doesn’t have the Character trate. She just doesn’t fit period.

  72. anon

    My, my, my. You sure give some comical views here. So let me get this straight, if you’re gay, then you can’t be a Christian or believe in God??? Oh, and since you are so wise, could you explain to me how two straight people can end up having a gay or transgender child??? And what about God doesn’t make mistakes???? Also, since it is supposed to be “freedom or religion” and “separation of church and state” why are tax dollars justified for “Christian College” funding???? Why not funding for all???? Or better yet, how about we finally tax the living hell out of these Christian “churches” who are spewing hate instead of God’s word???? And finally, I’d rather live in a socialist country, and there are many forms of socialism, compared to a freaking dictatorship run by people like you who are so narrow minded they think their beliefs and truths are the only ones which exist. And lastly, get your facts straight, Antifa is not an organization, it’s a movement which stands for Anti-Fascism. Start doing some research, and how about actually reading the bible and applying the rules of God to your life.

  73. WOW

    Maybe Depp is ready to move on and break away from the stereotyped characters he’s portrayed. He’s a versatile actor and does quite well in serious or dramatic roles.
    Robbie will do fine. As far as the role being LGBT … does it matter? Disney has been at the forefront of acceptance for decades, yet you still go to their parks. If you don’t like it, don’t watch the movie. And expressing your opinions in that regard in the manner several of you have is quite ugly.

  74. Alex .

    Awesome news !!! Cant wait !!! Depp is so drugged out and messed up he needs to go ! Yayyy Margot !!! Hmm will she be the red head in the ride ?

  75. Joe

    a girl can’t replace jonhhny deep

  76. Joe

    a girl can’t replace Johnny deep

  77. Think it’s absolutely wonderful. It was to be expected that a female dominant LGBTQ film would be slammed because….patriarchal heteronormativity. It doesn’t claim to be in the same series. It is not robbie’s fault that Depp got cast off because it isnt a continuation but a deviation that I am very glad to see. It is long overdue having the spectrum of gender and sexuality being seen on mainstream media. Both have existed for hundreds of years, although people choose to deny this.

  78. Seriously

    I appreciate everyones feelings and outlook, but don’t change stuff that doesn’t need to change. Liberal agendas only benefit the few in charge and ruin life for the majority of people. What is going on in our county:/

    1. Paul Stirewalt

      We can do without this movie.

  79. Winstontheogre

    Its actually the opposite of academic, buffoon. Its cartoonish and child-like. Congratulations: you’re a child. An adult child.

  80. Bruce

    So they’re getting an actress who couldn’t sell a popular character to play the new protagonist in a dead franchise? Flawless logic.

  81. Paul Stirewalt

    Immorality, the new Disney

  82. Anonymous


  83. Jon

    This will flop. Disney needs to get out of politics. Johnny Depp is and will always be Captain Jack Sparrow. Walt Disney is rolling in his Grave.

  84. Amber Henson

    In any movie that has a sequel or more should have the same actors. On the other hand it would be pretty interesting for a female Jack Sparrow. She could be the hidden daughter or something. Johnny Depp is a wonderful actor with amazing talent and to be forced to flush it away is sickning.

  85. Amber Henson

    Johnny Depp is a one of a kind and is the perfect Captain Jack Sparrow nobody will be able to really replace him. Disney is losing out. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN DISNEY!!!!!!!!

  86. Molly R

    Dear Disney,

    You really stuck yourself in the foot (read pocket) on this one. I don’t care who it is, every POTC fan is a fan because of how Johnny Depp chose to portray this character, against Disney’s wishes I might add. Jack Sparrow, a loveable villan, is the face and the backbone of this billion-dollar baby. To deny him even a cameo in the next (read last) POTC movie isn’t your first mistake but I’m betting it will be one of your costliest…not just on this project but on future endeavors, as well. Mr Depp has helped you to build theme parks. He has also faced his demons (read Disney and Hurd) with an abundance of grace while the arrogance of the Disney executives who made this decision has been put on full display. Big mistake, Disney…Huge!


    A former POTC fan.

  87. Lgbtqs are degenerates and deserve to be hung

  88. Melissa

    Can’t replace johnny as jack sparrow the movie will flop noone fit to play the role as he does Disney is being as ignorant as the rest all his fans will ban going to see it if johnny isn’t in it .

  89. I will not watch any Pirates films if they don’t have JD. He is the entire heart and soul of these films.

  90. Dade

    I will not watch any more Pirates movies if they don’t have JD in them, he is the very heart and soul of these movies.

