Comments for Disneyland Pres. Ken Potrock Shares “Glimmer” of Excitement For the Future

ken potrock disneyland

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  1. Tami Rable

    Have a VBRO and air tickets for 17 of us to visit in early July. Can’t wait to see the looks on the 5 kids faces as the see Sleeping Beauty Castle! Looking forward to a magical trip!

  2. Cindy Leslie-Forbes

    Just so sad. We are annual pass holders and consider Disneyland our second home. We have spent every one of our daughter Katie’s birthdays there since she was 12. She just turned 18 and we splurged on a trip to Disney World. We can’t wait for you to re-open. We miss you all so much!! I hate Governor Newsom!! If Disney World can do this why can’t Disneyland?? He’s just a huge Grinch!!!

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