Comments for OpEd: Want Disneyland to Reopen? It All Depends on You


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  1. ha this articles a joke

    you have no idea the nonsense that is spewing from this article
    please tell me why that despite the fact that we have been doing the propaganda safety measures that you claim help save lives for 9 months why are we still spiking daily.
    And the only way we may ever see a Disneyland reopening is if we remove gavin newsom from office or we eliminate the virus

    1. Matt

      Teeheehee. Yes the source of COVID-19 comes from Gavin newsom!!! Remove him and all of your politically driven problems magically goes away…

      Or it’s because the majority of people in California and across the US are not staying home and only going out when necessary, like the article said. I see lots of disney Instagramers posting daily photos of them at downtown disney while there is a stay at home order in place, so no I don’t think people take it seriously enough.

      1. Robert Whittington III

        And that’s wrong also. It’s not going to magically disappear. Either Way. Even if all off us stay home for Years the virus will still be there. It’s not going to disappear like some believe (Newsom) and inn the mean time California (not just Disneyland) is Dying. I for one think people are just tired of this whole thing, opting to just get the virus and get it over with than sitting at home thinking that for something that has Never happened in the history of time, I virus to just disappear. Ya that’s why this virus is it’s 19th stran. Yes it’s called Covid19 for a reason.

        1. Sgt. Raz advanced medical support

          Covid-19 is so named Co=corona, vi=virus, d=disease and 19 =2019. It is NOT the 19th strain.

  2. Mark

    Thank you for the thoughtful article. While I do not share its opinions, it is well done.

    I agree we should continue to follow guidelines. But so far they have been ineffective. To me, this suggests we still know little about the virus.

    Disneyland should be open right now. Theme parks are much safer than the big box stores we all visit. The rhetoric about opening and costing lives is unfounded.

    Our best empirical evidence so far is Disney World which proves theme parks are safe.

  3. Christian W

    People are social distancing the Flu is virtually none existent this year. Blaming the average person for not social distancing enough is outrageous. Masks simply are not the “full proof/perfect solution”people think it is. It’s a crutch to make people feel good. CA numbers are no better then in states that are not as locked down. If all of Newsom’s arbitrary measured worked we should be WAY better, and other states would be rushing to clone Newsom’s model. Also Newsom’s own health exec said on his press conference that closing outdoor dining wasn’t about health/spread it was about keeping people at home. My city is shut down people wear masks and virtually no mandate rules are being broken during the few times I am out in public. People like this author need to wake up. Unless you just live in a city where people aren’t observing the health advisory/mandates, in which case don’t generalize about a state with millions of people. The news is only showing you controversy they are not showing you the millions of people social distancing, wearing masks and allowing their businesses to be shut down in the name of the greater good. This is COVID/Mask shaming at its finest.

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