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  1. prince charming

    According to inside sources at CNN, the clown face is going to be replaced with a photo of Cheapo Chapek. The idea is that everyone will be happy because they will still have a clown’s face at the pool.


    I’m crushed beyond words. The Clown face kiester koaster was my childhood and adulthood combined! No trip to Disney world was complete without sliding out of the clown’s mouth and into the pool. He was the true image of boardwalk.

    I know change is constant everywhere, but this is heat-breakingly ridiculous, and ridiculously heart breaking.

    Why is the clown being removed? Were kids and people scared? If so they need to grow a spine and get over it.

    As a DVC for nearly 30 years, members should have been the first to know about this. Couldn’t have there been a survey first to see if people wanted to keep the clown?

    I just can’t with Disney anymore.

  3. EricJ

    Probably too much culty attention to the clown, and not to the general atmosphere that it was supposed to be an Atlantic City rollercoaster.
    We’ll probably get something more generically carnival-y, to keep to the point.

  4. Darth Helpful

    The clown clearly reminded everybody who saw it of child abductions, especially in light of how this clown-like practice was brought to the surface in the various IT movies.

    Child abductions are a terrible thing, and in honor of the petition mentioned in another ITM article, this monstrosity should absolutely be replaced with a fitting tribute to Chadwick Boseman.

    Despite what so many others want, it should NOT be replaced with anything having to do with Song of the South!

    1. #restoretheclown

      I hope you are being sarcastic, because everything you said is just dumb.

      Clowns are meant funny, friendly, and lovable. Using clowns as evil villains is meant to be ironic, instilling a fearsome persona into something cute and innocent.

      Plus, literately NO ONE thinks of child abductions and/or Stephen King’s IT when they go on the Kiester Koaster. Child abductions are bad, evils clowns are bad, but Stephen King’s IT is FICTION. IT’S NOT REAL.

      You want a tribute to Chadwick Boseman? Increase demand for more merchandise based on his Black Panther. Problem Solved.

      The only thing I want regarding Song of the South is for Disney to stop being ashamed of that film and restore it to the public.

  5. Bozolovah

    Oh no! What will fuel my nightmares now when I look out my BCV room at night?

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