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gina carano

Credit: LucasFilm


  1. AK


    1. John

      She is bad ass and awesome. Wish we could see her more and in a lot more projects in the future 🙂

      1. Aaron Prinz

        Classic leftists, pushes to have more women in media, news, television and STEM jobs, unless they don’t fit their cookie cutter agenda.

  2. Jon

    Gina could care less. Watch those snowflakes melt.

    1. dave foley

      You ignorant fools are the snowflakes, and you are all following the biggest snowflake in the country.

      1. Jon

        Sorry, but ‘snowflake’ is a left wing phenomenon. Celebs, Antifa, SJW’s. Calling Gina a snowflake is just hilarious. You have no idea what it means. She doesn’t pander to crybabies. Not a snowflake.

      2. Matt

        Ah yes trash calling people ignorant.

      3. Derek

        Snowflake alert!!

      4. cathy

        The article is inaccurate. Any TRUE Star Wars fan would not be calling for her to be fired. She’s awesome. The show is awesome. This cancel culture needs to get cancelled out of existence. Bunch of sensitive morons.

        1. Kim

          Totally agree!!!!

      5. Robert Lukacs

        Pffft…apparently you don’t truly know what a Snowflake even IS! GO GINA!!! WE ? YOU!!!

      6. Jealous much!!!! Lol!!??

    2. Rob

      *Couldn’t care less

      1. An educated individual

        Ha! Her calling us butt hurt when her stupid science denying president got 300,000 people killed, but she’s still pumping out his brainwashing misinformation campaign. Suck on those electoral college votes Gina.

        1. Anthony

          Don’t be wise in thine own eyes…

        2. Elle

          Is your handle intended to be ironic? Or just disingenuous?

          The data and science – if one can understand it – backs Gina’s mocking and hilarious take on ALL of this. Just because delicate little flowers are all offended by the truth is no reason to silence her.

          If you disagree with what she says, go find the facts to refute it, like grown ups do. Otherwise, STFU, snowflake.

        3. Keith Smith

          If you think that Trump is responsible and not the virus and china then you are far more stupid than your moniker allows for. You are not educated, you are a zombie.

        4. Yuri NateYyri

          300,000 on Trump, WRONG!!!
          That YOU consider that your boy, Pedo Joe won this election by his cheating cronies and Leftarded minions, that means Pedo is responsible for every death since November 4… at minimum!
          Watch the death count go Stratosphere once the Pedo and his imbecile cabinet takes full control following the inaug.!

        5. Jenny

          I didn’t vote for him yet he’s also my president! You speak of denial yet deny your president because you don’t like him, sorry that’s not how it works! No different than those who would say Obama wasn’t their president even though he was out leader for 8 years! And people like trump and carano are not the only ones denying science seeing as believing and feeling is more important than anything now a days, liberals and conservatives are all the same just different subjects they like to stake claim on and fight over! And she’s allowed to have her opinion without her job being affected! Now if comes the day they start filming again and they make a rule that all must be compliant with social distancing and mask rule and she doesn’t comply, than yes if the bosses decide she should be fired than that’s their choice, but invisible whiners on Twitter shouldn’t be the ones with the power to terminate someone’s job!

        6. icekrusher04

          Way to go Gina! It’s ok for ANYONE in the United States to voice an opinion weather the left lines it or not. It’s a two way street for ALL parties!

    3. Trump lost AGAIN today lol

      I don’t expect you QAnonsense idiots to understand basic grammar, but the term is: could NOT care less…fkn ❄❄❄flake morons. ?

      1. JimInAuburn

        I don’t know why the left continues with Qanon. It is not really a thing. Probably no more than a few hundred people care about it. The left wants to make it bigger so they can make the right look bad. Antifa and BLM are much, much worse and probably at least two or three orders of magnitude bigger.

        1. Dan

          If the right didn’t constantly mention Antifa, no one would know about it, either.

          1. Brendan Kelly

            If the right didn’t constantly mention Antifa, no one would know about it, either.

            No… I think the riots in Portland/Seattle/ etc. etc. etc. would have brought them some attention.

        2. Sylvia A Montemayor

          I agree with her. Why do we hate people because they have different opinions than ours? I’m tired of it; aren’t you tired?

      2. FRAN Tooke

        @jon…It’s Couldn’t care less…

    4. FRAN Tooke

      @jon…It’s Couldn’t care less…

      1. D

        Merriam-Webster treats the phrases couldn’t care less and could care less as synonymous, both meaning “not concerned or interested at all.

