Clown Removed from Boardwalk’s Luna Park Pool

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Permits were filed about a month ago in September for general construction at Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk Inn & Resort’s Luna Park pool. The family-friendly watering hole has attracted Disney fans for a long time, and the large Bozo-style clown face always becomes a topic of conversation. What may happen to the Boardwalk Clown is now being examined more closely as construction has started… and it looks like the clown is GONE!

Board Walk swimming pool

Boardwalk Clown Removed from Luna Park Pool

The Keister Coaster Waterslide is always a fun time for kids and adults alike, as the slide is fast and fun, dropping into the Luna Park Pool for swimming fun. Disney describes this family pool saying,

“Go for a dip at this carnival-themed pool, home to a 200-foot-long Keister Coaster waterslide. Recalling a boardwalk amusement park of the 1920s, the 184,217-gallon Luna Park Pool also features grinning elephant statues that spout water from their trunks and vintage-looking show posters that line the pool area. Adults can feel nostalgic in a whirlpool spa while little ones will surely want to splash it up in the kiddie pool. Nearby, a lounge and bar offer refreshments and snacks.”

The slide ends into the Luna Park Pool through the circus clown’s mouth, making many Disney guests feel a bit shaky! The clown we love to admire and hate became capped off with a blue sky tarp for construction this week. This relaxing-looking drape confirms that Disney may want to cover up unsightly construction and present a picture-perfect option for pool-goers in the future.

Twitter user @BoardwalkTimes shared a photo of the pool and sky construction tarp this week:

Disney themselves have a disclosure on the Boardwalk Inn and Resort’s web page, noting that, “Luna Park Pool at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort may look a little funny this fall as work takes place on the Keister Coaster waterslide. We expect the waterslide to be unavailable from October 5 through October 30—though dates are subject to change. Work in the pool area will continue through November. Luna Park Pool, as well as 2 leisure pools at this Resort hotel, will remain open during this refurbishment.”

Boardwalk Clown Chopped Up

Tarps notwithstanding, this surprise from Twitter user @TheMouseandMore shows a screenshot from either a tweet or a Facebook post with a surprise. The foam core Boardwalk Clown has been broken apart into pieces and put into a truck on the backside of the Boardwalk Inn and Resort… Adam’s reshared photo post (from an unknown source) on Twitter reads, “The clown is being chopped up and hauled away this afternoon. Sad but I’m sure Disney will replace it with something cool and fitting to the theme of Boardwalk.”

In the truck photo, you can plainly see the clown’s hair curls with it’s orange and red-painted shadows. This evidence means that the clown itself is NOT being refurbished or repainted, but being removed entirely! Will be he replaced with a new (maybe less scary?) clown or a fresh modern design? We’ll have to wait until Halloween day (how SPOOKY!) to see what the finished product will be for the Keister Coaster!

Will you miss the Boardwalk Clown at the Luna Park Pool? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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