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Gina Carano, Star Wars theory

Left Picture Credit: Disney - Right Picture Credit: Star Wars Theory


  1. John

    Why are people getting butthurt about this? It’s okay to criticize someone’s work but when the table is turned everyone has a hissy fit. Who is the person he offended and why is he important? Sticks and stones

    1. LucKyMango

      SWTheory is a roughly 4 million subscriber Youtuber. He was doing a reaction to Luke Skywalker and when he saw Luke he cried tears of joy. To attack someone for this is why people are upset about it. It’s a messed up thing to do.

      He was happy about it. He wasn’t sad or attacking their work.

      1. Quix

        He didn’t get attack, geez. You think everything that has happened people would toughen up a bit. Bunch of snowflakes is all you hear about this days =:p

        1. Sarah N Beaulieu

          Snowflakes still kilked Nazi’s

          1. Mike

            That’s the most retarded reply ever. You’re comparing WW2 veterans to a bunch of nerds and streamers that never see the light of day. The closest they’ll ever get to killing Nazis is in a video game. Have some respect.

          2. Matthew Foley

            In point of fact they didn’t. Snowflakes is originally a neo nazi slur for jews
            Like myself. It references our ashes falling like snowflakes from the ovens. Its a disgusting vile vomit of a term and its worse by the fact most that use it don’t have enough sense to know what it references even as they march with these cucks chanting about jews not replacing them as they say it.

            Just to clarify.

        2. Join

          I don’t care.

        3. Ma

          Thank you for telling us you’re a retard

      2. Ed

        Sw theory is nothing but a bunch of clickbait videos…

    2. Brennon

      Hey John,

      For context, Star Wars Theory is the biggest producer of fan made content on YouTube. He’s honestly the only person who has kept Star Wars alive through the lull of content (between sequels and through the controversial sequel trilogy). Love him or hate him, he’s a big part of the reason why Star Wars has had such a huge resurgence in popularity. His following is in the millions so that’s why he’s important (you can basically view him as a John Favaru or Dave Filoni of the fan base).

      Pablo had a history of being an a$$ to fans and employees who work with him so his behavior is nothing new. The issue is this reflects poorly on Lucasfilm since this is not representative of the values they preach the company to hold.

      At the end of the day, it’s pretty crappy to criticize your fans (the ones who consume your product and pay your bills to put food on your table).

      1. Matt Mosher

        You’re suggesting he’s what kept star wars alive in between sequels? Hahahaha! Thats hilarious you think that. When you come back to reality you may want to wipe that brown stuff off your nose. Thankyou though. I’ll be getting some good laughs off that comment all week fan boy. Lmao!

        1. Just Some Gal

          Well he sure was part of it since the sequels actually alienated and drove lots of people away from the franchise. It would really benefit you to get your head out of the sand.

      2. Michael Nguyen

        That channel is a big part of why Star Wars fans are so toxic. I’ve seen and looked at his library of videos over the years. They’re the most clickbait videos with theories that are formed based on such nuanced and loose threads. He predicted that it was going to be Mace Windu who was going to appear instead of Luke. When you make hundreds of theorized videos based on tiny details, sure you’ll eventually be right but all the other times it’s going to set up the fan base for disappointment if the theories don’t pan out. Their fan base is some of the worse I’ve seen of any franchise.

    3. Jonathan Gordon

      He offended a majority of the STAR WARS fans and especially STAR WARS Theory for getting emotional. You seem very out of touch with reality. Are you secretly Pablo Hidalgo undercover? It seems like you both have the same negative mindset. Apples and Oranges.

    4. Aliya T

      Imagine George RR Martin telling fans to not show shock or sadness to ending of book one. That wouldn’t make any sense. Amy creator should be jubilant at such reaction.

      Truth is that Pablo is not a genuine fan and creator. I bet he wouldn’t say if anyone was moved by the sequel trilogies.

  2. Sam Kenobi

    From what I’ve seen of the now-deleted tweets , he didn’t have an issue with fans being emotional, only recreating that emotion on camera to feed the followers. My reading is he was complaining about inauthenticity and performative emotion, not genuine emotional reactions.

    1. Jaded

      He literally wrote “emotions are not for sharing.”

    2. Brennon

      Star Wars Theory didn’t recreate the scene. He started a livestream (like he does for all episodes) and watched it live as soon as it was released in the wee hours of the morning. His reaction was pure and 100 authentic of what most fans felt during that scene.

      Star Wars Theory has been through a lot man. During his chemo treatments as a kid, Luke Skywalker was the hero that let him escape the real world pain he was suffering. Seeing him come back in this last episode is why he reacted the way he did.

