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Grogu Downtown Disney


  1. I think Grogu is adorable but not on my list. Now my Mother is a different story she’s totally in love with him. And he’s definitely on her list.

  2. Dave

    Here’s an inside scoop for you; “Downtown” is gone. That area has been called “Disney Springs” for years now.

    1. derrick

      i think the little guy is awesome, when i saw him for the 1st time in season 1 i was like “mo way!” rushed and told my wife and she’s had me buying “the child” everything she could get her hands on. this lil dude is just the epitome of cuteness.

    2. Megan

      Hi Dave,

      While you are correct that in Orlando they no longer have Downtown Disney, on the west coast the Disneyland Resort still has a shopping district called Downtown Disney.

    3. harry

      it’s still downtown disney in disneyland
      your looking in the wrong coast

    4. Carolyn

      At WDW it’s Disney Springs. For your information at DISNEYLAND RESORT it is still called Downtown Disney. The article header says Disneyland not Disney World.

  3. Dawn

    It maybe Disney Springs now but it will always be Downtown Disney to us die hards.

    1. Terrance Williams

      I still call it Downtown Disney and I havent confused anyone yet because I dont think I’m the only one who still calls it that.

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