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razor crest destroyed

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  1. Curt

    Jabbas sail barge was destroyed mere minutes after its first scene. Collectors have gotten real whiney….so what if it got blown up. That makes you suddenly not like it?

    1. Broccoli

      I am more upset with the fact hasbro needed a fund raiser to create the Razor Crest when they more than likely didn’t need the money at all given the popularity of the show the company should of already had one in the works rather than beg for 10 million…but its just my opinion as everyones different.

  2. Don Parkhurst

    The Razor Crest is the first ship in many years actually built for filming purposes,instead of just doing CGI. Should I now get rid of all the characters that have died???
    Just because it was blown up in the show, does nothing to diminish the want that I have for this ship.I don’t get how people have become so whiny anymore, so many things have been destroyed or killed in movies,that people still desire and collect. I honestly have no doubt that the value will greatly increase due to the rarity of it now,as I highly doubt that many companies will be producing many more.

    1. D.E.A

      Don’t worry mando will find another ship for sale it is a big Galaxy and is going to look the same. They already spent too much money building a toy ship,

      1. Don

        They also spent a ton of money building an actual model for filming. They’ve not done that in many years.

      2. aaron

        well they spent the funders money lol

      3. Jason

        Didn’t hear fans complaining about the sail barge which had significantly less onscreen time before it was destroyed. Bunch of cry babies…

  3. Chris Kinney

    What the hell difference does it make if the ship was destroyed on the show? It’s a cool-ass toy!

  4. Chris Kinney

    What difference does it make if the ship was destroyed? It’s a cool toy!

    1. Non-obvious Nerd

      Shut up, nerds.

  5. Kevin Lee Myers

    To be far, Hasbro wasn’t going to make the ship at all. Fans wanted it so badly they said they’d make it happen if the fans backed it. Fans backed it. It’s on the fans even if Hasbro knew it’d be destroyed. They weren’t going to make it at all, remember that.

    1. Don

      Look at the age of the new fan base, I did a survey in 1 SW forum on Reddit, out of 400+ answers 90% was 30 and younger,and imho their mindset is pretty screwed up. I left after a short period, just shaking my head.
      I personally have not seen the Mandalorian yet,but when I saw the ship,I backed it at less than 2k backers at that time.It is truly awesome and will be well worth the wait and price.
      Look at the Millennium Falcon they’re selling for 400 bucks, mass produced, the Razor Crest is even as of now,so far ahead of that in detail and accessories. I remember when the fan base could not wait for the next release of ANYTHING.

  6. Mark Leveillee

    Fans: Please make the Razor Crest ….we need it.
    Hasbro: OK
    Fans: How dare you make this toy

  7. EMcG

    He will find the exact same ship on another planet that someone traded in for a new ship. He will buy it and the show will go on.

    1. GMOS

      I can’t wait to get the ship. I loved the ship from episode one. Being blown up on screen doesn’t make it any less of an interesting toy.

  8. Carrack Spar

    This is priceless. Collectors could really complain about anything. Barge was backed, it blew up. Collectors complained about the next project being the Razer Crest over a Death Star…which blew up… twice. Now this….sigh.

  9. I am an avid Mandalorian fan. One of many who have who have splurged on the epic haslab razor crest. I must admit I was a bit blown away to see the ship instantly go up in flames in chapter 14 this past Friday. But I still can’t believe that all these people are up in arms about haslab deceiving them! Get a grip people! Haslab’s sail barge was received with nothing but praise, & it was blown up after only 10 minutes of screen time! If you’re so bent out of shape about this horrible deception conspiracy, wait till your razor crest comes in the mail, hold on to it for about a year, sell it on eBay for twice what you paid for it & then you can thank haslab for helping you make an extra 3 or 4 hundred dollars! Idiots!

    1. Lord Bane

      No I want the cry babies to cancel their orders. So I can sell the second one for more(I bought just for figures lol

    2. Random

      You’ll be lucky to get your $250 back for about a decade.

  10. VelociLink22

    Let’s all be fair here… The Collector’s or Enthusiasts or Fans or (insert whatever you want to call yourself) who bought this thing… They did it for a reason. People willing to pay for a product like that as a backer… We just want it. We don’t care whether or not it blows up or gets more screen time. We like the product for what it means to us, not how long we get to see it on a screen. And if we did want to see it on a screen for longer, we’d just go back and rewatch the episodes it was in… Disney+ will let you do that. You’re not limited to watching it only once.

    1. Jesse

      100% agreed my man. I’m not sure how I stumbled across this page as I have never purchased a Hasbro Model, but I do collect Lego Star Wars products. I paid $130 for the Lego Razorcrest set. Seeing it blow up in the show did not in any way, shape, or form make me regret my purchase. If anything, the first thought I had regarding the Lego set was that its value would increase more than it otherwise would have. The ship is most certainly going to be replaced with a different model in the show which makes it less likely that the Razorcrest will recieve re-releases down the line.

  11. Alex

    It’s bs. The highlighted comments are all from internet trolls or just jokers. I doubt even a single person wanted a refund. Might have made the item even go up in value. You know how many Transformers Hasbro sells for characters who were ripped apart or blown up during the movie?

  12. Michael Ashcroft

    I would just like to say that I have the Lego Razer crest, and are very proud to display it with my Lego Star killer ship from the video game ‘the force unleashed’. They both played a significant part in the starwars universe and should not be forgotten despite how long or short they were in the universe.
    It’s all about a time and a place.
    I spent hours building the Lego death Star, it was destroyed within two hours of the first film.
    Would I want my money back from Lego for that?!!!!!!!

  13. Ekul Yks Walker

    I loved Star Wars but then i grew up and could do without toys now so it does not bother me one bit.

    1. greencat 66

      Wow, you’re so cool.

  14. Zach

    I want to see a HasLab Outrider.

  15. Alan

    I guess all those with a Death Star will be next lookin a refund ?

    1. Jeff

      I love the Mandalorian and love the Razorcrest…love Q9-0 and IG-11 too..that’s why I bought it

  16. Vic

    Wait, so grown-ups are upset they crowdfunded a toy that was destroyed in tv show? WHO CARES!!!! Did that stop kids from buying Death Star play sets? Tie fighter toys? Taun -Taunt who got their bellies split??? This is why TOYS ARE FOR KIDS not GROWN UP LOSERS

  17. Random

    ” — is now a rare collector’s item”

    28,000 is not rare, buddy ???

  18. Mark

    Um. JABBA’S SAIL BARGE WAS BLOWN UP IN ROTJ. Did these people also ask for their money back for the barge? I don’t understand this criticism at all. Darth Vader died. Should they not have a Darth Vader figure? This is ridiculous.

  19. Perseus-The-Cat

    This article is extremely biased. NO. Haslab supporters are NOT asking for refunds. Not one supporter I have spoken with has even considered asking for a refund. This is all from people who didn’t order the ship for whatever reason, trying to dunk on Haslab supporters.

    Maybe they are jealous. Maybe they really hate the Haslab business model and want anyone who utilized it to feel pain. These are people who want the Haslab Razor Crest to fail, and were disappointed that it didn’t.

    Actual Haslab Razor Crest supporters were shocked the ship got destroyed in the show. Same as everyone else. But, we have the added comfort that we will still be getting OUR Razor Crest for our collections.

    Maybe next time the author of this article could reach out to actual supporters of the Haslab project and get their reactions, rather than just jumping on the Facebook/Twitter bandwagon of ragging on the fans and customers.

    You know… do some actual reporting?

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