    5. Ramsey

      Gina needs to stay. The people trying to get her fired are just like Palpatine and the Empire, suppress anyone you don’t control or who dares disagree.

    6. Kim

      Typical leftist response. It is actually refreshing to heaHollywood! A bold stance in a brainwashed hollywood! If Disney makes her apologize, then they have absolutely no backbone to the bully left.

  3. Kathleen Kief

    Keep standing up for what you believe Gina!! Nobody has the right to silence your beliefs or opinions ??❌⭕?

    1. Melvin Oliver

      I disagree about gina said, but I do agree she has a right to express her feelings. Keep it fair.

  4. Peejay

    A bit ironic since it’s her and her ignorant ilk who are the butthurt crybabies about wearing masks. Too much trouble to save American lives, i guess. Maybe she’s still upset after getting trounced by Cris Cyborg. Couldn’t hack it in the ring so now she feeds her ego Hollywood-style.

    1. T2

      Yes, also blocking “haters” or anyone who comments on a vanity search

    2. Things

      Not a fan she is okay but not a great actress and we’ll suck on her own. She cannot should not get a call solo show. That and having groups of people makes her a shot human. Just what I expect from Disney.

    3. Jon

      Please! Your ilk have been trashing cities. You can’t handle someone with a slightly different opinion. Oh, and it took a big steroid monster to beat Gina and it was a cage, not a ring. I feel sorry for you.

      1. T

        actually she was beat down pretty badly by a trans gender type….could be why she hates so much

      2. Daddy Piranha

        Yes, with conservatives committing stabbings, riots, shootings and arson over the last week in DC, AZ, WA, MI, and GA, you don’t have much of a moral leg to stand on. Willful ignorance or just simple hypocrisy? I feel sorry for you.

    4. Backcountry164

      No more ironic than you taking your time to whine about other people being butthurt. If you weren’t so triggered yourself you wouldn’t have wasted your time… Obviously…

      1. Common sense

        lol people crack me up with this comment every time. You act as though it takes a bunch of times and effort to click “reply” and type a few sentences. You are lazy as hell.

    5. DNA

      Sounds like you’re the butt hurt cry baby. Calling other people names. Virtue signaling about masks. You’re exactly what you accuse the other side of.

      1. PH

        The Yoda quote is inaccurate… It came from the Empire Strikes Back and was spoken to Luke.

    6. Ralph

      Cyborg is good. Without a doubt could stomp u into the ground. Just remember, Gina may have lost once but she can still trounce u. Lol snowflake

    7. Cro

      Hope they get rid of her

      1. Frank

        Why? Because of her belief? How is that America and freedom? What you promote is the opposite of what great men and women have fought for.

      2. PAT

        So do I. She’s a toxic influencer.

    8. Marahall Wise

      Hey little girl, I’d to see YOU get in the ring with her. She’d wipe the mat with you. But, it’s easy for pedocrats like yourself to talk through the keyboard.

      You wonder why most abdicate detest leftist snowflakes who think they get to tell everyone else how to think. You really are the new nazis.

      1. Michael Blake

        Aren’t you just talking through your keyboard? Hypocrite!

    9. Gina is on parler fwiw

      Yup, blocked me and everyone else on twitter that suggested she take more acting lessons and give fewer opinions as a trump lover..

  5. Gina is a force to be reckoned with and a strong female lead role. Disney you will never please everyone and you allow liberal groups express their views qith no threat of firing qhen we co.pai , so what is different. She is such a big part along with the kid. Are you seriously thinking of letting Boba Fett take lead, that would so weaken Mando.

    1. T

      Hell yeah. Id marry gina if given the opportunity

      1. Frank


  6. Cdavis

    Left and right people are stupid yall let Donald trump lie his way through 4 years the covid is a hoax now its not a hoax
    He was talking voter fraud all last year now here we’re he lost voter fraud ??
    I’m glad he is leaving I don’t wanna here this anti mask mess anymore
    I dont wanna see politics on TV……half my family has died from covid your free to make your thoughts known just not as a character my kids watch if you wanna be left or right join the circus …Mr sickofthis.hit

    1. Matt

      Pure TDS fantasy

      1. N8

        TDS lvl.5

  7. Danielle

    Dumb comments about masks that can kill people, sounds pretty dark side to me. The use of yoda is fairly ironic.

