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Credit: @DrewDisneyDude


  1. Cathy Ferrelli

    Certainly not a ride, but we were asked to exit the Enchanted Tiki Room show about half way through. Cast Members just announced “At this time we need everyone to exit the Enchanted Tiki Room”. No explanation. This was on Halloween. Maybe a trick vs a treat??

    1. Ariel Alcazar

      Their was one time when me & my family was at the magic kingdom a couple years back it happened a long time ago but I remember it was me & my mom & I think my younger sister we were all riding on the people mover back when it was in motion but we were all riding it just having a blast when all of a sudden at some point that’s when the people mover decided to Stop so we ended up getting Evacuated off the ride but at the end one of the cast members all gave us free fast passes for I think all the rides at the magic kingdom which we thought was really nice! 🙂

  2. Another Girl

    On my way in yesterday morning, I was shocked to see how long the line was at almost 11. I was headed to The Outpost, and I saw the Frozen line leave Norway, weave through the area between Norway and China (used to be the smoking area,) then weave through the China Pavillion. As the line left China and continued over the bridge toward the Outpost, they had to cap it. I assume it’s because, with social distancing, there wouldn’t be proper spacing if the line headed toward the Refreshment Outpost. People still need to be able to walk by, also. Again, this is my best guess as to why it was capped – I’m not speaking officially.

  3. Tiki626

    You’ve never seen the line capped?! Must happen all the time, since opening during the pandemic. It was capped multiple times when I was there last Monday, as the line simply became too long and made a U Turn at the bridge leading into the African Outpost. They opened it back up once the line was half empty down the first row in the China Pavilion cutbacks.
    EPCOT doesn’t have the luxury of space to allow socially distracted lines to go on forever, like at Flight Of Passage in the HUGE DAK.

  4. Zarkdisneymom

    It was down on January 9th. I thought they were putting up plexiglass like they have on so many other rides. Hope they fix it soon.

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