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  1. Stephanus Surjaputra

    I would prefer him be a Gray Jedi, especially if there is some dark side in him that might have been hinted during the Ahsoka episode. I would prefer that he realizes he does have some dark side tendencies but learn to control it.

    How will it fit into the Episodes VII-IX timeline? He should just stay in the background like Ahsoka does.

  2. EricJ

    Mandalorian leaving Disney+ would solve a lot of problems.

  3. Yak

    There’s a perfectly good reason why he isn’t in the sequel trilogy. 2 in fact.

    1) They hadn’t created yet when any of that mess was being made.

    2) He’s probably dead with most of the other students Kylo killed.

    There. Fixed that issue.

  4. Arasaka

    Hold your horses. He just got into a Jedi order. There are tons of ways to avoid or solve these “problems” without Grogu leaving the jedi.
    The sequel trilogy will be scrapped, which is good. There is nothing in the show so far that has shown any confirmation of what is in the sequels.

  5. Darth Critic

    Let’s pretend Lucasfilm had thought this through.

    Luke, in all his searches, has only found three Force users: Grogu, Young Rey and Kylo Ren. He knows Rey has a sinister origin, but he believes that he can train/raise her right. He also believes that training his nephew is a no-brainer. He also believes that Grogu is the true future and hope of all things Jedi. BUT, after years of a simmering, growing jealously, Kylo gets full-on seduced by the dark side and kills Baby Grogu and tries to take out Luke. Luke survives.

    Luke now feels angry, betrayed and a failure. Jedi, he concludes, are destined to be arrogant because they always feel they can “train” new Jedi. He failed like Obi Wan, his father, and (after learning about it) the entire Jedi council too. This conclusion leads him to become cynical and depressed that this pattern of Jedi failure/Dark Side seduction is doomed to repeat itself forever.

    So, after putting some Jedi-mental block on her, he gives young Rey away to some random family on a junkyard planet, telling them to keep her far away from everything and raise her to be a “nobody”.

    Then, Luke leaves everything behind, going far away to break the pattern. He basically abandons his sister and friends for the good of all.

    THIS would be a much better explanation of why he is Grumpy Luke in the Last Jedi.

    Now, if they had thought this through, imagine how much BETTER the sequel trilogy could have been. Okay, pretend time is over.

  6. Jean

    Not going to be sucessful show without him. Noone will watch. May as well end it now.

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