Laid-Off Cast Member Finds a New Life in Woodworking

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Mark Newman

Credit: It All Started With a Flag on Facebook

If you are a fan of Disney you have undoubtedly heard of the mass layoffs that have happened as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Disney has laid-off 30,000+ Cast Members and the numbers continue to grow.

Despite all of the adversity that is facing Cast Members who received lay-off notices from the Walt Disney Company, one man was able to turn his hobby into a new career path.

Laid-Off Cast Member Mark Newman Turn hobby into New Career
Credit: It All Started With a Flag on Facebook

In a story by local new station, My News 13, they detail the journey that former Cast Member Mark Newmen underwent when he was let go from the Walt Disney Company.

“Kind of devastating, very, very sad, kind of like a chapter in your life is ending,” Newman said

Newman shared that he knows the layoffs are necessary, but it left him heartbroken.

“A lot of us have decided, there’s no other company like Disney, so we’re going to start our own companies,” he said.

During furlough, Newman went from a manager at the Disney Vacation Club, to a builder of handcrafted wooden flags.

“Next thing you knew, I had so many orders I couldn’t make them, because it takes so much time,” Newman said.

He hopes to take this “It All Started With A Flag” hobby on Facebook and Etsy, to the next level as a small business in 2021, turning his passion and excitement for Disney into something new.

“I wish them the best, I’d love to go back, but until that day happens, we’ll do the best that we can and try to pay our bills,” he added.

You can find Mark Newman’s “It All Started With a Flag” Facebook page here if you would like to purchase one of his handcrafted peices.

Laid-off Cast member Mark Newman Turns Hobby into Career
Credit: It All Started With a Flag Facebook

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If you are a Disney fan and you would like to find out how to directly give back to Cast members whoare furloughed or who have been let go, please click here for more information.

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