Comments for ‘Mandalorian’s’ Katee Sackhoff Saw Gina Carano as ‘Competition’

The Mandalorian


  1. Alejandro lopez

    gina over kate any day of the week

    1. Secrn Rasc

      Most definitely. Sackhoff is pure trash on screen.

      1. Bob

        Lol pure trash (despite the fact that she played one of the main characters on a beloved sci fi shows for years) versus horrible in real life. I know which one I’m going with.

    2. CFGodwell

      Wow, what is with the hate in here for Katie?

      1. JK

        Anti-vax / MAGA trolls roll hard on any comment section related to anything even vaguely in their wheelhouse. They have absolutely nothing else in their lives.

  2. Stacies.

    I can’t believe you said the words “cat fight” in this article. It’s literally going to be 2021 tomorrow, can you please just stop.

    1. CFGodwell

      Nice fluff piece to make everyone forget that Carano is a big ole steamy MAGAturd that uses her platform to push dangerous fake election fraud theories that have no base on reality and to which there is no evidence of fraud. I’m not saying her circulating false information that gas elected officials being targeted for this kind of nonsense, but they are being targeted for this kind of nonsense.

      1. Frederick Douglass

        That doesn’t take away from the fact she is a great actress, agree or disagree she has a right to her opinion whether it is right or wrong and if people decide for or against it that is again the right they so choose, people will always disagree, lets just respect her role on the show and save the political jazz for debate time.

      2. Ryan

        “Dangerous” lol.

        I bet you like to accuse other people of being snowflakes. After all, the pot can’t help but call the kettle black.

        1. Dene Chesterman

          Or just stating the obvious MAGAturd

      3. Bitcoin

        Fraud doesn’t need to be proven, that’s how federal law works

    2. Ryan

      ROFL! The author is literally another woman. I think she can say whatever she wants in this regard.

      1. jflartner

        Right. Because being a woman makes it impossible to participate in mysogyny…

      2. Tim oslice

        Yall dumb. Whatever happened to sticks and stones? Yall are the most sensitive, offended, triggered mfs ever. Need your skin thickened.

    3. jflartner

      Came here to ask this.


  3. SackhoffSucks

    Carano rocks but Sackhoff has sucked in every role she’s ever played. I was blown away, in a bad way, when I saw her in the Mandalorian. What a horrible, horrible actress.

  4. JaegerOmega

    Who writes these trash articles? MAGAturd? Really? Grow the hell up. People can have different opinions than you.

  5. Grab her by the gina

    Nice try from Carano and Disney’s publicity/damage squad to try and steer away from her being a squirming maggat, who’s blocking everyone on her twitter feed…and that after she called people objecting to her ‘parler’ tricks as “butthurt” #FireGinaCarano

    1. Ryan

      I’m pretty sure that every word of this comment screams to how butt hurt you actually are, so I am not understanding how Gina’s accusation to that fact would be in question.

  6. tom

    i think there is more better actors as this two are..

    1. Noah Harrigan

      Katee Sackhoff wayyyy better actress than Gina. I don’t even have to justify it. Gina is just a subpar actress.

  7. Anthony Edel

    Sackhoff is the gold standard to acting as Carano is to fighting. But both are improving on each others strengths. Loved Sackhoff in Battlestar Galactica.

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