      1. Rickard

        It’s still really cringe to stream yourself watching something. Get a life and watch it with someone you love or a real friend instead.

        1. Matt

          no-one cares what you think since you lack any human decency. Your are a bad person on the inside.

        2. RealityCheck

          Real cringe, he should just do the manly thing, tell his millions of subscribers to get bent and hit that delete channel button. Go make a real man’s paycheck doing something less cringe, real mans work!! Rabble Rabble Rabble!!

    3. John S

      Controversies about entertainment can be quite entertaining in themselves!

      But when there are calls to force people to apologize, or be fired because of views they hold it becomes something far more significant than entertainment. People who will fight to the death for inclusivity diversity and tolerance yet call for others to be fired censored and otherwise not ‘tolerated’ are hypocrites. In essence they are doing the very thing they claim they hate. How do you have a reasonable discussion with folks who think that way? At the heart of a question about entertainment is a question about freedom. About true tolerance, and diversity.

      1. Kathleen Lloyd

        Amen to that

    4. Ann

      Why are we interested in this covid denier/transphobe/racist’s opinion?

  3. Tyler

    It is incorrect that Pablo Hidalgo made his account private after the tweet. The account was already private.

    1. Jonathan Murphy

      You people are taking this way out of context she was not specifically speaking on Pablo Hidalgo & this whole situation, this isn’t even the full interview that she gave with @Drunk3PO, he posted that later on his channel, if you would do your job as a journalist and actually investigate things and get the facts straight you would know this so why don’t you try watching the full interview that he released later on that day earlier tonight…

    2. Clint

      Thanks to swtheory I love his passion for star wars it’s contagious.

      I think this article might need more context tho because comments don’t know the full story about who the players are, their history, or why it matters. And if you are a star wars fan it does matter.

  4. Devin

    Can we PLEASE not propagate this stuff?? If anything, it’s brought to the surface the extreme toxic side of Star Wars fandom yet again.

    1. Kara

      So you victim blame.

      1. Really?? This is what people are worried about and tweeting about when the govt is betraying and leaving us all to suffer?? C’mon people!!!!

    2. Alfred

      Actually this incident was pointing out a toxic employee at Disney, so this was quite cathartic for the fandom.

      Employees who attack fans like this should be pointed out.

      1. Dirt Diggler

        This comment section is why I want the human race to get wiped out…

        1. Aliya T

          Thank you for showing your true self for all to see. Real fans vs shill haters.

  5. Greg

    Total baby. He’s made so,much money off Star Wars he should kiss Pablo’s ass for even acknowledging his existence. He bites the hand that feeds. Pablo was having a bit of fun but because its 2020, this little bitch took it as an attack. Grow up. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t put every single SW though you have on social media, including a lot of criticism, and then demand an apology when someone makes a harmless comment you don’t like.

  6. James Henson

    I’ve tried to live my life by two simple rules: “Treat others how you’d want to be treated” and “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”. I think it would be a much better world if other followed suit. Peace.

    1. Matthew Foley

      I live my life by another standard. The world doesn’t end by the hands of evil men but at the silence and refusal to act of good ones.

      Sometimes its better to ask yourself what others would do to you or those weaker and act accordingly. Sometimes if you have nothing nice to say, its because there’s nothing nice worth saying…and that needs to be said.

  7. daedlus

    It doesn’t matter what the reasons are. You shouldn’t be alienating your fans for any reason. Star Wars is his life, and he makes a living being passionate about something that Hildago is apart of and to have someone call him out for that passion is inexcusable. Everyone should be allowed to be emotional about what they want. Just because Hildago doesn’t understand Theory doesn’t make it ok. Props to Gina Carano for speaking up.

  8. Dan

    Makes me like Gina even more than before.
    Lucas Film should bring Star Wars Fan Theory on to visit the set, maybe even feature him in a small role on an episode.
    I’ve watched a few of his YouTube episodes. They’re well made, good content. And he’s definitely enthusiastic and genuine and it shows through.

  9. Jeff Haskell

    Show fans divided? Nope. A couple of butt hurt SJWs who don’t even watch the show address mad. Don’t confuse them for Star Wars fans.

  10. Trudy Jacobs

    I love Gina she is the real deal.
    I agree that Theory should be allowed to be part of Star Wars in some way. He
    is a true fan of Star Wars.
    I love Star Wars and hope lucasfilms does something wonderful for Theory.

  11. Jonny Smuts

    Who tf cares its Twitter, big whoop. People really still get mad over what others say online. This is pathetic.

    1. Fenrir Fire

      Hail Drunk 3PO!
      Jay is a good guy! I’m glad for him and Gina, they are just giving their opinion.

