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Lost Muppet Christmas Carol Song Feature Photo

Credit: Disney


  1. janayoga

    We had watched this movie on video every Christmas, and it, of course, has “When Love is Gone”. Last night we watched it on Disney Plus, and we were so sad the deleted scene was not there. Its absence really weakened the movie, we felt. The scene with Belle really didn’t make a lot of sense. I hope that Disney restores it soon!

  2. Enrique

    I remember seeing this “deleted” scene at the cinema in Spain when the film was released. I was surprised later when the film was released on VHS, not only because the scene had disappeared, but also because the dubbing was not in European Spanish anymore, but it came with the Latin American Spanish version.
    I spent many years thinking that maybe I had “imagined” this deleted scene, until I found it on YouTube 3 years ago and it was exactly as I remembered it.

    1. David Gilmore

      For sure! I watched it the other night and when the song wasn’t there I was like “did I imagine all of it?” I thought it was some Mandela Effect stuff

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