Comments for ‘Hamilton’ Set to Be First Musical Back on Broadway



  1. col

    this is a horrible idea. cases are up and as much as I want to see Broadway reopen no show is worth a human life

    1. Michelle A Guzman

      State guidelines will be followed, same as any other venue that has resumed. The plan is to move forward with COVID-19 vaccinations, etc. I’m sure if things get worse, the venue won’t reopen. Either way,, you have a choice to go out in public or stay home. Take care.

    2. Dear

      Sadly, the virus will stay forever until it gets erradicated, but life has to love forward, else we won’t die because of the virus but of hunger. Vaccines are out there to help and if you keeo taking care of yourself and your loved ones, things should go fine.

  2. Jacqueline Jones

    Do you mean July 4, 2021 as the possible date for Hamilton to return to Broadway?

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