Disney Admits to Spelling Mistake, BoardWalk Pool Re-Revealed! 

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If you have ever walked around Disney’s BoardWalk Resort and peaked into the pool area, you likely were filled with nightmares. What many Disney fans deemed as the ‘clown pool’ was a pretty creepy giant clown face that you shot out of when you went down the BoardWalk’s waterslide. Well, after knocking that spooky clown out and revealing a wrongly titled new pool – it seems like Disney’s got it right!

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A few days ago, Disney revealed the BoardWalk Resorts new Luna Park Pool waterslide concept of the new Keister Coaster which is going to showcase Mickey Mouse and the gang! The thing about this release was that Disney’s brand new sign had ‘Keister’ spelled incorrectly, (they had it spelled ‘Kiester’). I think we can all agree that everyone makes mistakes, and personally, I found it kind of refreshing and fun to see such a big company like Disney do it as well. Now I feel even more relatable to the mouse!

Well, if you thought Disney was not going to work fast to get us ready to put our keisters on that waterslide, you have another thing coming. The new signage for the Keister Coaster is already fixed up and revealed with the new Mickey shorts animation version of the mouse plastered on the sign.

Imagineer Zach Riddley posted a few photos of the waterslide sign on Instagram stating:

Our @waltdisneyworld and @WaltDisneyImagineering teams are even closer to completing the brand-new design at the end of the Keister Coaster slide at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort. In these sneak peek photos with the updated graphic (that’s kEIster! We triple-checked!), you can see that Mickey Mouse and his pals are the ones clowning around as they splash down into Luna Park Pool. I can’t wait for guests to join along in the fun when the slide reopens soon!

It was fun to see that Disney acknowledged that they made a spelling error on the sign when they said, “that’s kEIster! We triple-checked!” Now, we can move on from the little spelling error and simply focus on how exciting it is that the clown pool will be out of our lives forever! The Mickey short animation style is quite perfect when it comes to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort aesthetic. Considering the BoardWalk is a mash-up of vibrant colors, having Mickey, Minnie, and Daisy add to it only compliments the resort further.

Are you excited to ride the new Keister Coaster waterslide at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort?

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