Comments for DisneyNOW: Disney’s FREE Streaming Service Nobody’s Talking About


Credit: Disney


  1. Mmluv

    I believe almost all the content on Disney Now is locked-you have to sign in through your cable provider.

  2. CMS

    Yes it is true Disney Now is no longer “free” without a service provider. What we love about it is the current season availability of beloved shows (DuckTales is a favorite). Disney+ is a season behind. Would be very sorry to see Disney Now go.

  3. Carter

    Yeah, it’s not free. Even when you could watch some things for free it wasn’t much. You’ve needed a cable subscription to watch at least 90% of what’s on the app for a while now. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great platform but it cost is built into a cable subscription. We were going to cut the cord 3 years ago but our kids love Disney Jr and there was nowhere else to watch their shows. Even now, most Disney Jr shows don’t have the current season on Disney+

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