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  1. Leland

    She is awesome. Everyone is entitled too their opinion.

    1. GFJ

      Leland — spreading conspiracy theories and BS is awesome? Didn’t realize that. Plus, it’s “to” not “too”.

      1. N7bery

        Get off this page

        1. CAT

          She is great. So glad she has the guts to say what so many of us are thinking.

      2. Barack

        Being a moron isn’t awesome either but you don’t seem to have a problem with it.

      3. Lance Steel

        So she isn’t entitled to her own opinion. Got it, nazi!

        1. John


      4. ETP469

        Congrats to her!

      5. Ok great grandmother thanks for the grammar lesson

  2. Teresa

    I’d have less respect for her if she apologized! She’s entitled to her opinion! So sick of SJW’s who are the least tolerant individuals out there!

    1. Jonny

      Gift me a break, Teresa. There is nothing “SJW” about being upset that she is helping spread conspiracy theories about the vaccine and about democracy.

      1. Mike

        It doesn’t matter what she said. She has the right to say whatever she wants. You are your Marxist Democrats need to understand what freedom of speech means. Doesn’t matter how delusional or controversial it is. ITS HER OPINION.

        1. KT

          No, it isn’t. Lies are not opinions. “I like pie” is an opinion. “The sky is brown” is a falsehood. And freedom of speech first of all only applies to the government, not your employer or public opinion, and second doesn’t apply at all when your speech is putting other people in physical danger, as any attempt to dissuade people from wearing masks or getting vaccinated does. People like her are killing thousands every day in this country via the very controllable coronavirus that they refuse to let us get under control.

        2. Nubery

          Shut up. Gina is awesome!

      2. Nubery

        Shut up. Gina is awesome!

        1. wingnutx

          She’s awesome.

        2. Johnson Mathey

          She’s too fat right now. She was better last season and when she was fighting MMA. But I respect her opinions and support her getting her own show.

          1. Jay

            She has not fought MMA for 10 years…. and I would hardly describe her has fat. She is just not the typical anorexic Hollywood actress. She is in excellent shape and the cast and stunt crew consider her to be be the best athlete on the set.

      3. Lance Steel

        Grow up, boy! You are a misogynistic piece of human waste.

        1. Honest Citizen

          Gina Carano is a beautiful & powerful star. Her opinions don’t affect me. Nor should others mix her ideology with her star-appeal.

      4. Barack

        Stealing elections isn’t Democratic last time I checked. Even 30% of DNC voters believe the election was stolen. And as far as the vaccine, even after taking it you are still not protected from the virus so why take it and risk Bell’s Palsy
        among other severe side effects?

        1. Lourain J Pennington

          Bell’s palsy is not life-threatening. It is no fun, but you will not die from it, and most people who develop it do recover most function.
          Better to get Bell’s palsy than a serious case of Covid-19.

        2. Tom

          All the best people (and yes some of the worst) are opinionated. So what ? I happen to disagree with her on a couple of points but I still think she’s fantastic. If you ever met her, you’d find she has a huge heart and is very kind and down to earth. The hit squads have apparently missed it big time based on her popularity.

        3. Ian

          Those are right wing nut job lies… No truth to them. Do your research.

    2. Steve

      Did anyone catch “since the Empire Strikes Back…”

      We’ve had great authentic Star Wars since that… RotJ(!?!), TPM, AotC, RotS, RO, The Clone Wars, and Rebels. The Mandalorian works because it’s the same story teller (Dave Filoni) as The Clone Wars and Rebels.

  3. Mando

    Who doesn’t love Gina Carano she’s awesome, there’s always going to be haters. All she’s doing is voicing in her opinion which everybody is entitled to have

    1. KT

      She is pure evil. 3000 people die every day ib the US because of the “opinions” (which are actually just lies) of people like her.

      1. Barack

        Really? I think you have been spending too much time on the crack pipe again.

    2. Phuq

      I love Gina, I’d marry her if I could. She’s an awesome woman and incredibly beautiful.

  4. Kyle

    Fun to look at, but intelligence falls short as expected.

    1. Lance Steel

      Funny, I was thinking that same thing Bouy your uneducated azz!

    2. The God Phoenix

      I’m watching the new episode now. I’m hoping they kill her character off. People are entitled to their opinion but not misinformation.

  5. Greg

    Most searched =/= most popular.

  6. KT

    She’s using her platform to endanger the lives of every single person in this country. She belongs in prison, not on a hit TV show.

    1. N7bery

      You all are stupid & dangerous! She is entitled to speak her mind. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!

    2. Lance Steel

      Aww, the nazi speaks! I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for people like you. You aren’t human.

      1. Lou

        She’s a kmart lucy lawless with the most boring role on a tv show that is should probably no better than to employ someone of that level of incompetence and further more they should kill off her character and never speak of her again

    3. 9520

      Every single person in this country doesn’t see her Twitter, quit being hyperbolic. Furthermore, she can say whatever she wants however misguided it is. Maybe people should stop looking to Hollywood celebrities for life advice. Last, what kind of person wants to put a perso. In prison for speaking their opinion? Thats just shameful.

