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Credit: Lucasfilm/Star Wars Theory/Pablo Hidalgo Twitter


  1. Ry

    Pablo needs to be fired. He is walking cancer.

    1. Pascal Crombach

      Ry you are cancer. Just like the rest of the cancel culture.

      1. Steven Kres

        you suck pascal crombach

    2. Common Sense

      someone should lose their job just because of a comment on a post?
      How would you feel if your employer fired you for your comment about someone needing to be fired?

      1. Mocchaman

        Isn’t that what happened to Roseanne Barr and others?

  2. Jas

    Please. The guy constantly cries on all his videos. A joke was a long time coming.

    1. Vincent Thompson

      Why dont yall just grow a pair

  3. Philip L. Palmer

    People get upset over the most trivial things. This cancel culture nonsense needs to go away.

  4. Justin

    Unrelated to the main point of the article but I’d much rather see Dave Filoni take over than Favreau once Kathleen Kennedy is out.

  5. Little Doggie

    Pablo needs to personally apologize to SWT. Apparently trashing fans is not new for Pablo. There is a post on Twitter of a collage of Pablo’s tweets disparaging fans. He even uses curse words to describe us. Pablo has finally been called out. Star Wars Theory is the biggest Star Wars influencer with nearly 3 million followers and most are on Youtube. I am a fan of his YT channel. I am not calling for PH dismissal from LF, but they should punish him for his arrogance and mistreatment of fans.
    An employee caught insulting and making fun of customers behind their back would be grounds for dismissal at many other companies.

    1. Scornavaco

      Oh… my.

    2. Peter

      Please grow up, you are just embarrassing

      1. Doc Okt

        Now he’s right. If you get called fat by the cashier because you order 2 menus at a fast food place, they would be fired.

  6. Topper

    Fans do this themselves. One can not express enjoyment in the Sequels without getting hate. Toxicity breeds toxicity and this is no different. People taking it differently because he works for Lucasfilms is ridiculous. Everyone can have and express opinions on the matter.

  7. Revan

    Little Doggie’s comment says it all. Lucasfilm has been TOXIC to their paying customers for awhile now. I call for a vote of no confidence in Kathleen Kennedy’s leadership.

    (Star Wars fans will know that reference ?)

    1. Brett

      *Vote now!*

      Good reference!
      In all seriousness though I’m also irritated with Pablo and the increasing trend of professionals related to Lucasfilm dogging their fanbase, the whole reason they make money in the first place! Pablo is just salty because Favreau made the best piece of Star wars since 2005

  8. jish55

    Are there toxic fans in the Star Wars community? Of course, every fandom has toxic fans, and the more passionate fans become of a franchise, the more prevalent the toxic fans are (and I’m only referring to the ones who threaten others, not the ones who dislike something, because everyone has the right to dislike things within a franchise they love). This does NOT give those in charge permission to mock and attack fans for disliking it, and in turn needs to show restraint. When you represent the company, your actions in turn reflect the mindset of the company as a whole, and if said action is mocking the group that essentially makes or breaks the franchise, then that shows the people that to you, the consumer is of no importance. Pablo Hidalgo has gone on record attacking the fanbase many times in the past, and the fact he’s still around shows that Lucasfilm doesn’t care.

    This also shows that Kathleen Kennedy is okay with attacking fans if she’s not willing to remove and replace this individual since she is directly responsible for ANYTHING representatives at Lucasfilm say and do. It’s yet another reason why she’s not fit to lead this franchise and why she needs to go and be replaced by individuals who actually care about the franchise and the fans, because without the fans, Star Wars doesn’t exist. Without the fans support, Star Wars will fail, because without the fans, there is no more sales on merch, no more cons, a massive decline in park attendance as said fans who aren’t Disney fans had a large possibility of going to the parks. So Disney, step in and deal with this since Kathleen Kennedy isn’t going to.

    1. KJ

      You think dude should loose his job for expressing his opinion?

      1. Stormtrooper

        Think he made fun of him but deleted the post. So no, not because of his opinion.

  9. Dan

    Grow up.

  10. Brian

    Amazing. Snowflakes melting by the millions over 5 words of dry sarcasm. This isn’t cancel culture, this is crybaby culture.

  11. Peter

    Never has a write up, a piece of journalism or a tweet needed the following so dearly…..

    ” ffs grow up”

  12. Anonymous

    I think this piece is missing critical context. Pablo wasn’t mocking Star Wars Theory, he was mocking the person mocking Star Wars Theory’s emotion.

    Which is totally valid. He was DEFENDING Star Wars Theory.

    That articles are being written and they lack the context of Star Wars Theory’s YEARS of toxic behavior and videos AND his lack of reading comprehension is bizarre. Inside the Magic seems to have a Fandom Menace bias in recent coverage and it’s both disingenuous AND troubling.

    1. NL

      Seeing this site sink to posting unverified gossip and twitter feuds as news that caters to TFM has been very disappointing.

  13. T

    Some body crying because the art is actually beautiful and you make fun of the dude?

    Do this in ya show more often and we wont be crying every 40 years, #starearsoverated

  14. BB-8

    Star Wars or any movie franchises goal is to have passionate invested fans. Anyone involved with Star Wars who would be so mean-spirited as to mock this man needs to be dealt with. He can back pedal all he wants and absolutely no one is buying it . He made fun of a passionate very talented fan. Unforgivable

  15. Tweetiebird

    Here are the facts:
    1. Hidalgo has a long history of bullying fans.
    2. The fans pay their salaries and buy their products.
    3. Kathleen Kennedy has created a toxic culture, drapped in the cloak of wokeness to insulate from any potential criticism.
    4, Under Kennedy, the SW empire has been sinking.
    5. The Mandalorian finale threw SW a serious lifeline.
    6. Hidalgo seriously screwed-up that lifeline, brining the entire company into trouble.

    In any other setting the solution would be clear and obvious:
    1. Hidalgo is let go immediately.
    2. Kathleen Kennedy is given a higher title but made completely redundant.
    3. Kennedy and her dark lords are replaced with Favreau and Filoni.
    4. Drama ends. Good content is created. Fans are happy. Corporate goons get richer.

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