  8. EricJ

    Gina, the minute any celebrity invokes the H-word against the fans for something that’s their own fault, their career is officially OVER.

    All actors are basically dancing monkeys for the audience’s amusement…So don’t fling your crap at the people outside the cage. 😉

  9. WA

    “all of the currently available episodes are available now.”

    You need a new editor.

  10. Chris

    LOL sick ratio that guy got with the 2 Likes ?. Good on Gina. I disagree with some of this anti-mask stuff but she also makes good points here and there. Either way, I’m totally for an actor standing up against the hivemind.

    1. Jess

      I think the isolation is going to people’s heads. I saw a political statement but no mention of race.

      I’m over 50 and have been a fan since 1976. All I can say is Luke Skywalker was lucky I hadn’t met Gina Carano’s kick butt Rebel when I was a kid, or he’d have had no fans in my house.

      As an adult I think it’s wonderful that Disney is giving us a beautiful woman, that isn’t shaped like barbie or a twig. Not only is she beautiful, she is as big and strong as the other tough guys. Forget whinnying farm boys and princesses that need rescuing. Give me a fighter that didn’t let the literal distruction of her whole world destroy her.

      Thank you Disney for such a great series and wonderful characters!!!

  11. FU

    Ah yes, dissing fans went so well with the sequel trilogy, why not continue a winning strategy.

    1. J.E.pstien

      I mean c’mon, she clearly didn’t get hired for her common sense ?

  12. Cammi McLain

    I think it’s sad we live in a world where if you have even the slightest bit of fame, you have to tiptoe around your opinions and beliefs if they go against the grain of what’s “popular”. As long as no one is getting hurt or being bullied, why is it ok to bully someone out of their job? It’s called freedom of speech, and trying to sensor that is hypocritical. Don’t like her? Don’t like her opinions? Don’t listen to her. I don’t think she’d care. If someone says “I’m not taking the vaccine because Gina isn’t” lives in a very uneducated world… Maybe we should focus on that…

    1. Rebekah Royston

      Dude this exactly. ? How can people be so offended by other people’s opinions??????? How can they profess to believe in freedom and democracy and then attempt to manipulate and censure like Nazis?

  13. Corona JUno

    Funny thing is, here sudden tweeting, like that of Trump, comes from butthurt due to Trump losing. She is demanding recounts of recounts of recounts, cuz she can’t stand the fact that her cult leader was fired.

    Careful Gina, don’t get yourself fired too. We like you!

  14. Kyle

    I don’t like Gina. I am an ex VET and I can’t respect anyone that shows disregard for our constitution and American values by pushing conspiracy nonsense or hate toward any American. She is just downright unpatriotic and should shut up or move to Iran where they appreciate her kind of foolishness.

    1. Frank

      Ummmm. How has she shown disregard? So you are saying her Freedom of Speech is unAmerican? Pretty sure it’s spot on Americanism. How is she unpatriotic? Did you say the same thing about the women’s march on president Trump’s inauguration? Do you think those who burn the flag are unAmerican? Whilst I can’t stand what they do my family and myself have served so they have the right to express themselves.

      1. Kyle

        Freedom of speech as Jefferson and a few other of our forefathers stated in numerous writings does not include libel, hate or fascist speech. So that was a non sequitur you threw out.

        ANY american that values Fascist ideas is not an American as it goes against our fundamental constitution tenants of all are equal ….etc…I can’t believe I live I’m a time when our education is so bad American’s don’t even know their values and constitutional amendments.

        1. Jake

          There shouldn’t be an apostrophe in “American’s” those are used to show possession. The education system did a good job with me.

      2. Khan Anymous

        Maybe they mean veterinarian, as in an animal doctor. 😀

    2. Manuel DeMello

      Good God…usually I would never say anything against a fellow soldier…but you’re a moron.

    3. Kyle sucks

      Lol doubt you ever served..”ex VET” what even is that either you are AD or you got out and are a VET currentl, no such thing as an ex VET and someone who served would know..

    4. Mickey

      What is an ex vet? Either you are a veteran or you never were a veteran. I tend to believe the latter. Once a veteran always a veteran, how do you take it away?