      1. Tino

        The irony here is that none of these internet trolls who bash her would have the courage to do it to her face.

  7. Anthony

    What’s controversial about having an opinion that 1/2 or more of the population shares? Can’t a woman think for herself or must she only regurgitate what the psycho minority expects?

    1. Ian

      Actually most people don’t believe those things , they just don’t publicly disagree for fear of the orange apes persecution.

  8. N7bery

    You all are stupid & dangerous! She is entitled to speak her mind. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!

  9. Lance Steel

    Grow up, boy! You are a misogynistic piece of human waste.

  10. Zookeeper63

    She’s smart, beautiful, and pisses off the snowflakes and SJW idiots! I’m in love!

    1. Ian

      Lmao you think she’s smart… Obviously your not.


    Nope, no she doesnt

  12. Gary Barrs

    She is Totally entitled to her opinion, which I wholeheartedly agree with, screw the Snowflakes. ?

  13. Ed Ross

    I disagree with almost everything she posts on her twitter, but I’m still rooting for her hard because I hate the way the twitter mob tries to destroy people they disagree with.

    1. DeeBee

      Same here. I am a fan of her work and her beauty. Don’t care for or about her opinions.

    2. Mike

      All she needs to do is apologize for misinformation. She can have an opinion but if you spread false information that is dangerous, it affects the Star Wars brand & Disney has every right to ask her to apologize.

      Stick to opinions not Alt-right QAnon propaganda.

  14. Bobby

    Who cares about her opinion. She can’t act. That’s my issue.

    1. Brad

      Amen, she is horrendous.

  15. Kristy

    Can we please just enjoy a good Star Wars show and quite giving this loon anymore mental real estate then she has obviously gotten already.

  16. Ian

    Wow. Just because you like her as an actress doesn’t mean she should be allowed to spew bs.

  17. Brad

    Terrible acting, just terrible.

  18. Shawn

    Absolutely love her. The fact that the left wants to silence her for having an opinion other than their’s, and they want to cancel her for it.. makes me want to support her more. I hope to see much more from her.

  19. Jonathan

    The cancel culture mob needs to take a chill pill. She’s a fine actress and is right for the part. I hate abortion as it literally kills way more people than any ideas Gina has. But I don’t go around trying to cancel every abortion promoting actor I happen to watch act. Show some tolerance.

  20. Te

    Horrible acting!! Nope, bye, bye!!!!

  21. Congrats Gina on beating Pedro to the top list . No offence To Mr Pascal I’m quite sure he’s a very nice man underneath the helmet. just goes to show that there is some deep respect and that we can all respect each other without hating people we don’t know’… Use the force it’s stronger with Gina .

  22. Tim Gildersleeve

    stupid sheep garbage, should have let Fox have her in the deal

  23. Tim Gildersleeve

    Honestly, Harrison Ford in Carbonite would be a better actor than that hack, numbskull meathead.

  24. David

    Good for her. So sick of the cowardly people who hide behind their keyboard putting people down for their opinions. She needs a series.

  25. Jay

    Great actress ….. and anyone stating “she can’t act is moronic. The producers of this show to not cast people who cannot act. Nobody else in the world could bring to the table what she does. She is not going anywhere so all of the whining snowflakes would do best to pipe down.

  26. Paul

    “Carano’s opinions…. have been divisive.” Your article is divisive. This is just another example of the Twitter Mob attacking anyone who doesn’t tow the line. Good for her.

  27. Dan Steeley

    1st amendment clearly says:

    One can only voice their opinion in the United States if it matches Leftern philosophy.

    Oh wait… What does it say?

  28. Hot Potato

    Also a lot of these Alt-Right “fans” who LOVE Gina because she stays true to herself, expresses her ‘opinions’ and doesnt back down from trolls. Yet these same people would NEVER say that about Brie Larson, Amber Heard, Margot Robbie etc. It all depends if one is a Progressive or a Conservative or more correct, a Liberal vs Trumpism. Gina is popular with them because they saw her beep boop bop as AWESOME BASH on Transgenders. WE LOVE HER! SHE BASHES THE PEOPLE WE DO! So its hypocritical to say Gina is strong and courageous when doing the same thing Brie, Amber, Margot and all ther other women that secotr attacks. Its just Gina speaks “their” language so she is epic and the others are insane sjws.

    1. C Rod

      She never once bashed transgenders. She took a stand on being bullied. Read her tweets, never did she hate or bash on them, she just wasn’t participating in the pronoun game and she or anyone else for that matter doesn’t have to

  29. tim

    Simply a Beautiful and Strong Woman. Physical. Mental. Ethical. Empathetic. The Real Deal! Gina Joy Carano is Conviction

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