  12. Mike

    You’re comparing WW2 veterans to a bunch of nerds that sit on their ass for a living and hide behind their computer screens? That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever read. Have some respect.

  13. Geoffrey

    Okay, An article about a controversial tweet that never reveals what the tweet actually said. It’s a little hard to formulate an opinion on this when the most vital piece of information is only provided in the vaguest way possible. Hidalgo called out a You
    Tuber. Okay, going to need a little more information than that…

  14. Jonathan Gordon

    He offended a majority of the STAR WARS fans and especially STAR WARS Theory for getting emotional. You seem very out of touch with reality. Are you secretly Pablo Hidalgo undercover? It seems like you both have the same negative mindset. Apples and Oranges.

  15. Rickard

    Oh come on, get a life and move on. Everyone is such a baby these days. And never stream yourself watching something, it’s just cringy. Get a real friend to watch it with or a girl.

  16. People need to get a grip and quit attacking each other over their personal opinions…in my world there is some serious Moff Gideon s@#t going on and we need Cara Dune!!!….BTW Gina has pro fighter skills…keep messing with her , you might catch one in the neck!

  17. Noen

    Mark hammill is a lucky untalented douchebag who should move to Canada. The deepfake of him was a better actor than he could ever be.

    1. L33tVoltron

      Amen Noen!!! You win the internet today

  18. Mike Smith

    She’s absolutely correct in what she said. Look, there are a lot of people out there who have been fans their whole lives, like myself. There are also fans across the spectrum, who may not be as passionate as others.

    All of that is okay! There’s no rule that says we have to be one way or another; everyone is different, and everyone has different interests.

    For many of us, seeing Luke Skywalker return as we did in The Mandalorian brought us a sense of completion, and hope after the ugly mess that the sequels made out of the franchise.

    Let’s face it, there are many fans out there who are upset by what Disney did with the Original Trilogy cast, and how their stories were written.

    There’s also not do nice people employed at Film, like Pablo Hildago. He can be, and has been, extremely arrogant and rude on more than one occasion, and I’m speaking from my own experience talking with him.

    It should be a given that if fans are accepted for who and what they are, and that a little empathy and kindness is shown to them in return.

  19. Sagar Patel

    Someone oughta deport Pablo back across the border.

  20. Tim rim

    God y’all shouldn’t even be having this argument.
    Employees shouldn’t make fun of customers to their face, that’s it, case closed, chapter ended, end of story. Don’t @ me

  21. Richard

    Gina makes the Mandalorian worth watching without her the show wouldn’t be half as good as it is itoo bad the disgustingly hateful evil minded Democrats with their warped and brainless point of view feel they have the right to dictate who should or shouldn’t play a particular role and be enjoyed and admired by all fans no matter their politics without Gina the show would lose its sparkle she is without doubt A REAL WOMAN who could quite easily confront and defeat most any man with just a mere glance of her eyes and swipe of her hand what a woman and talented actor she is! WE LOVE YOU GINA

    1. Ann

      Lol you call that a talented actress. What have you been watching all your life? CW dramas?

      1. Chris Bower

        Why so bitter Ann? Do you get enjoyment from being miserable or is it a mental condition?

  22. Chris Bower

    What about all the soy boys that cried at The Last Jedi trailer?! Hadn’t even seen the movie but crying their dead eyes out. Where was his criticism then huh? It is because he preferred the sequel trilogy and is butt hurt Disney are making them put effort into Star Wars now! This is like selling a customer something and then when they show joy for it you ridicule them for it, doesn’t even make sense! Star Wars is a BUSINESS! It isn’t some eternal franchise that is impossible to kill. You keep treating your customers like crap and your business is going under! All you Pablo defenders who all seem to be so arrogant, then listen up! No 1: He has already apologized! Anyone who thinks they were right does not apologize, didn’t hear Gina Carano apologizing even with all the pressure on her because she believes she did nothing wrong (rightly so). No 2: Disney are not happy about this, ya know his employer!!! They lost billions since taking over Star Wars and are only changing things to please fans now because they need our money after losing so many of us! If Star Wars theory did anything wrong i might side with Pablo but the guy literally just got slightly emotional out of joy for the franchise that Pablo himself works on!!! If you think that is wrong then you will be nice and comfortable in this cold hearted, soul less world we seem to be turning into, continue to wallow in your pit of misery and depression and leave those of us who still have proper human emotions, alone!

  23. Joe

    Good for her. Speaking up against bullying is always the right thing. Pablo Horatio, or whatever his name is, should be like a Confederate statue. Edited from history.

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