    5. Emma

      Hey Kyle – what is an ex Vet??? How did you give up your Veterans status or (the truth?) you are not a Veteran. You’ll never hear an actual Veteran use “ex” to describe themselves? Calling you out for what you are, an impostor. Falsely claiming you are a Veteran is an insult to all those that are. You should be ashamed … but folks like you have no shame. Try reading the Constitution, something real Veterans fought and died for. Start with the First Amendment, you know the one about Freedom of Speech. It may help you understand what real American values are, and lying isn’t one of them. Unless you meant you are an ex-Veterinarian. Then I feel sorry for the all puppies and kittens.

  15. Jason A Tracy

    “Butt hurt” is such a dumb-sounding, teenaged-boy thing to say…it’s pretty gross and disappointing to see that’s Gina Carano’s vernacular. It’s too bad people can’t buy “class” with wealth and fame.

  16. Joey

    Go Gina!!!

  17. Chris

    Whatever happened to the nation that believed in freedom of expression? Was it not one of our own countrymen who said “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend, with my life, your right to say it.”? This country is lost. I am ashamed to be associated with you.

  18. Frank

    I enjoy her not backing down to the crazed “sjw” crowd that pretend to know what’s best for everyone. Gina keep up the good work! Don’t back down but also be smart. I got your 6 homie.

    1. Dee

      What…I could do a better job of acting and I wouldn’t be political on Twitter…lot of great actors out of work…get a new one and complainers will stop

      1. Frank

        Easier said than done sister

  19. Donald Trunp

    They should just get another dude to play the character.

  20. Noodles

    I don’t agree with her on almost any point. But she’s an actor on one of my favorite TV shows. And that’s all I care about. She’s not murdering anyone, she’s not saying racist things, she’s just staying stupid things. And if people are going to follow what a fighter turned actress has to say then they’re more on to begin with. I’m sick of everybody in getting canceled for voicing their opinion. Even when the opinion is misinformed. Although I will agree that I don’t fully trust this particular vaccine yet either. And 90% of my friends are on the left and most of them don’t trust it yet either.

  21. N8

    The hierarchy of the cancerous cancel culture confuses me. What happened to girl power? Does Covid overrule this now? Does not hating Trump enough override? Does having your own opinion deserve hate? Shouldn’t she be a “strong female voice”. You toxic people let her be. You are all cowards. Tell it to her face of all people… Yeah thats right. A female action star I can actually believe. Just like Rhonda Rousey. Oh you Tried chasing her away too. Get a life

    1. Jay

      Gosh, it’s almost like women can be terrible people too. And you people call everyone else snowflakes.

  22. Rob

    It’s always amazing how few people actually understand the 1st Amendment. Her right to free speech is in no way being impeded, just like her employment is in no way protected by it. Say ignorant stuff if you want but be willing to accept the consequences of said remarks. Don’t call everyone else a snowflake because you can’t handle the response to your scientifically disproven opinions.

  23. B

    The Yoda quote pictured was said to Luke in Empire Strikes Back, not to Anakin in Episode 1. Just saying.

  24. Dave

    Gina has the same rights that we all have as Americans. She can believe anything she wants, and she can say anything she wants, even if it is offensive.

    1. Lance

      Absolutely. The 1st amendment protects everyone from the government infringing on that right. It doesn’t protect you from all reactions. Fans have the right to respond however they wish. Love her? Sweet. Hate her? Sweet. Want her fired? Awesome. Everyone gets to exercise their rights. Her rights do not prevent others from exercising theirs.

  25. Gina Carano loves trump

    This account owner limits who can view their Tweets. Learn more – she’s got some serious butthurt apparently..

    1. Did you know Puzzle-jigsaw? If not, let’s experience it with me

  26. jose rosalez

    Lmfao the disney character will get a spin off with a different actress
    This closet trump supporter is out on the curb. ??????.

  27. Brenda

    She blocked me on Twitter for a reply I sent more than a month ago. Who’s butthurt, Gina?

    1. Manuel DeMello

      Well, you probably weren’t that impressive when you asked “Would you like to biggie size that?”

  28. JC to

    Didn’t care much either way about Gina to start. But anyone that can stand up for what they believe, in the midst of a world calling for their head. Has my respect. Even if you hate what she stands for, freedom to believe what you want is a principle of freedom.

    1. Chris

      Remember Colin Kaepernick? After expressing his beliefs, he was basically kicked out of football. So if it’s not okay to protest racial injustice, why is it okay to tweet about fake voter fraud and masks? If politics should be kept out of sports, they should be kept out of entertainment, too.

