Comments for Should Disney Make ‘Frozen 3’ or a Live-Action Film? Fans Decide



  1. Thomas

    I’d say Frozen 3 if we need to have another Frozen movie (regardless of how successful the first two were), to make a live-action Frozen so soon after the first was made would be incredibly lazy on Disney’s part. As you stated, it looks like the original Snow Queen story is being made live-action which I think is great as it’s a brilliant story (secretly I’d have liked Frozen to have stuck to the original Snow Queen idea in the first place, but i like both Frozen and Frozen 2 – even if I protest kicking and screaming at sequels when Disney haven’t relied on them much before). As for live-action remakes, they aren’t good! They’re a spectacle sure, but compare them against the original and the originals have all been far superior! Better idea than Frozen 2 or a live-action though is always NEW movies, NEW stories, NEW lands, NEW characters.

    1. Jamie

      Frozen 3!

  2. harry

    frozen 2 was a massive dissapointment

  3. Blancavaldes

    Good morning it should not be a live action film

  4. Kaitlyn

    Frozen 3 and frozen 4 for next time

  5. Phillip Johnson

    Yes I choose frozen 3.

  6. Priscilla

    I think there should be a Frozen III. Something uplifting where Anna and Elsa team up to defeat defeat an evil germ set out by evil powers. It’s not covid-19, but it gives kids a way to act out/relate to fears related to covid 19. Elsa could use her magic powers and Anna can support her with love for her sister. All the beloved characters would come back

  7. I think frozen should stay as animated movie the way it is right now!!!

  8. Isaac Mizrahi

    The same frozen is good the way it is!!

  9. Melody

    Frozen 3 definitely
    Don’t mess with perfection

  10. Greg

    Frozen 3

  11. Mickey

    I don’t think that Kristoff should have proposed to Anna if there wasn’t going to be another movie. It leaves fans wanting to know what happens next in their lives. The third movie should be about their wedding and whether or not, Elsa decides to marry someone. If they do a Frozen IV, then it could be about their kids adventures.

  12. Savannah

    Please make a frozen 3 with jack frost in it please ?

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