    1. Person3

      Dude they are legit asking for everyone to boycott this new thing like removing Johnny because hes apparently a wife beater when hes not he gets kicked off but yet she cuts off the tip of his finger and they are ok with it like wtf i love pirates of the Caribbean but im not watching it anymore if. They replace him bcz then its legit not gonna be intresting if u wanted to show girl power or whatever add characters in there dont remove the one that everyone loves and enjoys and replace it with a girl who ngl isnt gonna be as good and nobody gonna really watch it like that honestly just bs

  91. Would watch Margot a million times over in her role on Wolf of Wall Street — but a “gay” Pirate taking the place of Depp because of a so called alleged “legal trouble” …talk about Cancel Culture BS, too bad. Character Assassination at its its finest!!

  92. Cass

    I’ve always seen Jack as Bi but that’s beside the point, which is Johnny made this series what it is and without him it’s nothing. Particularly since there’s no Barbossa anymore

  93. yeyeye

    LGBT? i might watch but “pirated”one…

  94. Cynthia

    I’m not going anywhere near this. This sounds awful. Johnny Depp for me.

  95. Dale

    My days of watching Pirates is over. No female pirate!! No LGBT either! No Johnny Depp, no movie worth watching. Die hard Jack Sparrow fans will never go see this movie.

  96. Dude

    This will be a flop, just like the all-female Ghostbusters movie was.

  97. Rexford

    The next movie will not be a major success with Johnny Depp gone. It will still make it’s money thru the curiosity factor then any movie in this franchise will from then on will fail big time.

  98. Nick

    What…….no, bringing in LGBT will kill the character of jack sparrow! It’s why it’s so good, it’s that it’s not lgbt not even an offense to lgbt but to the whole Caribbean series that’s been sooooooooooo unbeatable with depp aligned with the time period, thats the thrill of the films, we’ve got way too much of new films in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 being all cringe over complete present day when it’s about a different time period that suits the fantasy of the genre thats makes it entertaining and not political, for honest sakes, changing depp to Margot was already a
    Major turn, its like jack got trans & beauty fixed after seeing ghosts from Salazar. Honestly Poc is just ruined if it’s going to be that big of a change with a lead Margot female, out of no where and especially lgbt. I’m a big fan, and poc is the best pirate films consistently on top on fitting in the genre time, its whats thrilling and adventurous, making it Modern just kills it, and lgbt doesn’t suit the character jack sapprow, think why he’s so popular, because this character isn’t lgbt but a character that portrays the very essence of that time period & what a scum pirate may be like & doing in such days, it’s why Poc is Danm great! Please reconsider Disney! You’ll sabotage everything great about it.. oh please hear me out.

  99. C. Ma

    I have no issues with a character bringing LGBTQ into the movie. Jack Sparrow had a flare to him that suggested that and it worked well for the character. Regardless that is not the crux of this movie nor should it ever be. This is a movie about pirates not someone’s sexuality. Trying to be “current” which is what Disney is doing is film suicide in this case. Again, this movie is about pirates. Releasing Depp is the biggest mistake Disney will make. Whether the new movie is a success or not, it will not be part of the original Pirates franchise. People will walk away feeling empty. The talk will be about what was left behind not what Margo Robbie might bring to the film. I am sure there is room for both. But, Johnny Depp built that franchise and that is “his” legacy and will always be. Without him in the movie there will be a large hole. Whatever happened with Amber Heard and him is their business. It has been a she said/he said series of events. Nothing has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and no was was charged with any crime. Depp’s character is above all their marital nonsense. For Disney to fall into is a sad and pathetic statement for them. Someone should have grown a pair and said “We are saddened by their turn of events, but their relationship has nothing to do with the movie. We stand by the character Jack Sparrow which is what the pirate franchise was built on”. People would still come in droves. Instead Disney shot themselves in the foot. I hope the movie tanks.

  100. Vio

    Making Pirates movie without Depp is like making Mr.bean movie without rowan Atkinson! I guess Disney Doesn’t care much about the fans so we wait and see how they fail. maybe failure teach them something.
    without Johnny Depp i’m not going to watch this movie, not even the pirated version.

  101. Xerd

    Excellent , let’s make a reboot for die hard as well with all female and LGBTQ+ member, while we’re on this topic let’s make Gay female robin hood as well, i guess we can do that with Zorro as well, how about Star wars with all female and LGBTQ+ member , gay female Jedi?

  102. Ryan

    No. Just no.

  103. Eve

    No Johnny Depp, no movie. I’m all in for a female pirate, even better if she’s LGBTQ+… but, really, REALLY DISNEY? You really had to fire the world’s greatest actor? (At least I think he’s the greatest) If the original cast is not in it, I’m not seeing it. No Jack Sparrow? Fine. Make another movie. Or another series. It shouldn’t even be CALLED Pirates of the Caribbean if Johnny Depp is not in it. Anyone else agree?

  104. Dr. Claw

    No big deal.

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