      1. Frank

        Colin K was already on his way out. Did the right and the media make a big deal about the kneeling? Yes they did. He has also worked out with teams that decided he wasn’t worth the investment. He wasn’t a good qb, not a starting qb at least. If Sam Darnold of the winless Jets starts being a “sjw”, looses his job because he sucks, will you abdicate for him to still have a job? Probably not, he’s white so he’s expendable in “sjw” mind. Colin’s problem was and still is his girlfriend. Hopefully the dude wakes up and sees the error of his ways.

  29. Lkaypowell

    Love her character and I am glad she is taking a stand and NOT apologizing. It is her opinion, why should she apologize for that and risk losing her job if she doesn’t?!! Grow up all you haters.

  30. Manny De Mello

    Gina ROCKS! As an A rate actress and for standing up to the ignorant wannabe socialist bullies. Much respect! She was AWESOME in Episode 17! Both her and Bill Burr!

  31. Vanessa R

    F…… you trumpanzees of s … !! ???

    1. Frank

      Yes that’s how the problem gets solved. I laugh at knowing somewhere in a parallel universe you are a huge Trump supporter where he’s won reelection. Good day

  32. will

    Whether or not I agree. it’s absurd to demand someone be fired because they disagree with some political beliefs. Why is the so called tolerant and social justice warriors…. are only tolerant and want justice if you conform. Nothing she said was hate speech. Bleep blorp bleep , or quips about mail in voting are not hate speech. It’s freedom.. not some Orwellian version of 1984 where everyone has to be bullied into the same beliefs.

  33. Gary

    Look Cara Dune is an integral part of the ongoing plot. She is established on several fronts. Why would anyone want to derail that? She now has a marshall’s position on the show. She will only appear when the episode is staged there. Elsewhere unless Mando gets a ship will continue to be there. Who is hateable there? Writers do your stuff!!

  34. Dan

    No controversy, people are entitled to an opinion. If people are bothered by it… tooooo bad.
    Grow a set or ignore it.

  35. Jenn

    Yay for Gina!! I’m glad to see her standing up for what she believes.

  36. Raybon Haynes

    Gina’s natural beauty, fighting skills, and charisma make her a YUGE presence onscreen in The Mandalorian. Hope she has many more years in the Star Wars Universe. It’s nice to see someone who’s not afraid to excercise their first amendment rights. Too many are being threatened & even black listed simply for having an opinion. It’s outrageous, it’s communist, & definitely un-American. Keep telling it like it is Gina. We got your back. May the Force be with you!

  37. Paul Christian Jenkins, D.Jur.

    Why is this up-and-coming actress making so many enemies? Seriously, why does she insist on poking her thumb in the eye of some Star Wars fans? Frankly, we all have a right to free speech, but we also have the capacity to show LEADERSHIP, TACT, and yes, HUMILITY. Gina Carano seems to have a chip on her shoulder.

  38. TJ

    I don’t care if its Gina Carano or Brei Larson, if you’re trying to get people fired from their job because you don’t like what they tweet, you are a garbage human being. If you don’t like that an actor with an opinion is on a show or in a movie, stop watching it.

  39. Melissa

    If I canceled or stopped watching everyone who didn’t agree with my views, I’d have nothing left to watch. Stop hating everyone for their difference in opinions, because whatever you see in someone else that you don’t like is probably a reflection of yourself.

    1. Frank

      Wise words.

      1. Jess

        I think the isolation is going to people’s heads. I saw a political statement but no mention of race.

        I’m over 50 and have been a fan since 1976. All I can say is Luke Skywalker was lucky I hadn’t met Gina Carano’s kick butt Rebel when I was a kid, or he’d have had no fans in my house.

        As an adult I think it’s wonderful that Disney is giving us a beautiful woman, that isn’t shaped like barbie or a twig. Not only is she beautiful, she is as big and strong as the other tough guys. Forget whinnying farm boys and princesses that need rescuing. Give me a fighter that didn’t let the literal distruction of her whole world destroy her.

        Thank you Disney for such a great series and wonderful characters!!!

  40. Gencha

    Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. So you don’t like Gina’s opinion because it may not agree with yours…get over yourself. We are Free to speak. You should be Brave enough to accept it. Bullies don’t belong in America. What if I told YOU to be quiet or be fired, wouldn’t like the shoe on the other foot, would you now?

