Comments for Walt Disney’s Carousel of Problems – Where Everything Goes Wrong?

carousel of progress


  1. It’s obvious Disney is not spending money on ride maintenance. Probably spending money on repainting another entrance sign.

  2. Judy

    I love the Carousel of Progress! We try to see it every time we are there. I hope they are able to fix the issues and that this experience continues long into the future.

  3. Ron Natalie

    CoP is a bit dated. The biggest issue we had when we were there was the thing malfunctions a lot. At first, it seemed to jus wedge about half way through the first presentation and had to be “rebooted” some how. Then twice while the audience was being rotated to the next tableau, some idiot opened the exit door which causes the ride to stop reset and replay the current tableau. Had to listen to the blasted saspirella joke four times.

  4. mrgoofy45

    The Carousel of Progress is the best hunk of a “Walt Disney” ride, that has mostly remained unscarred by political correctness. I hope they never remove it, or, if they need the real estate, give it back to Disneyland. That area has been a waste of space, at Disneyland, ever since it left. Long live the CoP!

  5. Mark

    Cofp has a huge fan base that does not care and loves it! Beyond that this is old news its fine now!

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