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Darth Vader

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  1. Nina

    Yes his midichlorian count us still high, bit his loss of 4 limbs does make a difference. Midichlorians are a physical thing, not just spiritual. He will never be as strong as he could have been had he not turned and kept all his…parts.

    And nothing about what he did to rebels in that scene was actually that amazing for a force user against non force users(and while good at their jobs probably not the most highly trained either). The Jedi cared about people and were good guys so they didn’t do that sort of thing, it doesn’t mean they weren’t physically capable of it. Obi Wan matched Anakin on Mustafar, when Anakin had all his limbs and midichlorians, and whatever happens in the series he lives to fight again another day as well.

    So it really doesn’t suggest anything about what he could do against a highly trained force user like Obi Wan. I’m quite sure whatever happens it will be a tough fight and I imagine Obi Wan will have to fake his death or something afterwards so at best it ends in another draw, possibility with Obi Wan at a bit of a disadvantage but it’s not going to be some walk in the park for Vader either.

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