  41. DCV

    She a piece of s**t but she’s good in Star Wars so idk

  42. Glenn Beeson

    How is there any controversy? Her views are her views – they aren’t right or wrong – they just are. It’s okay to disagree, healthy even; not sure when our culture got to the point that we all have to believe the same thing to get along. Bottom line for me is that she is talented and starring in a great show which I really enjoy watching.

  43. Art B.

    Stand your ground Gina! You have a right to say what’s on your mind!

  44. Ken G

    Liberal Hollywood: “We love and except everyone”
    Liberal Hollywood: ….. (as long as you agree with us!)

    Personally I’ve never met a liberal-progressive who didn’t think that way. All hypocrites!

  45. This is the Whey

    It’s weird that she doesn’t support Trans people because I legit thought she was a dude for the first season.

  46. Harrison Ford in Carbonite would be a better actor than this meathead. ?

  47. Wayne Clemson

    Stand tall gina… YNWA!!

  48. Robin Barnett

    Gina is awesome she doesn’t need to go anywhere

  49. Nightbreed

    All you supposed Star wars fans saying Yoda said this famous line in Empire… Yoda says this to Anakin in phantom menace as they are testing him. Either go back and watch it or stop calling yourselves starwars Fans. As for Gina everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and to state it.

    1. He-Guy

      Thank you for posting that fact. I think folks are misremembering Luke saying he was not afraid and Yoda’s reply of “You will be”, but its absolutely from TPM. Its too bad you’ll have to scroll past a huge amount of comments to get here.

  50. Gloria Pelaez Ed.D.,

    She is a good actor. I wish she would shut up about COVID, masks, etc. We don’t need any stress from a show such as the Mandalorian that I love and helps me cope with the Pandemic. It’s difficult enough to parent and instill in children/teens/ adults the importance of following the CDC recommendations without this woman’s voice. When I see her now all I see is a science denier racist. Very dissapointing.

    1. Frank

      How in God’s name is she racist?


    This woman is my favorite person of the month! I’m so tired of these overly butt hurt people. How these people manage to make it in the real world is should be the story of 2020.

  52. David A Menke

    Comments, about political and personal ideals, especially in these times is not warranted. Locally a News Weather Reporter got fired for referring to political issues as the same as Nazi Germany. Nothing bad, but against the policies of the Network.
    Gina is ok in her part, but could easily be replaced. Responding to comments against her is flaming the fires of her comments. Either she should apologize for expressing her views, which may not be ok for everyone, or just drop the social media posts and be happy she has a job with the Family oriented Disney. We just went through 4 yrs of social media posts, from the person in charge, and none of them were necessary. Like all of us, do your job, tell your best friends your feeling, or drop out of the entertainment business and run for public office, and see if you can make GOOD News.

    1. Silent Xero

      It’s NOT the Star Wars fans who are calling for her firing but Haters and Snowflakes. If Brie Larson or Ellen Page made any comments similar, it would be treated as impunity or a “Bold and Daring” move.

  53. Silent Xero

    It’s NOT the Star Wars fans who are calling for her firing but Haters and Snowflakes. If Brie Larson or Ellen Page made any comments similar, it would be treated as impunity or a “Bold and Daring” move.

    1. InnerRise

      They are bold and daring people.
      Gina Karen-o is a coward. And looking for that cheap attention that her lack of talent wont get her apparently, otherwise she wouldn’t feel the need to do this.

      She wont be with us much longer.

  54. Yuri Nate

    I LIKE Gina Carano… A LOT!!!
    I followed Gina through her MMA career and after she entered into film. She’s also a HOT HOT piece! I’d do her non-stop for as long as she could handle… I have a reputation to uphold, no wimp women for me!
    All this snowflakey complaining, Gina can say ANYTHING she cares to say SOOO… shut it!

  55. Ricky

    She should not be fired for what she believes and stands for, freedom of speech duh. She has been great and I support her to stay. The dems are not fired for their beliefs and speech, just saying, quit the double standard.

  56. tom

    she’s not use to use fired

  57. Brendan Kelly

    She is hated by the people that it is good to be hated by. In most people’s books that’s a badge of honor.

    Annoying the perpetually annoyed is a feature, not a bug.

  58. Harold Knutczak

    I am confused by all the people calling her awesome – I find her to be a terrible actress that is painful to watch

  59. like her as an actress and person. Haters need to get a life and recognize humor when they see it. Humor helps a lot of people cope with these trying times.

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